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Employee’s 360 degree feedback software: Ensure a true feedback

clock May 31, 2011 07:04 by author Administrator
360 degree feedback is necessary for the employee productivity as well as that of the organisation. The feedback is used to provide an employee feedback from different providers. This includes managers, colleagues, seniors, subordinates or peers and even customers with whom an employee has to deal in their routine work. It can be done by the use of feedback software. Companies using this program give true and reliable information of the strong and weak areas of every employee. The employees are also provided with the authority to assess their own performance level and rate them. This is why they often enjoy this prize which helps to boost the morale of the workers as they feel more sense of control. The feedback created with the feedback software tends to be more balanced as it involves perspective of multiple providers. Thus, it is necessary for an organisation to ensure to buy effective software. Before buying, first you need to assess your needs. For that ask yourself some questions such as whether you want to use this application just for employees or for the whole organisation and customers also. Are you looking for cross functional data? Is confidentially and accountability a concern for you and finally how the process will begin. Next it is necessary to evaluate the capabilities of 360 feedback application. It can be purchased without any need of consultation and should be able to run on a system. The last thing is developer must provide the complete application and all documents related to it for the testing. Today, feedback software comes with sophisticated programs that are responsible for gathering, analysing and then providing feedback to the employees. The software allows creating customised surveys, questionnaire library, action planner, options of multiple reporting with graphic displays and finally implementation. It provides a user-friendly screen with options like tool bar, online help and drop down menu. The price is accurate. Thus, with the right type of software you can easily create an accurate feedback for the organisation growth.

Expert tips to handle exit interviews tactfully

clock May 27, 2011 00:56 by author Administrator
Whenever you decide about leaving the current job, the company conducts exit interviews. There can be many reasons that force you to take this decision- better job opportunity, dissatisfaction from current job or family matters. Employer conducts such interviews to find out what are the factors that made employee to quit the job. Are there any flaws in the current working conditions and if any then what improvement they would like to see. However, many of the employees try to avoid these interviews as they find it difficult to handle the questions put by employer. An employee can take control of the situation by following some tips. Preparation in advance is necessary like you are preparing for recruitment. Make small notes in advance about all those things that you have to say and issues to rise.  It is not wise to make insulting remarks about the company, boss and colleagues. If you want to draw attention to certain situations, then it is not a proper way to start shouting. The right way is to tell what you had expected and what happened actually and also how it could have been made better. Do not try to get the favor on your side. One of the major purposes of conducting these exit interviews is to make easy knowledge transfer. The company would be more interested to interview the leaving staff member especially the person who has been in the organization for a very long time. So, try to transfer as much knowledge that you have gained over this time and also the information which you think would be useful for them. It will make it easier for your substitute to carry the responsibilities and also your employer will really appreciate your effort. Bear in mind that give feedback only when it is required and you really think it would be used by your company, otherwise ignore. Talk only after analyzing the situation.  If there is any legal reason such as harassment or any kind of discrimination, then it is better to consult a lawyer. Ask for some tips about handling exit interviews. The conclusion is while leaving a job, it is best to tackle the interview by being little diplomatic and make fast escape but in an impressive way.

Use exit interview survey software to get the accurate results of the survey

clock May 24, 2011 02:37 by author Administrator
Exit interview is a modern technique that is used by the organizations today to know what employees think of the company. The importance of this method further rises as it reveals the flaws in the company strategies that cannot be noticed by the company managers otherwise. Such interviews are also conducted to make sure that employee is leaving the company on a positive tone so as to spread good word of mouth. A questionnaire is designed with the help of exit interview survey software. It is much better than manual procedure because it saves a lot of time as well as causes fewer errors. There is high significance of these interviews as per management perspective. It is because a company takes such survey as a valuable chance to gain true feedback by the employees. For this, the questions included in the questionnaire designed through exit interview survey software are selected very carefully. There are a large number of tools for the designing such as formatting, deployment, types of question, security and many others features.  Care is taken to add all types of questions and more of open ended ones so that employees can add their out of the box opinion . They have not to choose if they do not find any alternative to match with their perception. It is not just formation in which the exit interview survey software is a master. The collection of feedback is simple as it can be done though creating a link of web address for an individual survey. Other possible method is to e-mail the online survey link to each of the employees.   Analysis of the results gets easy due to the use of graphical and analytical tools. It keeps the results confidential by security code or password. The reports generated can be customized. The results of the survey will be available at the exact time by using this software. Through the online survey created by software, employees do not hesitate and give honest feedback as they are not going to visit the company again.

Some of the essential features that increase the efficiency of online survey software

clock May 20, 2011 05:09 by author Administrator
Online surveys are in fact a useful approach to find out what is going in the mind of your employees and how successful they have been in the recently implemented programs.  By making use of the software, the survey can be conducted proficiently and accurately. Online survey software is basically a cost effective method to conduct survey and collect the results and then make an analysis within a short span of time. A number of features or tools are there that should be looked upon but the most ideal ones are must to know. There is a package which allows updating the font, color and also header graphics which will allow designing a survey matching the requirements Skip logic is one desired feature which is useful when for example a respondent says no to question 5 then the questions from 6-10 will be automatically skipped.  It saves much time of respondent. With the help of piping, one can pull answers from one part to another in the survey. There are many more packages of online survey software that combine both the features of piping and skip logic. One of the important things to keep in mind while designing of the questionnaire is the right order of questions or answers. Thus, a tool that allows arranging the order of answers or questions is much helpful. Many of the packages of online survey software create the survey sample in their web page and some others let you to link it with your own website. It is extremely useful in case of quick surveys such as polls or taking feedback from the online visitors. The data analysis is the most difficult process of survey. Many of the packages help you to analyze the results while others simply give summary of all answers and some also offer tools to make an analysis. The advanced one offer cross- tabulation and statistical analysis. To design a correct survey is the accountability of the survey software but to make sure to choose the right one is yours.

Employee opinion survey: Know what is going on in their mind

clock May 19, 2011 01:50 by author Administrator
One of the major problems that most of the companies are facing today is the decreasing ratio of talented and stable employees. As employees are the key ingredient of a successful organization it is necessary to make sure that every staff member is satisfied with the company. Mostly companies these days conduct employee opinion survey. These surveys are the tools to know what your staff is thinking. It is essential to conduct these surveys in a proper manner so that these would not be just wastage of time and employees will also understand their significance. It is only then they would tend to give true feedback that is necessary for the success of the surveys. Most of the organizations today lack the required experience for conducting the employee opinion survey. Many others do not have enough time to design the questionnaire. There are many off the shelf surveys available. One should not go for such practices. A survey should always be as per the requirements of the organization and also work force. Moreover such surveys would not take much out of the pocket.  Bring a professional from outside as staff generally hesitates to give honest feedback. Thus to take them into confidence it is essential to bring an expert from outside for the survey. Ensure that all of the respondents know all the rules. They should know the benefit of conducting these employees opinion survey for themselves and for the company also. At last it is necessary to communicate the results to the employees. Make sure to give the true feedback only and avoid sugarcoating it. It is must as some of the brilliant performers would come into light and thus contribute much for the growth of the company. On the other hand, low performers would come to know about their weak areas and will work upon those points. Remember these useful tips if you want to see your business reach heights.