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Process of measuring employee satisfaction

clock September 23, 2012 22:04 by author Administrator
Companies, in order to keep their employees happy and content, keep conducting surveys from time to time. These surveys prove highly useful in understanding the viewpoints and expectations of the employees. It also gives the company a chance to improve its work culture and offer better facilities to its employees and thus avoid the problem of employee turnover. There are many types of surveys which are conducted for measuring employee satisfaction and their work related performance. But one thing that remains constant in all the surveys is their procedure. Each survey or evaluation includes some basic steps which need to be followed for getting the desirable outcome. The very first step that needs to be taken for measuring employee satisfaction is to design a survey and it refers to the process of preparing a questionnaire or form. The next step is to choose a medium for the survey. It could either be printed or in the form of web pages. Once the medium has been selected, the survey is then distributed among the employees either manually or online. It needs to be ensured that the questionnaire is not very lengthy and the employees are able to complete it without disturbing their work routine. After all the employees have completed the questionnaire, the data is collected and recorded for evaluation and future use. One of the very important aspects of conducting these surveys is the evaluation of the collected information. Through this information a company can know a lot about the satisfaction level of the employees, along with its deficient areas. By improving the work conditions and by providing the required facilities, a company can certainly enhance the satisfaction level of its employees, which can further impact their performance in a very positive way. Thus along with measuring employee satisfaction these surveys can provide valuable information to the company to improve its productivity and achieve desirable goals.

Significance of employee satisfaction survey for retaining skilled employees

clock September 19, 2012 00:57 by author Administrator
The satisfaction of the employees is considered to be a key determinant as far as the productivity of a company is concerned. It is the employees who can make a company successful with their hard work and determination. However, there could be a lot of reasons which can lower the productivity of the employees and make them switch their jobs. Employee turnover is a huge issue, which is being faced by almost every company today. It has become difficult for the companies to retain their talented employees who might decide to switch their jobs, owing to a number of reasons. To solve this problem, it has become extremely important for the companies to understand the attitude and expectations of their employees and for that employee satisfaction survey can prove to be a very useful tool. Seeking better growth opportunities, not enough motivation or lack of organizational support, could be some of the reasons which can impact the mindset of the employees in a negative way. Thus to know the views and opinions of the employees about the company, work environment and policies, employee satisfaction survey are conducted by several companies. These types of survey help the company to understand that what the employees find good or bad about the company. Are they satisfied with the work culture and what are the areas, which they think, need improvement? For conducting these surveys, a questionnaire can be prepared which includes all the aspects related to the purpose of the survey. The employees can be then asked to fill the questionnaire manually. In some companies face to face interviews are also conducted by HR personals. All the information collected through the employee satisfaction survey can be further used to analyze the crucial aspect which might be affecting the performance of the employees. With the help of these surveys a company can considerably improve its employee’s productivity and work performance.

Enhance your business prospects with regular Employee surveys

clock September 14, 2012 07:36 by author Administrator
Employees are an asset of a company, which play a key role in making a business successful. The employees, who work at various levels in different departments, are involved in every business process. The success of an enterprise primarily depends on the performance of its employees. Thus in today’s extreme competition it is essential to keep your employees happy and contended, so that they can contribute in taking your business to desirable heights. And to achieve this employee surveys can prove extremely useful. Every company, no matter how big or small, makes every effort to give its employees a progressive and pleasing work environment. Still there could be many issues which can affect the performance or behavior of an employee in a negative way. There are many types of employee surveys which a company can utilize in order to know the views, satisfaction level and expectations of its employees. Generally these surveys are conducted by the HR department. A questionnaire is prepared, keeping in mind the objective or purpose of the survey and it includes questions which can help the company to achieve that specified objective. Then the questionnaire is distributed among the employees, manually or online. After the employees have completed the questionnaire, all the data and information is collected by the HR personals. The information that is collected through these employee surveys can prove highly helpful to analyze what the employees think about the company, its work environment and its policies. The purpose of conducting these surveys is however not limited to just collecting the information. It is very crucial to analyze the collected data and improve the shortcomings that the employees have highlighted in their responses, by providing them constructive feedback. By improving the weak areas, a company or enterprise can drastically improve the employee related problems like, low performance, uncooperative behavior, lack of team work etc. Conducting these surveys regularly can prove immensely useful in keeping your employees happy and also for improving your business prospects.

Conduct regular surveys with Employee survey software

clock September 11, 2012 07:45 by author Administrator
Employee surveys, due to their usefulness and effectiveness, have become an integral part of every business set up. Conducting these surveys regularly can prove rewarding for any company. These surveys not only help to improve the performance of the employees, but also ensure that they are happy and content with the company policies and work environment. Generally, the employee surveys are conducted manually and require a lot of time and efforts. It is the prime reason that most of the companies avoid conducting these surveys. However, with the advent of technology, it has become easier today to conduct the employee surveys in a fraction of time. A number of employee survey software is available in the market, which can make this task extremely easy and less time consuming. These software have inbuilt features and questionnaires. Companies can also edit and modify these questionnaires according to their specific needs. Thus it saves time that is usually required for formulating the questions. Distributing the questionnaires and collecting the information is another task which dreads many companies. With the help of employee survey software this process can also become easier. The questionnaires can be distributed online and the information can also be stored in the systems online. As all the information that is collected through the surveys is stored online, it becomes easier for the HR department to access this information anytime they need and from anywhere. Apart from being less time consuming, the employee survey software is highly cost effective as well. You can save yourself from the expenses of printing the questionnaires and then recording the information manually. The data can be further used by the HR department to segregate the employees according to their performance. It can become easier to find the employees which are delivering desired work performance and the ones which need more training and guidance to improve their performance.

Human resource surveys – tool to achieve organizational goals

clock September 6, 2012 02:51 by author Administrator
Surveys have become an integral part of the organizational structure today. Human resource surveys prove immensely beneficial in the overall development of a company as it lets the owners know about the mindset, attitude and the expectations of the employees. By analyzing these crucial factors in advance and by improving the work culture, a company can reduce the problem of employee turnover immensely. Although these surveys offer such amazing benefits, still many companies look for ways to avoid conducting these surveys. The prime reason is that these surveys are considered to be very time consuming. Apart from that formulating a questionnaire, distributing it and then collecting and recording the information is sighted as an extremely tedious task. However, ignoring these surveys can have huge adverse effect on the growth of the company. That is why it is extremely important to conduct these survey Human resource surveys so that you can be aware of the needs and performance level of your employees from time to time. Earlier these surveys were carried out manually and were really time consuming. Today, with the advent of technology, it has become extremely easy for organizations to conduct such surveys in a fraction of time. There are many online tools and even software which have been specifically designed to make this process easier. With the help of such software a company can easily prepare a well researched questionnaire and can distribute it online to the entire workforce. Collecting and then recording the information becomes easier, as everything is recorded online. Whenever the HR department needs to acquire data about any particular employee, it can easily be done by signing in online. As all the information is present online, it is possible to access it anytime and from anywhere. Owing to such countless benefits, it is extremely important to conduct Human resource surveys regularly for organizations that wish to achieve unlimited success.