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Benefits of exit interview survey software

clock November 28, 2012 23:55 by author Administrator
The exit interview survey helps to provide useful insight and information about your company’s operations and working environment within the organization. Usually, the exit interviews are conducted when the employee has decided to quit. Exit interview is the most perfect way to comprehend the reason behind the employee’s departure. Some of the employers limit the exit interviews and surveys to departing supervisory, management, technical employees and sales. However, the exit interviews must be conducted for each and every employee regardless of their position and level in an organization. Generally conducted after the employee has decided to quit, exit interviews when conducted with the help of exit interview survey software are the key to improvement and growth of the organization since these provide an open and honest feedback from the departing employee which otherwise is very difficult to get. This shows your professionalism and willingness to act on the suggestions and feedback of the employees and want to make every effort to improve the work culture within the company. When conducted in a right and proper way, the exit interview is a great source of valuable information for the development of an organization. As an employer you can conduct the interview in a more efficient way with the use of exit interview survey software. This kind of software helps to design an efficient interview and also saves a great deal of time as well as Administrative work. Web enabling the exit interview is a great way to make the most of this important development tool. The exit interview survey software allows you to apply the results obtained to the career development and training initiates. It allows you to design a perfect questionnaire which includes all relevant and important questions that you want to include for the growth and development of your organization. You can apply the results and feedback obtained to develop competencies of the newer employees and improve their performance and productivity and overall contribution to the organization.

Enhance your business prospects with regular Employee surveys

clock September 14, 2012 07:36 by author Administrator
Employees are an asset of a company, which play a key role in making a business successful. The employees, who work at various levels in different departments, are involved in every business process. The success of an enterprise primarily depends on the performance of its employees. Thus in today’s extreme competition it is essential to keep your employees happy and contended, so that they can contribute in taking your business to desirable heights. And to achieve this employee surveys can prove extremely useful. Every company, no matter how big or small, makes every effort to give its employees a progressive and pleasing work environment. Still there could be many issues which can affect the performance or behavior of an employee in a negative way. There are many types of employee surveys which a company can utilize in order to know the views, satisfaction level and expectations of its employees. Generally these surveys are conducted by the HR department. A questionnaire is prepared, keeping in mind the objective or purpose of the survey and it includes questions which can help the company to achieve that specified objective. Then the questionnaire is distributed among the employees, manually or online. After the employees have completed the questionnaire, all the data and information is collected by the HR personals. The information that is collected through these employee surveys can prove highly helpful to analyze what the employees think about the company, its work environment and its policies. The purpose of conducting these surveys is however not limited to just collecting the information. It is very crucial to analyze the collected data and improve the shortcomings that the employees have highlighted in their responses, by providing them constructive feedback. By improving the weak areas, a company or enterprise can drastically improve the employee related problems like, low performance, uncooperative behavior, lack of team work etc. Conducting these surveys regularly can prove immensely useful in keeping your employees happy and also for improving your business prospects.

Employees’ satisfaction with feedback software

clock July 21, 2011 05:08 by author Administrator
When you know what is needed in order to keep your staff or your customers contented and happy, you can have the best results through feedback intelligence via feedback software. It provides the best feedback confidentially and quickly so that you may make use of the information for your best interest. You won’t need to worry about what to carry through the results as you can simply analyze them and utilize them in whichever way you want. Knowing how to improve and where to make adjustments may help your business in the future. Figuring out what type of brands attracts consumers is the only part of battle while trying to figure out that why do they shop at a certain store. When you provide a survey by using the survey software, you can get accurate and fast results that will tell you why they like specific brands and what catches their attention to purchase a certain brand. Not all stores carry the same label of products and as you get to know what your customers want, it can actually improve your business’s overall success.  Let the feedback software show you how you can get great results through a customized survey solution for your business. There are many advantages of feedback software in today’s world of business and management.   Mismanagement or information management can easily be one of the main differences between a standout sales year and closing its doors through bankruptcy. The need of feedback increases rapidly when businesses develop. The trouble with the chain of stores arises from the fact that you simply can’t stand in everyone’s doorway and ask for ideas from everyone. That’s where feedback software comes for your rescue and you feel it is a necessity. This particular system can manage results of survey for worker satisfaction and for customer satisfaction as well.

Employee survey software: Saves both money and time

clock October 9, 2010 09:36 by author Administrator
The key ingredient in the success of a business is to cut down on both money and time. The employee survey software is such a tool that helps the business to save time and channelize the resources to improve the performance of the employees. Irrespective of the organizations size, this software helps the users to gather vital data from its employees. The data so gathered can be analyzed without any difficulty as the data entered is presented in graphs, pie charts and percentages which is comparatively easy to study. The employee survey software can be called cost effective because, it is can save the expenditure that is incurred to collect the feedback and analyze it. It is also easy to implement in the organization and is very effective to take immediate action to improve the present status of the business. This is possible because it uses tools that help to develop surveys, study the information collected and also make important announcements via e-mail. This software can also be used to collect data form customers to promote sales. The employee survey software is also beneficial to recognize the training needs in the organization as it keeps a track of the employee performance. Since it is a large data base it can keep track of previous year’s performance and the same can be compared with the current day’s performance. Within time necessary action can be taken so as to improve their way of performing the work. There are a lot of similar software applications available in the market but they must be chosen consciously. One of the most important factors that have to be considered is to evaluate the organizations size, need and how flexible it is so that it can suit the organizations needs. So, software has to be chosen on the basis of the features and applicability.

Tips for Employee Survey Software

clock July 14, 2010 07:17 by author Administrator
Preparing the questionnaire is an important aspect of employee surveys, and so it deserves your special attention. Never make answering or reading queries a labor or efforts on part of participants. Rather, the queries must be quite easy to comprehend and answer devoid of any confusion. The language used should be such that even a kid could comprehend if possible. Try to restrict the answers in place of asking them for elaborate answers. Before implementing employee survey software, it is good to first test it out on small sample of people when giving the final shot. Incorporate a few questions like ‘was the survey simple to answer’, to get useful feedback regarding the result of survey. Evaluate the queries you receive to fine tune the survey results before you decide to send it across. Keep in mind that employee survey software applications are just as valuable and useful as you prepare them. The art of planning effectual survey is in fact a specialized area. Take your time to research what can work or what cannot, when designing the questionnaire. Discuss with experts, have a look at good examples of employee survey software, and try to gain as much information as you can. Conducting surveys on target is just like ‘fishing’ for more feedback, answers and information. However, every fisherman is well aware that each kind of fish needs specific kind of lure. So, in place of attempting to cast wide net to grab the attention of everyone, you should focus on every individual survey plan on specific group. Improve your concentration and the results will be improved automatically. Everyone loves motivation, incentives and inspiration. So, link the employee input or customers feedback surveys to incentives, like chances to earn store discounts or a chance to attend employee workshop of the company.