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Exit Interview Survey Software is essential for better results

clock September 30, 2011 00:01 by author Administrator
Exit interview is the technique by which it is possible to know about thoughts of an employee about the organization. This method becomes all the more important when it identifies flaws and problems in an organization’s strategies. The other reason for conducting this interview is to take a note whether an employee is going from the organization on a positive note or not. Varied questions are prepared by taking help of Exit Interview Survey Software. This method of conducting survey is far better than the manual method as it take less time and labor. It is an ideal method by which employees pulse can be felt. With this software the interview can be conducted in a very comfortable and easier manner. It’s a kind of software which eliminates the need of interaction with an interviewer. Traditionally this interview was taken by a person who used to listen to employee’s voice and enter his answers straight into software. Now-a-days this Exit Interview Survey Software has become very popular and many companies are using it largely. This type of interview holds very high significance in the companies that is why all the included questions in software should be selected very carefully. In this there are various tools for designing like deployment, security, types of question and formatting. This software is easy to use, reliable and always gives accurate results and for this reason today maximum companies are using it for the same purpose. It is advisable to all the employers to conduct surveys by using this software without wasting precious time in handling all the papers and files. This Exit Interview Survey Software is available on number of sites at very reasonable prices. Owing to its numerous qualities it has become the first choice of employers to acquire correct and perfect feedback from the employees. By using this tool an organization can become more dynamic and can put a check on future employee exits.

Conducting Exit interviews are beneficial for companies

clock September 27, 2011 08:27 by author Administrator
For every organization it is very critical to conduct exit interview, as they give an opportunity to their employees to talk about major reason for leaving a job and it also helps in improving staff maintenance policies. To understand employee’s perception and their experience of working in an organization, is the main purpose behind conducting this survey. Also companies should not take it very casually because this survey can help in reducing turnover and increases employee’s satisfaction level and dedication towards work. While conducting this interview it should be kept in view that it must be positive so that employee may leave on a happy note. Mostly in many organizations HR of a company conducts this interview. In an organization, exit interview helps to know about the main reason of any employee for leaving their job and it gives an opportunity to make possible improvements in the organization. For conducting this interview selection of appropriate staff is very necessary. It is always advisable to select a third party may be the member of HR staff or the one who has little contact with the employees, so that one can feel free to answer openly. It is very necessary to ensure that employees who are leaving the organization are secured about their confidentiality at the time of interview. Timing is another important aspect for an effective exit interview. Don’t conduct this interview while the employee who is going to leave still has some time to work in the organization. It’s good to conduct it in the last week of his job period. During interview an employee is free to say anything about the organization so this does not mean to become defensive for your company. Because the main motive of conducting this interview is that the one should be honest about the reasons for quitting a job, which would help in preventing further resignations. Always keep a written record of the interview so that in future steps can be taken up for reducing the possibilities of unwanted attrition.

Employee satisfaction survey is must for the upliftment of the company

clock September 22, 2011 06:31 by author Administrator
Satisfaction in itself means the fulfillment of the desires and needs of someone. In the business world also the satisfaction of the employees matters a lot and it has also become very important issue now a days. Employees play a vital role in the success and productivity of the company, so their satisfaction should be the chief aim of every company. The same can be best identified by conducting employee satisfaction survey it helps in getting desired information which helps in improving the levels of productivity. Job Satisfaction and employee’s loyalty can also be detected through this survey. The main purpose for conducting survey is to reach towards the root cause of the problems happening in the company. A company runs because of the hard work and honesty of its workers, and to give all the satisfaction to them should be the primary goal of every organization. If they remain satisfy they will try their best in the success of the company but if they are not then they are the one who can put a company to the way of downfall. Almost every company conducts Employee satisfaction survey only to feel the pulse of their employees. Under this survey in most of the company’s employee satisfaction is judged through these areas like management, teamwork, communication, empowerment, understanding of vision and mission of the company and interaction with the coworkers. The second method to measure satisfaction of the employees is by doing meeting with some employees and talking to them verbally. In this method its important that asked questions should be small enough for not consuming so much time of employees. Another method is to do survey online, it’s a faster and cheapest method and many companies likes it very much. Generally the HR Department of the company holds the employee satisfaction survey but now there are number of companies which are hiring some agencies to do the same for the purpose of getting unbiased results. There are many companies now-a-days those are giving survey services professionally.

Grow your business by measuring employee satisfaction

clock September 21, 2011 09:58 by author Administrator
For any business, measuring employee satisfaction is a very crucial aspect. It’s a progressive step to determine whether the employees are comfortable and happy with their current working atmosphere and job. Boosting up employee’s moral is extremely important for any company as only contended employees work with dedication, stay loyal and consider getting profits to the company. It is a duty of an employer to execute all those ideas which can keep employees satisfied. This can be done by conducting different types of personal interviews and surveys with employees to gather right type of information. If handled carefully, these can be a great tool for this purpose. Such sort of surveys should be anonymous to provide full freedom to employees, so that they provide all their answers honestly and without worrying about any backlash. Personal interviews are yet another great tool for measuring employee satisfaction. These can be sometimes a little restraining but make employees feel that their concerns are being addresses by higher authorities. These methods turn out to be very fruitful in collecting necessary data related to employee satisfaction. It helps an employer to understand those aspects that are generating problems and lowering the morale of workers. To keep employees satisfied needs developing team spirit and make them feel like a family or team. It motivates them and they feel the zeal to work more efficiently considering the respect that’s given to them. Going for company events, parties, outings and trips can also build bonds among co-workers. Incentives, appraisals and bonuses are another way to bring contentment among employees. Besides these, if an employee does not get a stress free environment, it would certainly affect his work, regardless of the incentives he may be getting. That is why measuring employee satisfaction is important for a company so that employees get an overall pleasant environment to work. If employees will give their best performance, company will automatically rise.

Employee survey software and its advantages

clock September 16, 2011 02:11 by author Administrator
Among such a high demand for the employee surveys it had become a great need to develop something that can aid this process and even be less time consuming. Employee survey is being adopted by all the small and big companies and the only thing which hampers this process is the time management for these surveys. These surveys are helpful but they need a specific time out of the general schedule of every individual and also to design them effectively one person is always bind to them. To overcome this difficulty many developers have found out new employee survey software. This software handles all the work load of conducting employee surveys, hr surveys and appraisal surveys for your organization. One way of consulting these employee surveys is to design them yourself which we discussed above that shows their complexity as well. The other way is these softwares. Employee survey software gives you the flexibility of conducting these surveys in a better way. You just need to install this survey software to your personnel computers and once you are done with it, whenever you need to take a survey, get connected to web and you can answer the surveys in just few minutes. Many of the higher organizations hire market research firms to analyze their employees but for the small companies this may be quiet expensive. These companies can take advantage of these software very easily. These softwares are easily available in the market and investing one time on them is very genuine. They are not even too costly and any small or big company can easily afford them Once you have your own employee survey software you just need to allot them to your employees and fix up a time when you want them to go through these surveys. They are totally anonymous and only higher authorities will be viewing them.