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Employee survey software- a helpful tool

clock August 31, 2010 07:37 by author Administrator
The main priority of any organization and the manager of the human resources are not to lose potential employees. Employee surveys are the best medium to solve the problems of the workforce and it also provides information that is reliable and measures that are useful and effective. It provides a clear view about the problems and the different needs of the employees. However, some of the employees are not always comfortable discussing all the matters related to work. Employee survey software is an effective tool to conduct surveys and help the management to understand the needs of its workforce. Employee survey software is a magnificent option helps to create a workplace that has satisfied employees who yield 100% results. This software acts as a voice that represents the employee’s queries. It acts as a confidential medium through which the employee can anonymously put forth his views about the different issues in the organization. This software is not only beneficial to the employees but also to the organization as it assists to plan and implement surveys. These surveys can also be re-designed to suit the need of different departments. It also acts as an effective tool of communication between the owner and the employees of the organization. The use of employee survey software reduces the level of employee turnover and also the related costs. The survey helps to find out the actual needs and provide effective solutions to meet the needs. With the needs met an organization has satisfied and loyal workforce. The best feature of the employee survey software is that it helps to conduct a survey online and also improves the overall performance of the employees. So, with the help of this software a human resource manager can collect ideas to improve the workforce of the organization. The optimum utilization of the human resource helps to increase the overall productivity of the organization.

What are human resources surveys?

clock August 27, 2010 01:19 by author Administrator
When an employee is appointed for work in an organization it is generally expected that the employee will put in best efforts to justify the job and for being in the organization. It is quite often that the organization has employees that cannot give their 100%. Plus, this is the primary factors that affect the overall productivity and profitability of the business. The organization can overcome this problem and make the best out of its workforce through implementing a strong HR department that can use many tolls like human resources surveys to combat this difficulty. The department of the human resources is engaged with a lot of issue that add up to the success of the business. A lot of human resources surveys are carried out by this department to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce. Such surveys are flawless and it generally studies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) of the employees in the organization. With the help of such detailed study the business is able to successfully handle its employees. The most naive and efficient ways to improve the output of workforce is through its HR department completely laying attention on its workforce. By conducting human resources surveys the human-resource department can find out the way how work is performed and the output is derived. These surveys help the department of the human resources to entrust the correct job to the employees according to their performance. The surveys not only help the organization in identifying its possessions but also help the workforce as it opens avenues towards promotions, higher pays and better standard of living. If the human resources survey is carried out in an effectual manner the business is sure to acquire the best out of its workforce. These surveys not only improve the performance of the employees but also tie the employees emotionally to the organization.

Why are employee surveys significant?

clock August 26, 2010 10:23 by author Administrator
The companies are trying as hard as possible to do best for employees. One of the many ways is by conducting employee surveys. These surveys play an important role in gathering data about different internal workings, staff needs and also play a vital role in determining the future of the company. These surveys, if conducted properly, can create a positive atmosphere in the organization. This is because the suggestions taken for the employees are actually used by the management to make plans and take decisions. The main objective of employee surveys is to gather significant data and opinions of the employees about the workings of the organizations. To conduct such surveys it is important to keep the information anonymous. This is important because the workforce would not be free and confident to share information about the inner workings of the organization. The survey is generally in the form of questionnaire and it should not be lengthy as it can become monotonous and the employees would leave the forms unfilled. The questions should be compact, short and clear to understand. If you are thinking to conduct the survey on several topics, it is recommend that one topic should be dealt at a time and sufficient time gap should be given. The questionnaire should not contain a long list of questions and these questions should be to the point and easy to understand. After the employee surveys are conducted it is necessary to evaluate them with the help of software which can convert the raw information and convert them into graphs or charts which are easy to understand. It is also necessary that the results of the survey have to be conveyed to the employees as the employees expect a feedback and more importantly this also boosts the morale on the employees as they find out that their opinion is also important for the organization.

Uses of the HR Surveys

clock August 20, 2010 20:34 by author Administrator
Are you looking to conduct HR surveys in your organization? Introducing a monthly, bi annual or even an annual HR survey will not just enhance the work setting, but will also improve the job-retention rates as well as productivity. There are so many ways available by which the employers can conduct HR surveys, such as annual reviews, overall company review, hiring process, 360 degree process, exit review and entrance interview. The beginners can refer to previously done surveys or choose to visit websites on the internet, which proffer readymade surveys made specifically with HR section in mind, involving exit interviews template and job application. HR surveys provide comprehensive details on benefits and salaries at firms. It also investigates at demographic of boards and staff. All figures are presented secretly to provide discretion, but firms are classified by the size of budget so that assessments can be made accurately to peers. These surveys can help you know about the contentment level of your workers. Sometimes the employees may feel they are not paid aptly or are underestimated, so it is a tremendous step to learn earlier what is going in their mind, even before they hand over their resignation. Not only salary concerned issues, you will also be able to receive valuable feedback on other problems which they are facing in the company. The rude behavior of seniors may sometimes be the major reason, so do not forget to ask them to speak about that particular aspect. A benefit of conducting HR surveys is that the workers will feel more valued and appreciated for their work, which will eventually inspire them to do their job even more competently and efficiently. So, if you have not yet introduced an HR survey in your company, just do it right now and improve the overall company’s productivity.

Advantages of Implementing Feedback software

clock August 18, 2010 08:22 by author Administrator
Before implementing any feedback software system, it is quite important to realize the benefits. The employees who get regular feedbacks regarding their performance perform better, build up better verdict and learn quicker than workers who do not. If implemented with training and care to enable individuals to serve customers in a better way, a feedback system is a bonus to performance management. In fact, the employees get a prospect to learn how their efficiency as a worker, staff member and coworker is perceived by others working in the same company. Most effective feedback software are based on attitude that other workers can view. The feedback produced provides helpful insights regarding the behavior patterns and skills required in a company to achieve the vision, goals and missions, and live up to values. Individuals who are elected as raters usually communicate with individual receiving feedback regularly. The key purpose of a feedback software program is to help every worker to know about his weak points as well as strengths, and to give insights into part of his job requiring professional development. This type of system also saves time of manager in that they now do not have to spend much time providing feedback because more individuals take part in process. The perception of coworkers is imperative and process aids employees learn how other workers take their work. Team development is another positive aspect of implementing feedback software. It makes members more responsible as they communicate the information that they will give inputs on every team member’s productivity. A thoughtful process can thus improve team development and communication. Also, when comments come from many persons in different jobs, discrimination on account of gender, age and race is reduced to a greater extent. The employers can get comprehensive details regarding training needs in company, and thus permit planning for cross training, cross functional responsibilities and classes.