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What is the significance of exit interviews?

clock April 7, 2011 05:46 by author Administrator
As everyone is aware about the interviews, these are just to evaluate whether you are suitable for that particular job or not. Do you ever think about exit interviews? Yes, this new trend of interviews is the most important part of organization and several companies are using this strategy in order to retain their employees. This kind of interview is scheduled mainly for the employee who is leaving the company. This kind of interview is actually conducted by a manager or anybody from HR department. The exit interview must be conducted on the choice of an employee and a company has no right to conduct this kind of interview forcibly. As a manager or an employee of HR department, it is your responsibility why an employee wants to leave the company. What is the reason behind leaving the company? It is very essential to know the answer to this question as in this way you can understand the weak and strong points in the work environment. Exit interviews are considered to be the perfect way to know the flaws of organization and thus in this way it becomes easy to keep a close eye on the improvements issues. It helps in understanding the weak and strong points in the company. It is true that some employees are more open to provide valuable information to the HR department. This information can further be used for improving different kinds of issues in the company. There are different kinds of questions which can be asked at the time of exit interview. In fact, there are some companies available which conduct exit interviews for the employees who are leaving the company. Make sure that exit interview is beneficial in acquiring some valuable information from the employees. In this way, by knowing some key points about the organization it becomes very easy for employers to retain potential employees.

What is the need of using exit interview survey software for employees?

clock April 5, 2011 07:25 by author Administrator
Companies today are highly concerned about the employee’s satisfaction. It is because it decides much about the customer’s satisfaction as well. For this reason they conduct exit interviews that are taken from the employees who are going to leave the organization. Employees are asked about their complaints with the company, flaws in the rules of organization and improvements they would like to have. At this time, workers feel open and free to give honest answers. Companies these days make use of the exit interview survey software. The software has been viewed to enhance the productivity in the companies by retaining large segment of employees. Mostly staff people do not find it comfortable to reveal the exact cause of leaving the organization. This way one somehow does not provide the true feedback. Thus exit interview survey software solves the problem to large extent. The very first advantage of using this software is its usage. It is easy to use and also provides the feature of customization. It customizes the reports and questions on each page. It does the survey analysis by use of analytical tools and graphical reports. It is free to work under all conditions. It is very easy to create a survey with the help of exit interview survey software by first asking for sample survey by the company. The tool provides most reliable and accurate results and that is why it is gaining popularity among the organizations. You can even buy this software through the internet. However, make sure to buy it only through a reputed company. Do research before landing upon other sites.  The use of this tool has also exposed some particular management issues that are not revealed during recruitment. It fulfills the need of training and development that staff people feel in most of the cases. This way it offers great competitive advantage to the company. So, achieve high growth by the best utilization of this software.

Measuring employee satisfaction – Sense of belonging

clock April 1, 2011 08:17 by author Administrator
How will you measure employee satisfaction? This is one of the vital questions and every employer must know about it. Obviously, every employer wants employee satisfaction so that all the employees can work effectively and efficiently as well. For that, it is important for measuring employee satisfaction and thus you need to find out a possible reason why your employees are not happy. These days most companies conduct employee satisfaction surveys to rate things which are the priority of most employers. Nowadays, there are different kinds of employee surveys available by using which you can easily measure the improvement of employees. It is one of the effective ways to do so. Such surveys are mainly to engage employees into different kinds of activities. The process of measuring employee satisfaction can give clear insight about the work environment of the company. It simply means that you can better understand what your employees think and what they want. It not only makes the work environment better but it also increases the productivity. It gives a clear insight to employers that an employee can achieve result or not. With the help of these surveys, all the obstacles in the path which are just like constraints for employees can be achieved and that too by only measuring the satisfaction level. It is true that employees always want to get recognition in the company or industry. By giving them compensation and rewards, you can boost the morale of employees which simply means your employees have done a great job. Measuring employee satisfaction also helps in providing business knowledge and thus increases the client relations. In short, it can be said that employee satisfaction is the only key to achieve success in the business and you should have a close eye on the progress of employees so that they can work better in future. You should boost their confidence as well because it is the only way to bring perfect work environment in the industry.