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Top 5 Tips For Managing Employees

clock March 3, 2014 10:45 by author Administrator

Employee management is critical in any type of business. There are a few ways companies can manage their employees, regardless of their size or sector.

Employee Management Software

One of the easiest ways to organize management is to use employee management software. If used effectively, software can increase productivity significantly and keep the workplace flowing smoothly. 

There are also forms of task management software that helps those who are overtaxed. Employers can look into these types of programs and implement them for their employees. 

Software also helps improve communication among different sectors of a company. Everyone stays connected, which is especially important for those who work online and/or virtually.


When you want to improve management for employees, it is also essential that you give them a say. This means you want to allow employees to provide feedback on a regular basis. 

Employee surveys can measure anything from employee satisfaction to feelings on company policies. Using surveys and other forms of feedback also helps other tasks like training exercises and other team-building activities.

Mobile Devices

Many offices have gone mobile, meaning business is conducted in remote locations with no central office. You want to make sure your employees are properly equipped with mobile devices. Many smartphones have multiple capabilities including calendars and other useful programs. Tablets also have these same abilities and offer more storage capacity than smartphones.

Adaptable Workplaces

If there is still a physical workplace, you may want to keep it flexible in order to adapt to the changing times. Many offices have done away with cubicles and assigned desks. Fluid workspaces have the advantage of allowing employees to work together to focus on a project, then disperse.

Another advantage of fluid workspaces is that they allow everyone around the office to get to know everyone else, instead of just those in their immediate vicinity. It is also possible to put meetings together more easily. Of course, this type of arrangement works best in an environment in which mobility is the norm. Those who are attached to a static office may not adapt as well.

Employee Recognition
Recognizing when employees do a great job can go a long way. While a concept such as "employee of the month" may be a bit outdated, there are other ways of recognizing employee excellence. For instance, treating employees to a special lunch after a major project can be a simple way to show appreciation. Even distributing small gifts can show employees you appreciate a job well done. A good management style is important in keeping employees happy and productive.

How Employee Surveys Help You Keep Your Best Employees

clock January 31, 2014 11:41 by author Administrator

Are your best and brightest leaving you? Maybe an employee survey could have helped you keep them on staff.

Turnover is always a concern for any organization—especially when it comes to top performers. But too many companies scratch their and head as to why their stars leave, or assume there’s nothing they could do to keep them. But that’s far from true.

Rosemary Haefner, vice president of Human Resources at CareerBuilder recently told that an employee survey can give you insights into how to reel back employees that have one foot out the door.

“Not recognizing what’s important to employees can translate into more job dissatisfaction, lower productivity, and higher voluntary turnover,” said Haefner,

“It’s critical that companies regularly take the temperature of their workplace and survey employees to identify where the company excels in providing a positive employee experience as well as opportunities to improve.”

If someone is thinking about leaving, their reasons can include everything from feeling undervalued or underpaid to not liking the company culture. If you’re aware of an employee’s issues or complaints before they start scanning job ads, you can win them back.

If you have any questions about what employee surveys can do for your organization, please contact us any time.

Why You Need to Work To Keep Employees BEFORE You Lose Them

clock January 23, 2014 21:04 by author Administrator

Are employee surveys the key to retaining employees with one foot out the door?

The important thing is you’re trying to keep your human capital, before you start to lose it. If you’re reacting to a sudden rise in turnover, you might be too late.

“It is critical you start creating retention solutions that work in your organisation NOW! Don't wait until you lose that first key employee, wrote Robin Throckmorton, in article called Retention: How Many Employees Can You Afford to Lose.

“Once you know what employees want, start implementing some of the solutions they shared to help retain your workers.”

He is one of many industry experts who point to well-executed employee surveys as a preemptive strike. These surveys can give you an accurate picture of how your employees feel about their job and the company—for better of for worse.

Employee morale can rise and fall, often without management noticing or reacting. However, employee surveys can help you avoid being in the dark about team or individual problems.

“Whether you call the survey an employee opinion, engagement, satisfaction or climate survey, the key is you want to find out information from your employees about how they feel about your company, supervisors, work conditions, job, and even intentions for staying.”

If you have any questions about what employee surveys can do for your company, please contact us any time.


Grapevine and Akira Announce Co-marketing Partnership

clock November 23, 2013 18:56 by author Administrator

Grapevine’s Employee Survey software makes life easier for HR professionals across the world. Now, a new joint offering with Akira Wavelength Workforce Manager will take that a step further.

Last week, we officially announced an exciting new marketing partnership with Akira Systems, which will be available immediately to our clients.

“Partnering with Akira further shows our commitment to providing organizations of all sizes, HR applications that are easy to use, flexible and fully customizable to meet any needs,” said Wesley Houston, Director, Operations of Grapevine.

The combined Grapevine and Akira Wavelength offering creates cost-saving talent management solutions, such as:

  • Complementary product and service portfolios across HRIS technology and HR processes
  • Specific solutions for employee surveys and evaluation, employee management and payroll services

Akira’s Wavelength platform is a Workforce Management (WFM) solution, which extends beyond traditional HRIS, Scheduling, Time and Attendance systems by engaging the workforce through a workflow centric approach. 

“In partnership with Grapevine, the Wavelength platform will start helping more companies save time and money faster,” said Ashraf Ghadban, CEO of Akira.

“Building on the success of the Wavelength platform at Western University and other distinguished organizations, our singular focus remains the same: to help companies better manage all aspects of their workforce and enable enhanced communications and self service.”

If you have any questions about what this partnership means, or what 360 employee surveys can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time. 

Why Your Employees Hate You and Other Lessons From an Exit Survey

clock November 14, 2013 11:04 by author Administrator

If you’re not having employees complete a 360 exit survey when they leave your company, you’re missing out on a wealth of information.

You may never get access to such honest feedback about you and your company. An employee that feels they no longer have to impress you is far more likely to give you completely unfiltered answers to questions about their time with you.

Here are some valuable lessons you may learn:

Are You a Good Boss?

It’s typically not hard to get employees to talk about the way they were treated and managed.

This can give you insights into why you may be having a morale issue. Or, it might even tell you that you’re having one you aren’t even aware of.

What Went Wrong?

Why are they leaving you? Are they leaving you for another company? If so, what makes the other company a better fit for them?

Maybe they just found a better opportunity with another company, or maybe there is a serious culture problem with your company that you need to fix.

What Went Right?

What do they think the best parts of your company are? This can be beneficial in helping you find and retain better employees.

Who You Should Promote

If someone takes the time to sing one of their coworkers’ praises, listen to them. Employees that make this type of impression are often the keepers and people you should consider for promotions.

If you have any questions about what exit survey software can do for your company, please contact us any time.