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Facts which prove online survey a boon for organizations

clock July 30, 2011 02:40 by author Administrator
Online surveys are about getting yourself registered to a website and then filling those surveys that are put on the website. Some surveys even pay you when you fill them. Surveys are generally conducted by the companies to gather information from people and then conclude on certain results. Almost every organization performs online surveys to get response from their clients, and to know what impact their company and its products are leaving on the people. Our opinions are as important to the companies as their own strategies because ultimately they have to launch those products which can please people along with fulfilling their demands. Benefits of online surveys: •    For the companies performing such surveys, these can help out a lot in terms of determining future plans, laying down various prospects for increasing profits based on the results concluded from these surveys. •    These surveys are recession proof as no matter whether the market is going through very high recession, the companies will have to perform these surveys to improve their performance and enhance their product features. •    Organizations pay the customers for filling these surveys. Thus people earn good amount by doing these jobs. How to get best online survey sites: •    When looking for an online survey site to pay you the best the very first thing to be kept in mind is checking that how genuine that site is. Whether it is a legal one or not.  It should be noted that only these legitimate sites provide free joining. Sites demanding membership fee to join should not be chosen because the site is already earning for the job you are performing for them. •    Check for the details about how the site is going to pay you?  How long do they take to pay you for their work? Do they pay initially, or after the survey, or at the completion of whole project? Filling online surveys can be a fun. You can do this job whenever you feel like and can even leave if you don’t wish to continue further.

Advantages of performing Exit Surveys

clock July 27, 2011 09:17 by author Administrator
Maximum companies these days suffer from employee turnover and retention. These issues are amongst the biggest challenges for business organizations. Globalization has added to worsen this condition when employees can easily shift their jobs and relocate themselves to any part of the world, and that is a problem for every organization. An employee leaving the company will make him even take along with him all those skill sets, those qualities which have been brushed by the company, the expertise they provided etc. in his time duration to another competitor organization. Attracting and retaining good and expert employees is an important task for the companies. Exit surveys aid this process by helping the company in understanding the needs and expectations of an employee, his feelings for his seniors and the organization. Every organization conducts different kind of surveys such as beneficial surveys, employee satisfaction, attitude surveys, working environment survey etc. Exit surveys are performed by the organization for the employee leaving the company and are basically conducted to know the exact cause for leaving the organization. These surveys consist of some casual questions but can be even specific in nature. The results after these surveys help in knowing the experience of an employee in the organization, his satisfaction with the company’s environment, the work culture and his team etc. Exit surveys provide several advantages such as- streamlining the communication gap between the sub-ordinates and the employees, reducing absenteeism, knowing the weaker points of employees, understanding their needs and expectations etc. Employees may be leaving the organization in normal routine i.e. their time period for working expires but when no such condition exists then it can be a question for the organization. There may be reasons regarding the working environment, salary issues or even a good proposal from some other organization. The organization wishes to know such causes and they can also be beneficial for the organization in terms of future prospects.

Employees’ satisfaction with feedback software

clock July 21, 2011 05:08 by author Administrator
When you know what is needed in order to keep your staff or your customers contented and happy, you can have the best results through feedback intelligence via feedback software. It provides the best feedback confidentially and quickly so that you may make use of the information for your best interest. You won’t need to worry about what to carry through the results as you can simply analyze them and utilize them in whichever way you want. Knowing how to improve and where to make adjustments may help your business in the future. Figuring out what type of brands attracts consumers is the only part of battle while trying to figure out that why do they shop at a certain store. When you provide a survey by using the survey software, you can get accurate and fast results that will tell you why they like specific brands and what catches their attention to purchase a certain brand. Not all stores carry the same label of products and as you get to know what your customers want, it can actually improve your business’s overall success.  Let the feedback software show you how you can get great results through a customized survey solution for your business. There are many advantages of feedback software in today’s world of business and management.   Mismanagement or information management can easily be one of the main differences between a standout sales year and closing its doors through bankruptcy. The need of feedback increases rapidly when businesses develop. The trouble with the chain of stores arises from the fact that you simply can’t stand in everyone’s doorway and ask for ideas from everyone. That’s where feedback software comes for your rescue and you feel it is a necessity. This particular system can manage results of survey for worker satisfaction and for customer satisfaction as well.

Boosting your organization’s competitiveness with HR surveys

clock July 20, 2011 01:30 by author Administrator
Both in highly challenging and good financial times, organizations need to compete assertively to thrive and grow. Sometimes, business leaders rely totally on their own understanding   to make so many important decisions without having any valuable input from the employees of their company. Your company’s employees and managers have extensive insight and information about your company’s products and services, processes, customers and other important drivers of competitiveness, business performance and profit. Employees know their own performance barriers and what it would take to make the company considerably more profitable and competitive. The most effective and the fastest method to tap the insight and knowledge of your staff is by conducting hr surveys. A survey company can conduct your survey for employees at a portion of the price of the payback that they will provide. Their worth is determined with their knowledge of knowing the right type of question to be asked with the right way of asking them. In addition they know how to optimize employee’s participation in the surveys, they are capable of generating useful results quickly and analyze your findings without bias and provide suggestions for achieving considerable results. Such evaluation surveys or hr surveys should include minimum 40 questions and maximum 70 questions structured in logical topics or sections with the purpose of gathering insight and information about a wide range of issues. Besides asking participants to provide ratings on questions, they should also be able to provide their suggestions and comments after every question. Comprehensive hr surveys typically consist of the following topics: •    The work environment/ work itself/ safety •    Empowerment/ decision making •    Customer service. Quality and work performance •    Innovation •    Procedures •    Reward and recognition •    Training •    Development/opportunity •    Teamwork •    Communications •    Employee engagement •    Senior management effectiveness Conducting hr surveys annually will help in determining that how well is the change being executed and also in identifying new problems that can be changed to bring beneficial solutions for the company.

Identify your organization’s personality with employee opinion survey

clock July 16, 2011 06:42 by author Administrator
Every organization has a personality and in order to determine whether it is negative or positive, you have to ask those people who are on the receiving end. For this, you need to carry out an employee opinion survey. The whole questionnaire must ask them as to what characteristics they relate with the organization and what features they would want to see in their organization. Most people will only truthfully answer if the questionnaires would be unnamed. They should be made in a way so that the respondents need to tick the boxes only. This eliminates the risk of any identification through handwriting. However, you should also give the respondents the chance of writing comments by putting a box in the end of the form. You must remember that the comment box may or may not be used by all or any, so be sure that the form makes sense without the special comments. Anonymity is also achievable with online questionnaires. You need to tell your staff for checking a web page and respond to questions there. E-mail is definitely not an option here as you can easily trace the identity of the respondents then. Unfortunately, there is an undeviating correlation between your staff’s loyalty and your organization’s image. If your organization doesn’t have a positive image then your staff would probably not feel any loyalty towards it. There can be a chance that they won’t care much about finishing the employee opinion survey. It is actually very important for you to explain to them why their feedback is required as it will get you to know what developments are required in the working environment. You should also inform your staff about the release date of results of the employee opinion survey and give them duplicates of its summary as well. Also, do not just justify your company and be honest about respondent’s negative comments.