It is very essential to conduct employee satisfaction surveys for measuring employee satisfaction and performance. Most companies create effective questionnaires to make the most from surveys. It is true that monthly and yearly appraisals are crucial for every organization as it may prove to be beneficial in measuring performance of employees. It is completely an employer’s responsibility to measure employee satisfaction because it is the only way to keep the productivity up to the satisfaction. Therefore, in order to achieve good results it is essential to create survey by considering all the aspects of employees. The questions to be asked must be related to work environment, working hour, supervisors, pay and other benefits. It is good to create a survey consisting of just 25 questions as it will not take much time of employees and they can complete the survey comfortably. It is also important to analyze job description and for that you must create effective tools in order to measure productivity. The employer has to schedule meetings with managers and supervisors. It is essential to discuss about employee productivity with managers to measure employee satisfaction perfectly. All the weak issues must be documented so that it could be sorted out in future. Identifying weak issues is very essential for every organization. It is true that there are several issues which cannot be controlled by management but employee satisfaction surveys can find those issues for further development of company. Therefore, it helps in providing great ideas for development. In this way the action plan can be made which is important for the training and development of company. Also, the employer should conduct the surveys confidentially so that employees can give accurate feedback to the employer. Employees are the pillars of every organization and if they are satisfied, it gives customer satisfaction. So, it can be said that measuring employee satisfaction can prove to be beneficial in achieving organizational goals in very short time.