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Exit interview survey software for easy managerial activity

clock February 26, 2012 20:52 by author Administrator
Exit interview survey software is an excellent tool to create a more effectual interviewing as well as selection procedure. You can save your time and managerial work also by using this software. The feedback results through exit interviews can let you keep hold of people whom you need and want. They are a grand means to perk up employee relations by relating results to your development, training and career development instigates. You can utilize exit interview survey software in two ways at least. Firstly, you can include a live individual contact the ex-employee for getting responses to your survey questions. You may incorporate both qualitative and quantitative questions.  The live individual enters the replies into the software while he listens to an ex-employee; off course live. Quantitative questions are very easy to be recorded with this set-up. You can also form a rating level from two to six response points, for instance, an interviewer can just click on the rating scale point specified by the ex-employee. Questions that are qualitative need more typing of the replies, based on how expressive an ex-employee is, however, still can be directly entered into the exit interview survey software. An alternative way is to send an e-mail message to ex-employees inviting them to perform your exit interview but preferably within a set time frame. An Administrative or clerical person may send these mails to multiple employees all at once or to one employee at a time. With this option, an ex-employee logs into the survey and complete his reply. A live individual is not required, so you do away with the need of a trained interviewer. With such options, ex-employees can opt as to when they complete your survey and not undergo any pressure by the interviewer. This software reports all the results in instantaneously. There is no need to manually compile any data and based on the format of your reports, it doesn’t even need any extra interpretation also.

Significance of exit interviews

clock February 24, 2012 06:55 by author Administrator
Every person knows well as to what interviews are. They appraise whether a specific individual is apt for a job post and is a vital part of appointing. Have you heard anything on the subject of exit interviews? It’s a budding latest trend that is fast becoming an essential part of several organizations. So what exactly it is? It’s an interview that’s conducted with employees who are leaving the organization. Most likely their manager or someone from the human resource department conducts this interview. Generally, participating in such type of interview is voluntary and organizations must for force employees to appear for it as a subject of policy. At times, the concerned people would like that their details stay anonymous. Some people may prefer a questionnaire instead of a live interview. It’s important that an exit interview is conducted fairly without favoritism. It is because the organization is not aiming to take revenge or annoy because the employee is leaving the company. As a manager/HR, you are looking to find out the reason in general that has made the employee leave your company. Exit interviews are an ideal way to draw out responses considering the organization’s flaws and focus on perking up its ability to keep hold of quality employees. It’s explicable that a present employ won’t be approaching organization’s faults, processes and policies as it may pose a risk to his job.  Although, if he is exiting the job he is more probable to be eloquent and open about organization’s short comings and those areas of that need improvement. Most employees take in a good deal of understanding during their time with their company. As a consequence of their leaving, helpful knowledge is irreversibly lost. So, ascertain that people replacing them take part in the exit interviews. In this way, an information transfer is influenced paving the way to improve and sustain the organization.

Aspects of Employee satisfaction survey

clock February 17, 2012 00:12 by author Administrator
Employee satisfaction is turning out to be a vital basis of a business's productivity. Workers are claiming additional benefits from their company in return of their services. Staff turnover is extremely high in majority of the industries, and holding good talented workers has turned out to be a difficult job for the companies all over the world these days. Every organization is experiencing the challenge of comprehending what drives workers most. Content workers not only continue with the organization but are extra productive also. They are faithful and are in all probability going to suggest their company's goods or services anywhere possible. They also aid their company in attracting the finest skill for future employment. Almost every organization carries out employee satisfaction survey from time to time to sense the pulsation of the workers. The most pertinent and significant features that have to be taken in employee satisfaction survey feedback form are: The worker's comprehension of the organization’s mission and lasting strategy The employee's assurance in the corporation's leadership The worker's comprehension of his position in the corporation The significance the worker provides to authority, accountability in his work and the degree to which such needs are contented The worker's faith in the organization’s culture The worker's thought concerning the method of communication in the company The confidence, team strength and professionalism in company The worker's associations with the management The level to which an organization satisfies the worker's open and hidden needs such as compensation, training, vacation, personal accomplishments, appreciation, job security and encouragement etc. Questions like “what you like the most about working in this company” and “what you loathe most about this company?” are extremely helpful in comprehending the exact reason of contentment or discontentment. Usually employee satisfaction survey are carried out by HR department, however nowadays, organizations are contracting out them to other survey agencies to get unbiased results.

Measuring employee satisfaction helps business succeed

clock February 16, 2012 03:25 by author Administrator
Employee satisfaction allows an organization to make out whether their employees are contented with their present work and the office environment. To boost up the spirits of the worker is always valuable for any business, as content workers make more effort, remain faithful for their corporation and also perform tasks with devotion. An astute and smart company should employ a variety of techniques to make his employee happy. Techniques of Measuring Employee Satisfaction A corporation needs to employ diverse techniques to determine the contentment of their workers for instance diverse kinds of surveys and private interviews with their worker to gather the correct information. This can be extremely useful if done vigilantly. These surveys must always be nameless, so that a worker gets complete freedom and responds it sincerely without any fright of repercussion or stress. Conducting personal interviews are another technique for measuring employee satisfaction, these can at times be confining however it certainly makes the worker think that his worries are being heard and dealt with by the senior authority. Surveys as well as interviews are quite fruitful in gathering all the necessary data concerning worker contentment and a company also comprehends the trouble area that lessens the spirits of the employees. After measuring employee satisfaction, companies can take required action to satisfy their employees. Among the finest means to keep a worker contented is to grow team spirit, by making him believe that he is part of team and this stimulates him to do his job competently. Going for trips and organizing parties or business events is useful in up surging strong bonds amid the co-employees. Many businesses take part in events and organize camping, paintball games to toughen the worker relations. This tactic is helpful in group building and several employers have thrived in getting worker satisfaction by this. Appraisals and additional benefits are other techniques to please workers. By employing these methods, employees try to boost their performance and help their company grow.

Utilize employee survey software to conduct successful surveys

clock February 13, 2012 01:12 by author Administrator
Conducting online employee surveys is a useful way to gather information about employee satisfaction. So as to recognize the difficulties that employees might be facing and getting the facts you require, it is significant to develop a well-planned survey. An accurate survey can aid you in determining what your employees want, improve their job satisfaction which in turn will help you to progress your business. Employee survey software presents a handy, competent way to carry out employee surveys. Software programs make it simple to test queries on a sample set. This will allow you to modify your queries and decide how to examine the information you gather. Employee survey software also makes it simple to generate charts and tables to elucidate your finding. Below are some steps to conduct successful online survey. Steps: 1. Determine the idea of survey: you must discover what precise information you desire to collect and what you need to determine; and the outcomes will be utilized. It's also significant to engage all employees in this procedure to get everyone’s viewpoint. 2. Form your survey with title:  inform your employees the objective of the survey. Give clear instructions ahead of every section. Make it small and simple to comprehend. In the conclusion you should have questions that refer to respondent’s demographics. 3. Ensure you sample all employees: If you don’t sample enough employees then the conclusions attained might not be precise. You must also choose your sample randomly to make certain it represents the entire staff. 4. Implement the survey: Send individual invitations to employees through e-mail and ask them to complete the survey. It's extremely significant to remind them regularly about filling up their sample by sending follow-up mails. 5. Test the survey: ahead of going online with your questionnaire, test it by your associates to ensure the queries are simple to comprehend. If you want more efficient surveys then you should try employee survey software programs.