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Achieve your Goals with Online Survey Software

clock June 30, 2010 07:51 by author Administrator
Online surveys play a crucial role to know more about your products or services and what your customers or employees think about it. Few years back most business owners used paper surveys to do the same which was quite complicated and difficult. Nowadays internet has overcome this difficulty and it is now much easy to get feedback from the employees. Have you ever heard about online survey software? Yes, it is an amazing tool which is used by most company owners or business professionals to get valuable feedback from their employees or customers in order to improve their products or services. There are different types of software available and these types of software are provided by numerous companies. It is important to choose the right type of software depending upon the business requirement. There are different things which should be considered before preparing for the survey. It should be created depending on the factors like internet ability, number of questions, user friendly layout and user’s bandwidth. For instance, novice users can access the complete information if the layout is not friendly or if it is complicated. Also, the questions should be limited, 5 questions per category are enough. Pleasing design makes the survey interesting and users can easily write what is in their minds. Online survey software helps to acquire valuable feedback of customers and thus it can be used for the progress of company or business. It is true that if customers or employees are happy, everything can go smoothly. More importantly, these types of software are very easy to use and can work in any type of environment. Still, if you feel fear of using it, you can approach any of the online survey companies available that can create surveys for you. So, in this way, you can not only get valuable feedback but can also achieve your goals with online survey software.

Benefits of Conducting Online Surveys

clock June 28, 2010 07:29 by author Administrator
Surveys have longer been providing effective means for marketing, researching and customer support. Unluckily, the manual ways of conducting surveys take a lot of time to generate, distribute and gather the desired outcomes. However, with the onset of internet, surveys have become available easily. Online surveys solve the distribution as well as final results collection issues in an effective way and also save time and cost. In today’s rapidly changing state of affairs, the requirements of users are also changing and they do not accept delays on any reason. The process of conducting survey online is faster as compared to conventional printing surveys and recent studies show that participants usually reply to these surveys within forty eight hours and mostly the number of responses received is in bulk. Further, online surveys cost 30% to 40% less than conventional methods where the survey is first printed and then mailed to persons. There are special survey companies that have members, which give an alternative to get surveys conducted through them. Whatever alternative you utilize for conducting online survey, the cost is mostly lower compared to traditional methods. The participants have much time to respond to or think about any question prior to moving on to next series of questions. Since the participants to online survey take own time, so there are less chances for errors, or misinterpreting the question. Since the entire procedure of an online survey does not require much time, you can get consequences faster and after you have evaluated your feedback and results you can force this data in your marketing strategies, or you can decide to include such outcomes in sales. The information received from the outcomes of online surveys can also be utilized to design or improve upcoming events. Moreover, you also take some of the best answers from the survey and incorporate them onto certain promotional efforts.

How can Exit Surveys help the employers?

clock June 24, 2010 07:36 by author Administrator
Exit surveys are essentially conducted to give a framework and comprehend the factors that reinforce a person to exit a company. As a matter of fact, while a person may face strong drivers, pushing him to leave a company, there may also be equally strong pull factors towards other company, team, culture or role. Some ‘push’ factors are limited career prospects, unsatisfactory salary package, job related concerns or unsatisfactory association with manager or peers. Major pull factors are better career opportunities, stronger culture, less travel, better salary package and greater variety in job. Exit surveys are specifically designed to assist companies make out root causes of employee turnover and introduce effective strategies to improve retention. That means not only identifying why good employees are leaving the company, but pinpointing methods to keep them away from leaving. By having an in-depth understanding of pull and push factors, the companies can easily tap into several perceptions, employment and attitudes concerns that add to turnover. Make use of multiple methods for data collection, such as telephonic interviews or confidential survey. This will surely improve the value of data collected through exit surveys. Many websites offer exit survey templates that you can customize easily as per your company’s requirements. Now, exit surveys can be used not only within a company, but also on websites to know why the visitors left your website. While most of the people coming to your site will leave without telling why they actually left, a sensible proportion sometimes may be encouraged to do so, particularly if you promise to give them bonus or special offers for their opinions. However, the idea of offering bonus is not very helpful as persons will sometime tell you about anything to get bonus. Exit surveys can help you reduce the overall ‘bounce rate’ of your website.

Look into the minds of your employees with Exit Interviews

clock June 18, 2010 08:30 by author Administrator
Exit interviews may prove a ‘win-win’ condition for both employee and the company if conducted in a proper way. Essentially, an exit- interview is a conversation between a leaving worker (leaving either involuntarily or voluntarily) and representative from company. This interview can be conducted on informal basis, or may also follow structured format. Sometimes, a written questionnaire can also be put into use in place of face-to-face conversation. Whichever format is implemented, exit interview is generally documented. The workers who leave the organization involuntarily or voluntarily are often good sources of helpful information. They may voice complaints, let-off steam, offer useful criticism or simply explain why they are leaving. However, the actual value of exit interviews is clearly for the company itself that can utilize it as reality check, trend spotter or informal but imperative evaluation to find out how the organization is doing. The best time for exit-interviews is not the day when worker is about to leave, but it should be two or three days before. Whenever the interview is conducted, sufficient time must be given for thorough discussion. It is always a tremendous idea to schedule exit interview when the employee goes to personnel to fill-out benefits paperwork or return identification badge. As per renowned HR executives, exit interviews are more effectual when conducted in short time after worker has left, as this interval permits him to think about answers, without any pressures of work. Most workers who have left voluntarily would like to take part in later conversation just because they wish to keep possible return and communication lines open. It is a good idea to conduct the interview in front of employee’s immediate supervisor so that he can feel comfortable and speak honestly. Simply put, an exit interview facilitates a fleeting prospect to employers, to help them figure out details that otherwise may be impossible or more difficult to get.

What can an Exit Interview survey software program do for you?

clock June 16, 2010 07:36 by author Administrator
Are you looking for an ultimate solution to reduce your staff turnover? If yes, then, exit interview survey software is the answer to all your concerns, as it makes it possible for you to know the precise needs of employees. It will definitely help you to lessen employee ‘turnover’ which is considered one of the largest capital cost for any company and know where the management is falling short and know what is imperative to employees. The exit software program enables organizations to collect, put together and be informed of exit-survey statistics. After the data is put together, certain strategies can be brought in to mitigate staff turnover. Taking sufficient time to comprehend why workers leave will help you solve out issues before other employees start leaving. The questions to be asked in exit interview surveys depend on the kind of business you are in and what type of working conditions and benefits exist. You should consider the factors like reasons for leaving, appealing things about the new company, suggestions to prevent resignation, training, feedback and recognition and concerns with physical workplace conditions. Taking sufficient time to discuss with the worker once he has left can help you comprehend regarding the needs of employees. Thus, you can think about introducing some constructive changes to reduce the overall rate of workers turnover. Exist interview survey software will help you to speed up the process of exit interview survey and thus get more time to focus on organization’s long term goals and objectives. You can also introduce adequate training program and develop effective appraisals strategies. Above all, exit interview survey software program is definitely a helpful system in retaining the best talent. So, opt for an effective software system and help improve the overall productivity of your organization.