The top managers always suggest that employees are one of the crucial parts of an organization. It is the manager’s onus to check what is going wrong and what is right in the company. Picking the loop holes is the only way to improve the business and to achieve organizational goals within time. Therefore, to enhance productivity it is very essential to implement employee satisfaction survey to know more about the environment of company. It is the only way to identify opportunities and problems as well. If the problem is bare in front of employer it can be corrected easily but it is important to pick the right problem. There are some effective tips by using which you can easily make the most out of these surveys. Very firstly, it is important to incorporate the surveys into planning cycle. It simply means an employer can gather valuable information at the right time by conducting these surveys. Developing a survey is one of the important tasks for a manager or employer. Create the effective employee satisfaction survey in order to decimate the problems in company. The questionnaire may include the subjects like compensation, adequate resources, health benefits, communication problems and retirement benefits etc. It is very easy to customize the surveys by mentioning such kind of questions. Also, it is essential to keep the surveys confidential so that the employees can reply to the surveys comfortably without any hassles. It is suggested not to ask demographic questions. These days, there are so many companies available which provide online survey software which is very simple to use and work on. Such kinds of software are very easy to use but if someone has any trouble in using, it is better to ask the company to conduct on their own basis. So, in this way it becomes very easy to achieve honest results from employee satisfaction survey but make sure to choose a reputed company for achieving good results.