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Handling exit interviews in an apposite way

clock March 29, 2013 02:01 by author Administrator
No matter whether the economy is low or high, people keep changing their jobs. Generally the main reason for this is to chase better openings. However, it is expected for a salaried professional employee to undergo exit interviews conducted by the representatives of the company. A company has a number of grounds for having such interviews, most important of which is to amass the important information that could potentially influence the company in the future. Many companies deem it as a preeminent way to depart their employee, as this helps the company to achieve insight into managerial dynamics and efficiency, and this gives them prospects to make enhancement in the future. Apart from this, these interviews are also a part of paradigm human resource legal process. To get a graceful exit from any office, it is very important that you should not overlook the exit interviews. Prior to these, prepare yourself. It is quite important to train yourself for this, as it is your very last inkling, and in professional life if you make any mistake just before leaving the premises of your office, it will certainly be difficult to expunge from the minds of the people and the last notion of your last impression is undoubtedly the exit interviews only. During exit interview you might want to drop off and want to dispense your heart by telling how astute your boss was, but try to circumvent all these. Even if you think the representative of your company is sympathetic, never ever take this peril of saying anything bad about your boss. Do not talk too much and try to conclude on a high note with your status and bequest intact. Who knows in future you may have to work for these people again. So form an optimistic experience for yourself and your corporation, before you move out of the door.

Get unbiased and accurate information with Exit Interview Survey Software

clock March 26, 2013 00:59 by author Administrator
Employees are certainly a vital part of any company, but employees keep moving from one job to another for a number of reasons; it is a common observable fact in all the jobs. However, it is recommended that this should not be taken in the pessimistic way, as number of pros and cons of your corporation can be highlighted through the departing employees with the use of the exit interview. These interviews are generally used by companies to amass important insight and information regarding the working environment. The one ideal way of conducting the exit interviews is to make use of exit interview survey software. Accuracy of the results is the main advantage of using this software. Apart from this, the exit interview survey software can save a lot of your time and energy, which goes into organizing and conducting the interview. This software also helps in identifying and resolving any problem in the workplace, and it gives the insight to make more and more profits. The best thing is that using this software, employees give more sincere answer with no trepidation or dread of the backlash. An increasing number of companies these days are making use of this software to recognize the loopholes and strengths of their company. This software makes it quite simple to have all the information at one place in the database, like which employee left the company at which time and because of which reason, and this structured facet is quite supportive in the growth of the company. In simple words, exit evaluation survey software makes it easier to track data and take instantaneous steps. The best part about these is as no manager or supervisor is included in this evaluation, thus most impartial and truthful information can be collected, which is very important for the smooth and successful performance of any company.

Measuring employee satisfaction - imperative for business success

clock March 22, 2013 06:04 by author Administrator
The main motive behind measuring employee satisfaction is to effectively understand the current perception of an employee regarding the workplace and the working environment. Satisfied employees always bring out the best in an organization and regularly measuring the employee satisfaction helps an organization keep up with the changing times. Employees with a good moral, who are happy in their work environment, tend to remain loyal towards the organization and also make greater efforts to keep pace with the quality of work expected of them. Keeping this in mind, there are various means of measuring the satisfaction levels of employees, some of which are briefly discussed in the following paragraphs. An organization may need to implement different methods of measuring employee satisfaction and this can be done with the help of regular surveys or one-on-one personal interviews with the employees. Keeping these surveys and interviews anonymous is very important to encourage an employee to put forth any concerns they may have, without the fear of any confrontation. Such a survey offers the organization an opportunity to help conduct a thorough self-assessment of its employees. This is the best way to bring forth the problems and hang ups that the employees may be suffering from, which in turn slow the working of an organization down. Identifying and modifying such errors helps the employee understand their shortcomings and also helps the employer understand the issues faced by the employees at all levels. Following up on the problems that the survey highlights help the employees feel valued and appreciated. Synchronizing a new survey with the database of the previous surveys helps eradicate repetitive problems and helps create a great deal of space for effective productivity. Thus, measuring employee satisfaction is a much-required procedure which should be carefully handled and effectively utilized for the progress of an organization.

How an employee satisfaction survey can prove helpful?

clock March 19, 2013 03:55 by author Administrator
The end-of-year employee satisfaction survey in most organizations is either a welcome process that is viewed as an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the employee’s perspective or another hassle that needs to be dealt with following a certain protocol. The former approach makes for a healthy work environment, while the latter makes for unhappy employees who feel under-valued. There are various benefits that an employee satisfaction survey offers some of which are mentioned below. First of all, the employee satisfaction surveys offer the organization an opportunity to conduct a thorough self-assessment. This is the best way to bring forth the problems and hang ups that slow the working of an organization down, as even the best of organizations have an opportunity for growth and development. Identifying and modifying such errors helps in the smooth running of Administrative procedures, which greatly affect the competitiveness and reputation of an organization. Secondly, conducting these surveys at the end of the year is as good as losing out on almost 300 days of making corrective changes. Employees can be asked to work on a proactive action plan to address the various shortcomings, and an employee satisfaction survey is the best way to make this happen. Third and perhaps the most important thing is to follow up on the problems the survey highlights. Synchronizing with the database of the previous surveys is the simplest way to eradicate the small faults and minor issues and create a great deal of space for effective productivity. Taking into account the views of the employees by actually reading the finer points of the survey, can help bring about a major change in the work environment of an organization. Last but not the least; the employees should be encouraged to put forth their true perspectives for the survey to actually serve its purpose.

How important are the employee surveys for performance of the company?

clock March 15, 2013 04:10 by author Administrator
For any organization the most precious asset is their employees. Your opponents can facsimile your product, strategies etc., but not your endowed employee, who position your company apart from others. For achieving success in this competitive world it is thus very significant for a company to attain and keep hold of the capable people of their company by appealing the hearts and minds of their workforce all the time. For this we have seen that companies are not letting any stone unturned to make their employees pleased, contented and enthused. One way which many of the companies are using these days is the employee surveys. Using this survey in your company can help you determine a number of things, related to your employees and office culture etc. These can help you get a clear picture of desires, outlook and level of satisfaction of your employees. You can use the results of the employee surveys for strengthening the motivation of employees, which is very important for good performance of the employee and the company. It would not be wrong to say that this survey is an effort on the part of the company to comprehend and know better about the morale of the employee and to map out internal policies and companies prospect. It is not only important for the employers but it also gives an important message to the employees that their participation and proposition are valuable for the companies and are taken into consideration whenever managements takes some important pronouncement this creates a high sense of fidelity among employees. Employees and their contentment are two most important factors in making a company successful. Thus, it is very important to keep employees pleased and blissful in their professional lives and for this nothing can be better than employee surveys.