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Strategies to conduct exit interviews

clock June 22, 2012 08:14 by author Administrator
Exit interviews are conducted to enable the company for the appraisal and improvement of employee’s retention policies. The organization offers an opportunity to the employee to converse about the reasons for departure. Exit interviews are the best way to comprehend the reason for leaving. The style of interview would obviously be different for all the employees. The employees who are getting retired or whom the organization has fired need not undergo exit interviews but the employee who is leaving for some reason but the organization wants to retain that employee must undergo the exit interview. Few employers bound the interviews to supervisory, departing management, technical employees and sales. However, these interviews must be conducted for all the departing employees regardless of their designation in organization. Leaving an organization is typically a voluntary decision of an employee; exit interviews are conducted only to receive feedback from the employees for the improvement of the organization. So, do not treat the exiting employee as a formality or casually and ensure that the interview is structured with a purpose. Try to find out as much as you can so that you will be able to avoid further resignations. The most useful method for an organization is to prepare an interview form with series of questions that you want to ask from the employee. You must ensure that the interview is being conducted by appropriate staff. A senior manager or human resource manager who has very less contact with the employee can conduct the interview. The next thing that you must keep in mind while conducting an exit interview is that you must ensure that the interview is conducted in neutral environment where the room is not much confrontational or imposing. Ensure the employee that whatever information is being provided by him would be confidential so that the employee can talk freely.

Benefits of using exit interview survey software

clock June 21, 2012 06:38 by author Administrator
Whenever an employee decides to leave a company, there could be many reasons behind it. The reasons could be related to the work environment, management policies, work load and a lot of other factors. By conducting an exit interview the management can find out the exact reason behind the employee’s decision. If the reason has something to do with the management, then the company can make required changes in their policies. It will help to ascertain that no more employees leave the company due to the same reason. The exit interview survey process includes collecting and recording the information that the employee shares with the interviewer. Today companies have become well aware of the importance of their employees. They are making every effort to understand the perceptions of their employees about the company, its work culture, rules and policies etc, through various techniques. Personal interview and written questionnaire are the common methods of conducting these surveys. It can be a very lengthy and complex process if done manually. However using exit interview survey software can make this process much easier and simpler. There are many benefits of using exit interview survey software over the conventional methods of interview and questionnaires. There is no scope for biasness from the side of the interviewer. Along with that the chances of misinterpretation of the information also get reduced immensely. Other discrepancies like loss of information, insufficient data, and no data entry at all, can also be avoided by using exit interview survey software. Using the survey software can save a lot of time, money and resources of the company. Another benefit is that an employee is much likely to share his honest opinions, when he knows that all the information will be kept confidential. The data which is recorded through such interviews can be saved in a centralized system, from where any authorized person can access this data anytime and from anywhere. This information can be further used to improve the work standard and company policies as well.

Benefits of employee satisfaction survey

clock June 15, 2012 10:03 by author Administrator
In this highly competitive world when there is a great need for the businesses to become more productive and streamlined, a company or an organization can find itself in a position where its workforce or employees are working under a lot of pressure and thus resulting in less productivity. Today, employee satisfaction is one of the most crucial determinants of the productivity of a company. Retaining talented and good employees is a strenuous task for the various organizations across the globe today. It is very important for the companies to determine what drives the employees most as satisfied and sincere employees remain with an organization and are more loyal and productive as well. Today majority of the organizations conduct employee satisfaction survey whenever possible in order to know about their employees. The most crucial and relevant aspects which are required to be include in the employee satisfaction survey are- the confidence of the employees in the leadership of the company, understanding of employees about the long term strategy and mission of the company, understanding of the employee about his role in the organization, responsibility of the employees and also how their needs are addressed and satisfied. Besides, the other important aspects are- the trust of the employees in his company’s culture, professionalism, team spirit and morale in the organization, the relation of the employees with their peers and supervisors and also how the company satisfies the implicit as well as explicit needs of the employees. Open ended questions should also be included as these are very beneficial to understand the cause of dissatisfaction or satisfaction. Also, it is very essential that answers of the employees should be kept confidential in order to make the employees feel comfortable while answering. The questionnaire needs to be smart in order to have additional suggestions or comments. The employee satisfaction survey provides detailed and appropriate information and helps the company to address the problems of the employees in the best possible way.

Useful tips for measuring employee satisfaction

clock June 12, 2012 10:03 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction is a crucial step to find out if the workers and employees are happy and contented with their present job and working atmosphere. It is extremely essential to boost up the moral of employees of a business or organization because satisfied and contented employees work with more dedication and also stay loyal and honest for their company. As an intelligent employer you need to make a smart move by implementing several ideas and methods in order to keep your employees satisfied. There are various methods of measuring employee satisfaction and conducting personal interviews and surveys proves to be one of the most efficient methods. This method helps you to collect the correct information and must be handled very carefully. However it is important that these surveys must be anonymous to give full freedom to the employees so that they can answer honestly and truthfully without any pressure or fear. The other efficient method is conducting personal interviews. At times these can prove confining but these surely help to make the employees feel that their problems and concerns are being addressed by the management. The personal interviews and surveys prove to be highly beneficial for collecting the required information about employee satisfaction. Measuring employee satisfaction is extremely important as this helps to understand the ways of boosting the morale of the employees. The best way to keep the employees satisfied and contented is to make them feel like a team and developing team spirit which will motivate them to work sincerely and efficiently. Also, organizing trips, outings, parties or events within the organization will help to build strong bonds between the coworkers. This strategy is very helpful in developing team spirit and various employers have got positive results in getting the employee satisfaction. Besides, bonuses, incentives and appraisals are some efficient methods to make your employees feel satisfied. Although this is a primary factor but is definitely not a complete solution as employees will probably feel happy with the incentives and appraisals but if they find that the working environment is disturbing, it will affect their peace of mind and de-motivate them. Hence you need to provide an overall pleasant and positive work atmosphere which is extremely important for employee satisfaction.

How to conduct effective employee surveys?

clock June 6, 2012 07:42 by author Administrator
Conducting employee surveys is the most efficient way to monitor the performance of your employees. There are many aspects that contribute in the overall efficiency of an employee, such as performance, understanding of the goals, office environment, work satisfaction etc. A well planned survey can help the management to get a clear view of all these aspects and how are they affecting the performance and growth of their employees. To ensure that you get the information that you are looking for, it is important to create a good survey. The first and foremost step when creating a survey is to understand its goal or objective. Do you want to know the satisfaction level of the employees or their suggestions and opinions about something? Keeping the objective in mind can help you to streamline the questions accordingly. After planning, the next phase is to prepare the survey. A good survey contains a lot more than just the questions. It should also include the instructions, time frame and a response scale, along with areas like additional comments, where employees can write about any topic, which was not mentioned in the survey. Make sure that you offer enough time to the employees when conducting the survey. So that they are able to complete the survey without any pressure or stress. Collecting and recording all the information gathered through these employee surveys, for future references, is the next step. The employee surveys can only be effective, if they are used for the betterment of the employees and the company. Through these surveys you can collect valuable information regarding the perceptions of the employees about the company, its policies, work environment, their own growth and future prospects etc. You can also discover the areas for improvement in your company. By rectifying any existing or occurring problems on time you can avoid any bigger problems in the future.