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Exit surveys- An essential tool to reduce employee turnover

clock July 31, 2012 07:01 by author Administrator
In this competitive era, when there is a need for the businesses to become highly productive and streamlined, a business organization at times, find itself having a workforce which is working under a lot of pressure. This results in high employee turnover, low productivity and decreased morale of the employees. Increased employee attrition is usually due to dissatisfaction with different aspects of the working of your business organization. This can include ineffective leaders and managers, insufficient training, career and development opportunities uncompetitive benefits and compensation, and various other factors. Surveys for employee retention, staff turnover surveys or exit surveys help to gather valuable information from the current and former employees about their experience of working with your organization. The objective of conducting these surveys is to comprehend individual’s experiences and perceptions and get valuable feedback about the company, and work environment. Well designed and brilliantly conducted surveys help to reduce employee turnover and also enhance employee commitment and satisfaction. These surveys help to identify why the employees are leaving your organization, what was supposed to be done so that their work experience with your organization could have been improved, and other related information. Thus the exit surveys give a wealth of insight and information about why employees are thinking to leave or are actually going to leave your organization. By efficiently acting on the valuable information, your business organization can successfully reduce the unwanted employee turnover and thus improving the bottom line of the company. With efficiently using the exit surveys, the business organizations can work on employee satisfaction and retention. These are an important tool for gathering opinions and impressions. The exit interviews or surveys should be conducted by the HR representative. The idea behind conducting such surveys is to use the information in order to retain the present employees and also for the future recruitment. These surveys can also be conducted online so that the employee can feel more relaxed while answering the questionnaire.

Exit interviews- An essential tool to reduce turnover

clock July 26, 2012 07:48 by author Administrator
Exit interviews are extremely important for any organization as these provide a great opportunity to the employees that they can discuss the reason behind leaving the job. This allows the business organization to analyze and significantly improve the staff retention strategies and policies. Thus, the exit interviews are an important organizational effectiveness and employee retention tool. The idea behind conducting exit interviews is to understand the experiences and perceptions of an employee and to get valuable feedback with respect to work environment and organization. A well designed exit interview can significantly help to reduce employee turnover and also enhance employee commitment and satisfaction. The exit interviews must be relaxed, positive and make certain that the employee leaves the job on a positive note. In few cases, the employee might also decide to come back to your organization at some point of time in their professional career. There are different ways in which an exit interview can be conducted successfully. This can be conducted through a questionnaire, by telephone or through a formal meeting. However, it is quite important to keep the interviews anonymous so that they can fetch you measurable and accurate responses. The exit interviews provide a great opportunity to get feedback about any flaws in your organization while concentrating on enhancing the ability of the organization to retain efficient and sincere employees. The exit interviews must be conducted for each exiting employee, irrespective of his potion in the business organization. Exit interviews are the key to improvement, as hardly ever, you will get such frank and honest feedback from the employees. These exit interviews show that you are actually willing to work on the suggestion of the employees. Thus, exit interviews are quite a great source of valuable information for development of the organization. With the information received, you can boost morale of the employees, enhance operational efficiency, and eventually create a very profitable organization.

Exit interview survey software – Indispensable for growth of company

clock July 24, 2012 07:41 by author Administrator
Exit interviews are crucial to every organization. Large companies have various reasons for conducting exit interviews. Employee satisfaction survey, team meetings and informal conversations are a big concern in majority of companies. Effective communication with employees is important and managers should interact with employees regularly. Employee surveys are the best way to feel the pulse of employees. To understand the exact needs of employees is a big task. Each and every company conducts different kinds of surveys such as retention survey, work environment survey, attitude survey, employee satisfaction survey, communications survey, loyalty survey and benefits survey. HR departments conduct exit interviews to gather information from departing employees to identify problem areas and to retain existing employees. Nowadays, more and more companies are using exit interview survey software as it gives optimum and instant results. Use of exit interview surveys help companies to work on retention and overall satisfaction of employees. A particular company can definitely grow with the constructive feedbacks of former employees. Companies conduct exit interviews to know lots of things. Exit interview contains some questions about employee’s experience while working with the company. Main focus of survey questionnaire is to determine the cause for separation. Exit interview survey software is an ideal way to understand the reasons behind departure of an employee. Exit interviews should be conducted for every exiting employee regardless of his position in an organization. These interviews are utilized by HR to get information about improvements of working conditions in the company. Getting employee feedback through focus group, interview, email, survey or other means of communications is very important and no company should neglect it. For many companies, conducting formal exit interviews is a labor intensive and time-consuming process. Therefore, exit interview survey software has been frequently used in order to save time.

Measuring employee satisfaction- An efficient tool for your business success

clock July 19, 2012 02:19 by author Administrator
In today’s competitive business world, measuring employee satisfaction is quite an evolutionary way in order to know if the employees are happy and contented with their present job and working atmosphere. Boosting up the morale of the workers and employees always proves to be beneficial for an organization as contented employees stay loyal, give their best and also perform with complete dedication. As an employer, you need to implement this smart and wise way to keep your employees satisfied. An organization needs to efficiently implement various methods to measure employee’s satisfaction such as personal interviews or different kinds of surveys in order to collect the correct information. This can prove extremely beneficial if handled properly and in a right way. However the survey needs to be anonymous which means that the employees can answer it in an honest way with full freedom without any pressure or fear. Also, personal interviews can be one very good way of measuring employee satisfaction. At times, these can be confining however it will make the employees feel that their ideas and concerns are being heard by the management or higher authority. Thus, interviews and surveys prove to be very useful in order to collect the required information with respect to employee satisfaction. Besides, this also gives an opportunity to the employer to comprehend the problem areas which lower the morale and productivity of the employees. Also, a very good way to keep the employees happy and satisfied is to build and nurture team spirit which will motivate the employees to work sincerely and efficiently. Besides, planning trips, outings, company events or parties is quite useful to build strong bonds between the colleagues and co- workers. Many companies efficiently participate in different events and even organize paintball games, camps to improve employee’s relations in a stress free environment. This method is quite useful in terms of team building and many entrepreneurs have find it to be an efficient and successful way for getting the employee satisfaction with this method. Thus, measuring employee satisfaction can be used as an efficient strategy to keep your employees happy and satisfied and eventually enhance productivity.

Importance of employee satisfaction survey

clock July 17, 2012 04:30 by author Administrator
In this competitive era, it is extremely essential for the business organizations to make every effort in order to keep their employees motivated, happy and contented. These days majority of the companies make the perfect use of employee satisfaction survey as an effort to find out valuable information about the staff’s morale and productivity, make internal policies and also plan the organization’s future. If conducted successfully, surveys help to efficiently convey company’s message to the employees that their concerns and inputs are highly valued and are efficiently considered during the decision making process of the organization. This message helps in creating a greater sense of loyalty and morale among the employees and also presents a clear picture regarding the company’s future to the employers. Today, every business organization is facing the challenge of comprehending that what drives their employees the most. This is mainly because satisfied and happy employees not only remain loyal to the organization but are productive as well. They even help the company to entice talented and credible employees for recruitment in the future. Also, loyal and sincere employees are likely to efficiently recommend their organization’s services and products wherever and whenever possible. These days, majority of the business organizations conduct employee satisfaction survey at regular intervals of time in order to have detailed information about the employees. However the most important aspect in these surveys is the questionnaire which needs to be carefully designed in order to have the required information in an efficient way. The various questions which can be included are- employee’s confidence in company’s leadership, understanding of the employees about the company’s strategy and mission, employee’s comprehension about his role in the organization, trust of the employees in the organization’s culture and also the employee’s opinion about the communication system within the organization. Besides, open ended questions should also be included which are extremely beneficial in comprehending the actual cause of dissatisfaction or satisfaction. Thus, employee satisfaction survey if conducted in an efficient manner can provide valuable information about the employees and this information when successfully worked upon will help to enhance productivity and eventually increase the business prospects.