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Exit Surveys: An ideal way to feel the pulse of employees

clock May 5, 2013 11:52 by author Administrator
In every business, surveys play a vital role. Whether it is an employee survey, retention survey, attitude survey, or exit surveys, every organization needs to understand the requirements and concerns of their employees to make them stay for long in their organization. Understanding the precise concerns of employees is a difficult task and quite challenging. In order to ease this difficulty, employment surveys are designed. These surveys help to know different aspects about the ideas and feelings of employees about their employer and working environment. There are many advantages associated with employment surveys, such as streamlining communications, assessing training needs, absenteeism, reducing turnover, reinforce supervision etc. When an employee leaves a company for any reason, such as retirement, job change or any other rationale, then many companies perform exit surveys. These surveys contain general questions about the experience of the employees that can be either specific or general. The main motive to perform these surveys is to determine the precise reason of employee leaving the company. Another reason is to know how employee felt working in the company. In the survey, the employees are free to express about the attitude of the company towards the satisfaction of the employees, working environment and work culture. The survey also covers questions, like level of satisfaction, overall experience, future plans after leaving the company, and many more. Additionally, the questionnaire of survey also requires personal information, like gender, age, marital status, previous employment records, department working in, details about family, and annual income of the employee. All this information helps the company to come at genuine and precise conclusions. Also, nowadays, some companies provide custom-designed questionnaire for exit surveys for other companies. For better understanding, these surveys are available online and are analyzed using sophisticated software.

Exit surveys- Are they worth the effort and time?

clock January 29, 2013 23:02 by author Administrator
Exit interviews are the most perfect way to get valuable insight and information about the company’s operations and ongoing processes. Generally these are conducted when an employee has decided to leave, instead of being fired or laid off. This is the best way to know the reasons behind the employee departure. Some of the business organizations limit the exit surveys to departing supervisory, management, sales or technical employees, but exit interviews must be conducted for each and every departing employee, irrespective of their post or level within the company. Employers today realize the fact that when the employees leave the organization, they take with them a set of great skills, expertise and ideas, most probably to a new competitor company. Exit surveys help to know about the opinions and ideas of the employees about the employer and the organization, which in the future can become ideologies which would help the organization to recruit better talent. These interviews are extremely useful for organization improvement, as you are likely to get honest and candid feedback from the employees. This displays that you are actually willing to act upon suggestions and really care why anyone decides to leave. It also offers a perfect way to prevent high employee turnover and improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Besides, exit interviews help to evaluate training and development needs, reducing absenteeism and turnover, strengthening supervision, streamlining communication and much more. However, conducting the exit surveys in an efficient way is very important in order to get honest and valuable feedback from the employees. It is quite essential to include all relevant and significant questions, like work culture, availability of the resources, orientation, safety standards, benefits and pay, supervisory control. Besides, you can include aspects like feedback mechanisms, treatment of employees, communications, efficacy of management, effectiveness of practices and policies, achievement recognition, opportunities for growth, development and career progression. Also, these questions must be open ended, for encouraging additional suggestions or comments.

Exit surveys- A great way to reduce employee attrition

clock October 30, 2012 03:08 by author Administrator
In this fiercely competitive business world, with a need for the businesses to be highly productive and streamlined, a business organization usually finds itself with the workers and employees working under a lot of pressure. This results in low productivity and morale of employees which eventually leads to high staff attrition. The benefits of having highly talented and sincere employees cannot be undervalued and thus it is quite important to figure out effective ways to keep the employees happy and contented. Exit surveys are a perfect way to get valuable information about the company’s operations and also the working environment within the organization. These kinds of surveys provide an insight into the various important aspects and gather valuable information from current or former employees about their working experience and what all changes you need to make in order to improve the working environment in the organization. Increased employee attrition usually displays dissatisfaction with various aspects which can include uncompetitive benefits and compensation, limited career prospects, insufficient training and development opportunities and other several factors. The exit surveys help to identify the reasons that why the employees and workers are engaged, satisfied and are likely to stay with the organization or also why they are planning to leave. This can help you to find out ways to keep your workers and employees happy and satisfied and also to make essential changes to improve the work culture and boost up the morale and performance of the employees. This gives the management a fair idea about what all can be done in order to improve the work experience in your organization and also to make significant rules and policies during the decision making process. Thus, exit surveys are quite helpful for specific departments or organizations which are experiencing high employee turnover. Acting on the insight and information obtained from an exit survey, your organization can reduce staff attrition, enhance performance and productivity and eventually improve the bottom line of your company.

Exit surveys- An essential tool to reduce employee turnover

clock July 31, 2012 07:01 by author Administrator
In this competitive era, when there is a need for the businesses to become highly productive and streamlined, a business organization at times, find itself having a workforce which is working under a lot of pressure. This results in high employee turnover, low productivity and decreased morale of the employees. Increased employee attrition is usually due to dissatisfaction with different aspects of the working of your business organization. This can include ineffective leaders and managers, insufficient training, career and development opportunities uncompetitive benefits and compensation, and various other factors. Surveys for employee retention, staff turnover surveys or exit surveys help to gather valuable information from the current and former employees about their experience of working with your organization. The objective of conducting these surveys is to comprehend individual’s experiences and perceptions and get valuable feedback about the company, and work environment. Well designed and brilliantly conducted surveys help to reduce employee turnover and also enhance employee commitment and satisfaction. These surveys help to identify why the employees are leaving your organization, what was supposed to be done so that their work experience with your organization could have been improved, and other related information. Thus the exit surveys give a wealth of insight and information about why employees are thinking to leave or are actually going to leave your organization. By efficiently acting on the valuable information, your business organization can successfully reduce the unwanted employee turnover and thus improving the bottom line of the company. With efficiently using the exit surveys, the business organizations can work on employee satisfaction and retention. These are an important tool for gathering opinions and impressions. The exit interviews or surveys should be conducted by the HR representative. The idea behind conducting such surveys is to use the information in order to retain the present employees and also for the future recruitment. These surveys can also be conducted online so that the employee can feel more relaxed while answering the questionnaire.

Why is it crucial for companies to conduct exit surveys?

clock July 5, 2012 01:04 by author Administrator
An employee is the biggest asset of a company. Employees, with their efforts and hard work, play a key role in the growth of any business. Ensuring that they are happy and satisfied in their work environment is crucial to maintain their performance levels and competitive attitude. Various surveys, like attitude survey, communication survey, retention survey, benefit survey, etc, are conducted by companies to ensure that their employees are satisfied with the company policies and work setting. Exit surveys, along with the above mentioned surveys, is a useful tool to understand the perception of the employees. An exit survey is conducted when an employee is leaving the company. There could be many reasons which might have influenced his decision. It might be related to the company environment, work culture, individual growth, management policies or something entirely different.  Exit surveys help to determine the exact reason behind employee’s decision. The reason for which an employee leaves a company can have a significant impact on its future prospects. It is very crucial for companies to know that why an employee has made such a decision and then rectify the issue if it is related to management or company policies. Resolving such issues on time can help to avoid the loss of any more employees, for the same reason, in future. Along with that exit surveys also help to know the overall experience of the employee while working in a company. Information gathered through such surveys can benefit a company immensely. It allows the management to understand that how their employees perceive their company and what are their expectations. It can also help them to rectify any discrepancies that might be present in their company, so that they can create a better work atmosphere for their current and prospective employees.