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Best approach to analyze your Employees -Human resource surveys

clock May 31, 2012 05:56 by author Administrator
The excellent management tool for the companies and industries to measure the attitude of an employee is Human resource surveys. These surveys are also called as morale surveys or employee opinion surveys. The surveys are conducted in the form of questionnaires that are designed by the management to know about the feelings and opinions of the employees about the organization. It provides better management communication between the employer and employees. Human resource manager can find the useful information about the employees by conducting Human resource surveys. The information thus, collected can help in deciding what an organization should do to amend the conditions, improve employee’s morale and correct errors in impressions of employees that may cause legitimate discontents. The Human resource director should conduct these surveys separately amongst the hourly employees, non exempt and exempt salaried employees. The survey consists of 40 to 50 questions and the questions should be different for every group as the conditions and work requirement of each employee are also different. While conducting the Human resource surveys, the company sponsors must tell the employees that they should give accurate opinions and ideas about the matters that affect them. After all the employees are the pillars of an organization and without their cooperation it could never grow. The company must take an immediate action once you measured what’s on the mind of an employee, level of employee’s morale and the effectiveness of the personnel programs. An organization must establish good climate to conduct these surveys and to do this the executive must converse to the employees in advance about the potential value and purpose of HR surveys. The surveys must be conducted anonymously with the cooperation and honest answers of the employees. These surveys will help all the employees to participate and boost up their morale.

Exit interviews- useful tips while facing such interviews

clock May 24, 2012 22:24 by author Administrator
Exit interviews are often carried out at times when employees are leaving their jobs. Nevertheless, they are essential for successful companies that want to look surreptitious for grounds of their employee’s exit. There are some conflicting viewpoints about such interviews as to the requirement them in the initial situate. Here comes the question whether an employee should participate in it or not. If yes, how will it benefit them? Secondly, exiting employees would barely afford to deny the fact that their declarations would result in a backlash, especially when they are making the revelations in writing. To take part in such exit interviews is your choice. When you are faced in such interview, you must think cautiously about what you are going to reveal as it can jeopardize any chance of your reappointment if there is any. If you are sure that your remarks will cause no harm, both for you and the company, you need to be diplomatic. There are essential tips to help you confidently participate in such interviews. On the surface, these personal interviews help organization to take precautionary measures by gathering information such as possible bigotry, favoritism and lack of opportunities. Thus, when you are aware of the purpose behind the exit interview, you will know how to approach one. On your part, participating in such interview is not a compulsion. Even if you are not going to lose or gain anything from it, you still need to make sure that it is not used against you. It is imperative to maintain your calm. The questions asked may seem to be trifling. Take this as your chance to make the interviewer feel that you have no rivalry against them. There will be probably more than a few formalities that needs to done, such as acceptance of your resignation and receipt of the final payment. However, if you are asked to sign anything suspicious, take time to review them again, and comprehend the contents. Bear in mind that exit interviews is possibly not compulsory.  If you have any doubts or feel uncomfortable to participate in such interviews, just gather the strength and politely refuse to attend the interview.

Exit interview survey software- is a key tool to ensure employees depart on good note

clock May 22, 2012 10:14 by author Administrator
Employee retention is perhaps the most challenging task for most organisations. The valuable resources spent on training and recruiting employees can be intimidating and when those employees depart, those investments would also walk out with them. Regardless of this, many organizations fail to deal with their workforce’s retention tactically.  While some conduct exit interviews, they might not try to learn how they can pull and retain best talents for the future. Exit interview survey software is an essential tool to secure any chances of future retention. They give you an opportunity to collect honest, practical and significant feedback from departing workforce. Usually exit interviews are conducted at the time, an employee is departing. A representative from HR department is most likely to conduct such interviews. Departing employees are requested to take part in the interview. The HR representative would take note of the employee’s feedback. Although it is HR managers or supervisors who are actually responsible for storing employee details, it is crucial that the interview is conducted by a neutral party to get unbiased data. Exit interview survey software can offer valuable insight of the operations of your business. Take this scope to ascertain from an employee about their reason for leaving. Try to know how to improve on certain areas that can be valuable for your company. You might also want to include an area where the departing employees can leave their comments, which might not have been covered during the exit survey. When you opt for online survey, there are several benefits. As departing employees would not have to directly face questions, they would feel comfortable to give honest feedback. It can be quite easy for them to give their feedback on computer, rather than having to comment something negative in front another person. The use of exit interview survey software can help organisations to work on employee retention and overall workforce satisfaction.  Most employees would be willing to take part in such types of interviews if they are given the opportunity. Moreover, you can get some valuable suggestions from a departing employee that you can use for the betterment of your company.

Employee satisfaction survey – the best tool for employee retention

clock May 16, 2012 21:46 by author Administrator
An employee satisfaction survey offers businesses with valuable tool for ensuring employees’ job satisfaction; improving staff retention rates, and enhancing overall productivity and profitability of the workplace. According to studies it has showed that in businesses with low turnover, about half of the staff cited job satisfaction and healthy interpersonal relationships among the management team and peers as two major causes for continuing with their present job. Studies have also showed that reduction in employee turnover lowers operational costs and improves productivity by significant levels. To conduct an employee satisfaction survey is really one of the most crucial steps for companies to ensure employee retention and boost workplace productivity, and overall profitability. Such surveys help businesses to effectively evaluate whether or not their staff is happy and feel motivated, and discover the problematic areas that might have negative impacts on their bottom-line, resulting from reduction in employee turnover and workplace productivity. To achieve good results and success from conducting such surveys, there are certain tips and guidelines. The first step is to include in the survey those significant underlying issues such as workers satisfaction levels regarding their salary and compensation packages, workplace morale support, relationships with co workers and team leaders, employer’s policies, career development programs, and quality  of communication between employer and employees. Next important thing is to make participation in the survey as simple as possible to ensure good response rates from the workers. An effective way to conduct such surveys is to create a simple online survey enabling easy access for employees and viewing the results. Positive survey results will boost employee morale and motivation, knowing that the employer cares about the well being of the staff and committed towards improving workers satisfaction. Employee satisfaction survey is a great tool to gauge workplace morale and workers’ satisfaction. Such surveys would help to know if the employees are pleased with their working environment, and whether they are contented with their career paths.

Measuring employee satisfaction- a necessity for ensuring successful business

clock May 15, 2012 07:36 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction is an incredible step to verify whether workers are pleased with their current jobs and working environment. Improving the moral of workforce is always advantageous for any company, as happy employees would put in more effort, work with dedication and stay honest towards their organization. Smart and wise employers would implement various ideas and techniques to keep their employees content. A business needs to employ various methods of measuring employee satisfaction, which can be through personal interviews and different types of surveys with their employees to collect accurate information. This can be very useful if managed carefully. While conducting such surveys, you should ensure complete secrecy, so that employees get full freedom to answer honestly and without any fear of pressure or backlash. Another way of evaluating employee satisfaction is personal interviews. It will really help to make the workforce feel that their problems has been heard and addressed by the management. Whether it is personal interview, or surveys, both can prove to be fruitful in gathering all the valuable information related to employee contentment. Such employee appraisals would also help employers to know about the problematic areas that can lessen the moral of the employees. One of the best ways to keep the workers happy is to build up team spirit.  Make the employees feel as if they are part of the company and this will motivate them to work more efficiently, as they get the feeling of being appreciated. Arranging outgoings, tours, parties and social gathering would help to build good bonding between co-workers. Many organizations arrange camps and sports events to fortify the employees’ relationships in a stress-free environment. Such techniques are helpful in building team spirits and many employers have been successful to ensure employee satisfaction through such techniques. Bonuses, increments, and appraisals are some other techniques to satisfy workers, though they are not the overall solution. Employees would be pleased with their increments and incentives, but if they are working under constant pressure and stress, they might soon get frustrated due to the stress they have to face at their workplace. Thus, overall satisfying working environment is significant factor while measuring employee satisfaction.