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Advantages of carrying out Human Resource Surveys

clock May 10, 2013 01:19 by author Administrator
Hiring new employees and then guiding them is quite a hectic task and full of hassles. Many corporate companies consider it a very expensive and time consuming task. In order to avoid this hassle, many companies prefer to keep their existing employees satisfied and happy to make them stay for longer period. For this reason, they carry out Human resource surveys, which are designed to know your employees. There are many advantages of these surveys, such as - . These surveys help you to understand the major concerns of the employees at the workplace. Before they hand a resignation letter, it is better to know what their actual concern is. . It also allows you to get feedback about the working structure of the company and other work related issues. The Human Resource Surveys should be very precise and direct. It is undoubtedly an effective tool which will make the employees feel that the employer cares for them. . By executing these surveys, you can figure out potential problems that an employee is facing. Also, you will get precise information about the matter of concern. It will help you in knowing where the problem exists, and you can solve it accordingly. If the employee is complaining and giving negative feedback, then you can take action and improve that area. You can also work on giving perks and other benefits to employees to make them feel satisfied and contented. Human Resource surveys are a major tool to understand the behavior and mind set of the employees. By having a glance of your employee's point of view regarding other employees, employers and working environment, you can work on the concerned issues. With these surveys you can also maintain the satisfaction level of the employees and turn your company into an ideal workplace for your employees.

Human resource surveys to sustain your present employees

clock April 5, 2013 01:05 by author Administrator
Running a business and an organization is not a piece of cake and everybody or anybody cannot do it successfully. At times, those who have the sense to commence it, find it difficult to retain it because of the unsatisfied employees of the workplace. Now, this is when it becomes significantly necessary that you have the basic idea about the thought process of your employees about the whole organization and its system. One of the best ways to carry out this procedure is through human resource surveys. It is a fact that when one employee leaves the company and a new one has to fill up that position, it takes a lot from the company, in terms of both time and money. So, why not resource the existing employees with a supporting system where they can speak out their mind confidentially, expecting that their issues would be considered and settled down by the organization. This is certainly a powerful tool to sustain the employees because they are nurtured so well by you. It has been observed that almost every organization’s employees feel at some point of time that they are underpaid and overworked that leads to their actions of resigning from the job as some other company is offering them a better package. This is where the company has to make the human resource surveys a mediator to get inside the minds of the employees to solve out their queries, which they do not feel comfortable to ask in person. Some employees get bothered due to the work environment and various other subordinate related issues but most of the time they do not address it to the HR department. They might experience some inconvenience while following the company’s rules and regulations, which is very common and unavoidable. Make human resource surveys your right hand and improve things where you are lacking, to make sure that your workforce is satisfied and your company’s efficiency reaches the top.

Significance of Human Resource Surveys

clock March 8, 2013 00:00 by author Administrator
A survey is an important method to gain useful information from employees of an organization. Human Resource surveys play a significant role in shaping up the future of an organization. They can be conducted in many ways, like written surveys where a person is given a printed paper containing a set of questions, over the telephone, through an email, or online surveys with the help of websites. Based on their answers or the information provided by the employees during the human resource surveys important data is prepared and based on that decisions are taken. A few examples of Human resource surveys are 360 degree feedback which helps people working at managerial levels or as leaders to get an anonymous feedback from their co-workers or clients or just anyone who is part of their working environment. This in turn helps them improve their work competency. Salary survey is used for preparing a compensation plan for the workers after a close observation of the current market trends. The employee attitude survey helps in deciding and planning the methods to train the newly hired workforce of an organization. These surveys help improving the overall working environment and they can keep your workforce satisfied and happy. Once the workforce is happy, then they will put in their best and become more dedicated towards their work. All this leads to better outputs and increases net profits of an organization. The trend of conducting such surveys is so popular these days that companies hire professionals, who have expertise in carrying out such surveys. One can also find a few examples of such surveys on the internet in the form of templates. If you are in the Human Resource Department and are conducting such surveys for the first time, then you can take the help of these templates to ease your work load.

Boost up competitiveness and profits with human resource surveys

clock February 8, 2013 00:29 by author Administrator
Let’s accept this. Human resource surveys are much like the diet programs as problems are not with intentions or design but with follow ups. Everything starts off right but when you think of business or profits, they tend to fail. Most of the business organizations today realize the fact that it is extremely important to conduct employee surveys so as to know the opinions and ideas of the employees. Business leaders usually say that the employees are one of the most significant assets of their organization. While few leaders simply say it, there are some entrepreneurs who efficiently act on this. HR surveys offer you a perfect opportunity to know about employees’ perceptions and how they feel working with your company. These allow you to understand problems and also praise accomplishments. The human resource surveys help to recognize the most significant drivers which motivate the employees for increased productivity, enable them to give practical solutions and suggestions to drive business success. On a large scale, the surveys help to know about the working environment within the organization and the essential changes or modifications which you should make to ensure success. Once you have made all these essential changes, you would see an immediate impact in terms of high productivity, motivated employees, healthy camaraderie and eventually high returns. Also, these surveys will help to make the employees feel that their problems and concerns are being heard and addressed and will be considered during the decision making process. With the help of these surveys, you can address some of the most important aspects which are usually overlooked or ignored. These include corporate values and culture, organizational effectiveness, internal communications as well as collaboration, leadership effectiveness and approaches, employee engagement, compensation or benefits for ensuring performance excellence and a lot more. Thus, the human resource surveys can help you in more ways than one and can enhance the overall productivity and performance of the organization.

Importance of human resource surveys

clock January 3, 2013 23:55 by author Administrator
In the present competitive environment, the  human resource surveys are one of the best ways to boost up your company’s performance and productivity. These surveys offer a brilliant opportunity to identify the problem areas and also praise accomplishments. If your business organization has not conducted these surveys recently, then it is just the time to implement this. Finding time to organize and conduct human resource surveys is one of the important ways to improve performance, job satisfaction, productivity and reduce high turnover rate. The best part is that with the help of these surveys, you are able to see the work culture from your employees’ perspective. These provide you the tools to improve the level of communication between the employees and management. The surveys, when conducted in an efficient way, also help you to determine where the business organization is excelling and the areas which need improvement. This also helps you learn if the employees are getting the training and development, which they want and need. Thus, with the help of hr surveys, the employees can communicate their needs, like opportunities for improvement of the job skills, career advancement or progression. The right HR surveys open up various opportunities for you to identify problems and make immediate changes, so as to improve them. However, it is very important to conduct the surveys in a proper and efficient way, so as to make the most out of them. The employee surveys must be kept anonymous and confidential so that the employees can give an open and honest feedback without any fear of backlash. Besides, in order to conduct the human resource surveys in the most effective way, it is very important to design a perfect questionnaire, which includes all important and relevant questions that need to be asked. A comprehensive hr survey, if and when conducted in a right way, can help to improve overall productivity and performance of an organization.