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Exit surveys- A great way to reduce employee attrition

clock October 30, 2012 03:08 by author Administrator
In this fiercely competitive business world, with a need for the businesses to be highly productive and streamlined, a business organization usually finds itself with the workers and employees working under a lot of pressure. This results in low productivity and morale of employees which eventually leads to high staff attrition. The benefits of having highly talented and sincere employees cannot be undervalued and thus it is quite important to figure out effective ways to keep the employees happy and contented. Exit surveys are a perfect way to get valuable information about the company’s operations and also the working environment within the organization. These kinds of surveys provide an insight into the various important aspects and gather valuable information from current or former employees about their working experience and what all changes you need to make in order to improve the working environment in the organization. Increased employee attrition usually displays dissatisfaction with various aspects which can include uncompetitive benefits and compensation, limited career prospects, insufficient training and development opportunities and other several factors. The exit surveys help to identify the reasons that why the employees and workers are engaged, satisfied and are likely to stay with the organization or also why they are planning to leave. This can help you to find out ways to keep your workers and employees happy and satisfied and also to make essential changes to improve the work culture and boost up the morale and performance of the employees. This gives the management a fair idea about what all can be done in order to improve the work experience in your organization and also to make significant rules and policies during the decision making process. Thus, exit surveys are quite helpful for specific departments or organizations which are experiencing high employee turnover. Acting on the insight and information obtained from an exit survey, your organization can reduce staff attrition, enhance performance and productivity and eventually improve the bottom line of your company.

How exit interviews can work for your organization

clock October 30, 2012 00:26 by author Administrator
Exit interviews help to provide valuable insight and information about the operations and work culture of your organization. These interviews are important for any business organization as these provide an opportunity to the employees to discuss the reasons and also allow the organizations to assess and improve the staff or employee retention policies. However in order to make the most out of the exit interviews, it is important that these should be well planned and well executed. Your management team should not treat this as a formality rather, make sure that it has a purpose and structure to it. As a smart and prudent employer, you need to remember that determining the reasons behind employee turnover will give you an opportunity to make the necessary changes and improvements within your organization to prevent any further resignations. The most important part of an exit interview is the series of relevant and significant questions that you probably want to ask. You must take time out to prepare the exit interview questionnaire form to include all the relevant questions as to obtain valuable feedback from the employee. Also, make sure that a neutral independent party or a human resource staff or supervisor conducts these exit interviews. This has to be someone who does not have any direct working relationship with the employee or have little contact instead of a direct line supervisor or manager to motivate the employees to be open and honest during the interview. Besides, it is very important to get the right environment while conducting the exit interviews as to ensure honest and open discussion. Thus, try to arrange the exit interview in some neutral office which is away from the routine workplace of the employee. You need to remember that if an employee has been quite sincere and hardworking then it is always better that they should have a very positive picture of your organization so that they can always come back if things do not work well at their new workplace.

Significance of measuring employee satisfaction

clock October 19, 2012 00:18 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction is one of the most efficient ways to know if the workers and employees are happy and satisfied with the present job and work atmosphere. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to boost up the morale of employees. Satisfied and happy employees stay loyal, work with more dedication and commitment and also put in extra effort towards the growth and success of the business organization. A smart and prudent employer must implement different ideas and methods to keep the employees satisfied and motivated. Your management team can make the use of various methods for measuring employee satisfaction, like personal interviews and various surveys to gather valuable information. Also, it is quite essential to keep the surveys confidential and anonymous so that the employees can honestly give the feedback which otherwise can probably be withheld. You can even conduct personal interviews with the employees as this will definitely make them feel that their concerns are being addressed and their opinions do matter during the decision making process of the organization. Thus, the interviews and surveys are a great way to get important information about employee satisfaction. This also enables the employer to comprehend the problem areas which can lead to reduced productivity and lower the employee’s morale. However measuring employee satisfaction proves useful to a business organization only when you take some necessary steps in order to boost the morale of employees. The best way to keep the employees satisfied and happy is to efficiently develop a team spirit and make them feel like family or a team, as this will make them work efficiently. You can even organize outings, parties, trips or events within the company to build healthy professional relationships among the colleagues. This strategy is quite useful in strengthening relationships in stress free environment and building team spirit.

How can you benefit from employee satisfaction survey?

clock October 16, 2012 07:38 by author Administrator
Employee satisfaction is one of the most significant determinants of an organization’s productivity in today’s competitive environment. Even the most successful organizations are facing the problem of employee attrition. Recruiting and retaining sincere and talented employees has become quite an arduous task. It is really essential to monitor the business and efficacy of the staff and employees to make certain that the operations and projects are running effectively and smoothly. The employees have significant knowledge about what all should be done in order to enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, customer service, quality, profit, growth and various other important aspects. For this, various large and mid size organizations are making the use of employee satisfaction survey to gather important information for the business improvement. Lack of efficient employee satisfaction survey, team meetings, informal conversations, and various other venues for communication is the major concern in majority of the organizations, particularly the larger corporations. Top managers and supervisors usually isolate themselves psychologically and physically from the other employees, which results in poor or ineffective employee communication. As a business owner, you necessitate contemplating the fact that effective employee satisfaction is very important to boost up the morale of employees, as satisfied and happy employees are the most important assets of any business organization. So, communicating with the employees on regular basis is of utmost importance and it should come naturally and must not be regarded as an extra burden to the daily tasks. Employee satisfaction survey offers you a perfect opportunity to know about your employees, understand their ideas, opinions and ideologies and identify their problems and issues. Also, it is important to keep the surveys anonymous and confidential as this would encourage the employees to provide feedback honestly and without any apprehensions. The management can then use this feedback during the decision making process, in order to enhance productivity and boost the morale of employees.

Boost competitiveness and profit with employee surveys

clock October 11, 2012 01:59 by author Administrator
If you are a business owner or CEO of your company, then it is extremely essential to efficiently monitor the business and also the efficacy of employees, to make certain that the operations are running efficiently and smoothly. The productivity statistics would reflect the efficiency of business procedures and how productive and talented the employees are. The employee surveys will help you to gather valuable information and data about the performance, productivity and important information pertaining to a range of competencies and aspects. This kind of feedback is quite essential for corporate improvement. It also helps in improving the work environment, employee retention, work culture, enhancing the productivity and eventually overall performance of the organization. Today, the business organizations are working in the state of severe competition. To survive and flourish in today’s economic climate, it has become extremely important to be the most productive and competitive. For this it becomes even more significant to make every effort to keep the employees contented and happy. This is mainly because an increasing number of organizations are facing the challenge of recruiting and retaining the talented and sincere employees. So, it is necessary to recognize and nourish the aspirations, desires, ideologies and other important aspects related to the employees, which drive them the most. Employee surveys are one of the most perfect ways to analyze, as well as understand, different aspects of the relations of employees with the organization. These surveys help to bring forth the opinions and ideas which, when properly fostered, will be extremely useful for the organization’s growth. These surveys not only help to improve performance, productivity and relations of the employees with the organization but also significantly help to improve the bottom line of the company. However in order to get the desired results from the employee surveys, it is essential that these must be carefully designed, must include all the important and relevant questions, and also brilliantly conceptualized. It is also important to keep the employee surveys confidential and anonymous so that the employees can give their feedback without any fear of backlash or pressure.