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Exit surveys- a good way to reduce employee attrition

clock November 30, 2011 02:00 by author Administrator
While most employee turnover can be beneficial for your organization, extreme employee turn can prove to very costly.  A high level of employee retention often indicates that employees are not satisfied while working in your organization, whether it is ineffective leaders and managers, or insufficient training and career opportunities, uncompetitive benefits and compensation or any other possible factors.  Employee exit surveys are helpful to accumulate information and feedback from departing employees about what it is like working for your company, and what it takes to retain workforce. Most of these employee surveys are helpful to identify what should be done to keep the staff satisfied, engaged and most likely to continue working for the company for predictable future, or to find out the reason behind their leaving the company, or in the case of former employees, as to why they left the organization. Exit surveys, which is usually carried out when an employee is leaving the organization, helps to identify the reason behind the workforce leaving the company, or find out where the employees are going and why, or what could be done to enliven their work experience at your organization, or to get  insight of other pertinent information. In general, the purpose of employee surveys is to bring development for the organization. It shows that you are eager to receive honest feedbacks, and act on those employee proposals with the aim of improving your organization, rather than grill the employee on the dot. Conducted along with employee satisfaction surveys, these exit surveys are a good way reduce employee attrition. You can even ascertain the improvements that your company should contemplate making your position more competitive by offering healthy working environment, compensation, and bonuses and so forth. These surveys would allow you to gain insight of your HR manager’s supervising dexterity and how efficiently they can operate their department.

Exit interviews- strategy and tips to conduct such surveys

clock November 25, 2011 06:28 by author Administrator
Most of us have faced an interview while applying for jobs. These interviews are conducted to evaluate whether a candidate is suitable for a job position. Interview has become an indispensible aspect of hiring employees. Have you ever heard about exit interviews? Well, it is an emerging trend that is truly becoming an integral component of myriad organizations. Want to know more about exit interviews? It is a survey conducted with those employees who are leaving an organization. Most likely the director or a HR manager conducts such an interview. Usually participating in an exit interview is entirely voluntary. There is no compulsion that employees have to participate in an exit interview. Sometimes, the employees concerned would like their details to be kept anonymous. Some employees might prefer a questionnaire than a live interview. Nevertheless, an exit interview should be carried out fairly without any prejudice. The aim of this survey is not to annoy or take vengeance as the employee is leaving the organization. If you are the HR manager or boss of your business, and trying to find out why your employees are willing to leave your organization, exit interviews can be the perfect opportunity to bring out responses with regards to the faults in the organization and emphasize on enhancing the company’s ability to retain valuable employees. However, if the employees are leaving the organization, they are more likely to be open and eloquent about such shortcomings and areas that needs some improvement in the organization. Most workers imbibe a great deal of expertise and knowledge during their service. As a result of their exit, a valuable proficiency is permanently lost. It is important to ensure the employee replacing the one leaving the organization participates in the interview. This way the knowledge can be easily passed on to the new employee, thereby paving the path for improvement and growth of the organization. Question that can be asked during such exit interviews are easily available on the internet. It can be good decision to include general questions rather than being specific. You should be more patient and eager to listen more than question. After all, the purpose of the exit interview is to leave a positive impression on the minds of the departing employee. Typically, conducting an exit interview is the key to bring improvements in the organization. It shows that you are willing to receive frank feedbacks, and act on those employee suggestions with the intention of improving the company, rather than interrogate the worker on the spot. Conducted along with employee satisfaction surveys, these exit interviews are good source of feedback for company development. If you have ever thought exit interviews as waste of time, think once again! When used appropriately, the feedback of departing employees could increase work efficiency, boost morale of existing employees and create more profitable organization. These interviews would allow you to gain insight of your managers supervising skills and how effectively they can run their department. You can even discover the changes that your company should consider making your position more competitive by providing flexible working environment, compensation, and bonuses and so forth. The exit interview is the best time to discuss the final payments and benefit issues and explain the policies related to departing employee.

Exit interview survey software- best tool to evaluate employee satisfaction and commitment

clock November 23, 2011 21:11 by author Administrator
Typically, the HR department of any organization conducts the exit interview surveys to accumulate information from departing personnel to assist the company in improving working conditions, identifying problematic areas within the organization and most importantly retaining existing workforce. One of the great elements of exit interview survey software is that it ensures complete confidentiality of feedbacks. Thus, departing employees would not hesitate to provide extremely open and honest feedback about their reason for leaving the company and their views on what steps should be taken to ensure growth for the organization. Nevertheless, while exit interviews are vital tactics utilized by any organization that is serious about retaining their employees, there are certain pitfalls to avoid. Some of the critical challenges that businesses face while conducting exit interviews include misinterpretation, interviewer bias, incomplete data feeding, lack of confidentiality, and inconsistency in data collected. So, as a HR manager what you should do to eradicate these pitfalls? Nowadays, most of the companies are turning towards for automated exit interview process. In simple words, when employees leave the organization, or are in their final week of tenure, there are certain courses of action that are followed: First the HR manager is notified about the departing employee’s name and the last day of their work. Then the HR manager sends an email to the departing worker that links them to online exit interview survey software, where they can give their feedback. The interview survey form is pre-coded with the departing employee’s name and their job position, and the department in which they worked, so that it becomes easy for the HR manager can easily report and feed results through this data. After the survey has been completed, the HR manager is notified through an email, and the survey results are automatically entered into the online database, from where reports can be generated. The HR manager may invite the departing employee’s supervisor to review the feedback or add any further comments in the survey form. The HR manager then run reports to review collective exit interview results, identify trends, and measure the change in ratings for the entire company, or any particular department. In short, well structured exit interview software can provide invaluable insight of employee satisfaction and commitment, and improve employee retention, and thus it should be a compulsory deliberation of any employer who is serious about improving their workers satisfaction levels.

How employee satisfaction survey can bring benefits for a business

clock November 21, 2011 06:06 by author Administrator
Employees are the backbone of any business. If they are happy, fully trained and able to do their job correctly, it can bring great success for the company. Thus, an employee satisfaction survey can help owners to stay on track with their employees and most importantly their business. As a business owner, one should ensure that their employees know their jobs well. A survey, such as this, can help business owners to keep a tab on their employees’ attitude about their job. For instance, a survey can help them to make sure that their employees are satisfied that they are well trained in their jobs. Nothing can be more frustrating than to have employees who have no idea of what they are supposed to be doing. Thus, an untrained employee is an unhappy employee. This ultimately results in unhappy clients and customers. The aim should be to enhance customer satisfaction rates. It is indeed necessary to make sure that all employees feel like they are well trained. It ensures that customers are able to enjoy the standards that have been established by the company. Though it might not show   immediate results, an employee satisfaction survey would ensure that all the customers as well as the employees are satisfied and confident in the jobs. Business owners need to know how to keep their employees. If they are viewing high or increasing turnover rates, employee satisfaction surveys can offer suggestions to keep more of the employees. Perhaps long lasting employees feel that their paycheck does not appropriately reflect their experience and the dedication towards their company. Perhaps there is something else that could be done to make employees to feel like being a part of the company.  Whatever, might be the problems, this survey can help shed light on the matter. Many business owners fail to realize the powerful connection between their employees’ contentment and their business’ success. It is true that no business can become successful without happy, satisfied employees, so it makes sense to use an employee satisfaction survey to keep tab on the employees’ attitude about their job and workplace.

Measuring employee satisfaction is obligatory for successful business

clock November 18, 2011 07:55 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction is indeed necessary to know whether employees are satisfied with their present job and their working environment. To enhance the moral of the workforce is always advantageous for any organization, as happy workers put in more effort, remain committed towards their company and give their best performance. As a sensible and smart employer, you should implement different methods and ideas to keep your employees happy. Procedures to measure employee satisfaction A business needs to implement various techniques to measure their employee satisfaction by conducting personal interviews and surveys with their working staff to gather the correct information. It could be valuable if handled carefully. However, these surveys should be undisclosed so that your workers get full freedom and respond honestly, without any trepidation of condemnation. Another way of measuring employee satisfaction is to conduct personal interviews, so that employees feel that their concerns have been heard and addressed by the management. Personal interviews and surveys prove to be helpful in gathering all the required information regarding employee satisfaction and as an employer you should understand the problematic areas that bring down the morale of the workforce. To keep your personnel satisfied, you need to develop the team spirit, and make them feel like they are part of a team or family. This would motivate them to work efficiently and they get the feeling of being valued. Arranging trips, outings, parties and events would be fruitful to build up strong bonds among the employees. There are several organizations that participate in events and organize camps to strengthen employee relations. This strategy proves to be beneficial in team building. Incentives, bonuses, and increments are some other techniques to satisfy your employees, though it may not be the overall solution for employee satisfaction. Your workforce may be happy with increments and incentives, but if they are continually working under stress, they might soon be overburdened with the stress they have to face at their workplace. If they find the working environment disturbing, it can affect their mental peace and de-motivate them, which would eventually have negative impact on their performance. Thus, a pleasant working environment is a very crucial aspect when measuring employee satisfaction.