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Hiring An Employee In Canada, The Right Way

clock February 21, 2014 22:11 by author Administrator

Creating a small business strategy for hiring employees in Canada is a good idea. It’s more important then ever, in the wake of recent changes to the hiring process guidelines from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

In general, the first step in the hiring process begins with a proper employment listing. A typical job description includes specific employee duties, hours, salary and benefits.

CRA officials also say that a good job description should include information about any "probationary period." CRA tracks both required business numbers and payroll deduction accounts throughout the country. That’s why it’s important to meet their various employment standards for your specific province.

Any business needs to create a proper job description.  This requirement helps avoid any current or future misunderstandings. It’s a good idea to have astandard process to advertise job openings and conduct interviews with job candidates.

Hiring in Canada is User-Friendly

The hiring process throughout Canada is both user-friendly and transparent. This is why CRA wants you to document the terms of any employees work in writing.

Their advice is based on years of studying how to hire an employee in Canada the right way.

The right way includes:

1. An employer having a valid business number, and a payroll deductions account. Business owners with questions can call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-5525. Business owners can also register for a business number online.

2. A business owner has to check a prospective employee's Social Insurance Number (SIN) within three days of the first workday. The employer must record the number exactly as it is written on the SIN card.

The CRA has issued an advisory for employers to ensure that any new person they hire does not have a SIN that begins with the number 9. They claim that a SIN that starts with the number 9 "is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident." Thus, this type of employee is only allowed to work for select employers in Canada. If a prospective employee is eligible to work in the country but does not have a SIN, they should be sent to apply for a SIN at a local Service Canada Office.

3. All employers must instruct a new employee to complete a Form TD1, Personal Tax Credits Return. This form states how much tax will be deducted from an employee's paycheck. Also, all new workers must complete the federal and provincial TD1 "if they want more than basic personal amount" to be claimed. Employees who work in Quebec must use both the federal TD1 and provincial Form TP 105.3-V, Source Deductions Return.

This is some of the required paperwork that both the employer and prospective new worker must complete before they can legally be hired and be employed in Canada. 

Workplace Safety

The Canadian government is bullish on workplace safety. That's why it's vital to brief new employees about safety, dress code and job expectations.

An orientation session for all new employees helps fill in any gaps about required duties, safety issues and other company requirements.

Overall, it's not difficult to hire an employee the right way in Canada. But it is important that you follow all of the CRA's guidelines. This ensures you don't run into problems down the line.

Conduct HR surveys for more effective work force

clock May 7, 2013 07:32 by author Administrator
Employees are the back bone of a company. They play a crucial role in the effective running of any organization. Today, every company wants their workforce to be more effectual and hardworking and that is why they look for measures that can help them in knowing concerns of the employees. One of the most effective measures to tap the insight and perspective of employees is HR Surveys. These surveys are designed to improve the working environment and increasing the retention and productivity rates on employment. There are many companies that conduct these surveys, as they know that employees are the most important asset of an organization and if they are happy then they will work more effectively and prove beneficial for the business. HR Surveys are a key factor that helps employers to understand the mindset of the employees. The survey is carried out by the HR department of the company and the main motive is to understand employee’s point of view about the organization and the working environment. These surveys are one of the most cost effective ways and an essential tool carried out by many organizations. Apart from being profitable, these surveys gather information or feedback from the employees and analyze their concerns and other issues regarding their job or other related matters. After getting appropriate feedback from the employees, the HR department discusses the matter with the employers and comes to precise conclusion. This will help them to understand the concerns of the employees and they can resolve the matter accordingly. With the rising trend of HR Surveys, many companies are conducting it to ensure that the employees are satisfied and contented with their job. The key of success of every organization are happy and gratified employees. If the employees are happy, then they will work harder and this will lead a company towards success.

Hr surveys to boost your company’s efficiency

clock April 2, 2013 07:18 by author Administrator
When the economic times are good and when they are highly challenging, organizations need to aggressively compete and thrive. Let us admit that at times business leaders rely a lot on their perceptions and knowledge and make decisions based on that only. However, it is equally important that they get the valuable input from each and every employee of the organization. The company’s managers and employees know the kind of barriers that hamper their own performances. They understand the actions that will make the company all the more competitive and money-spinning. One of the most effective and fastest ways to hit the insight and knowledge of your employees can be through conducting hr surveys. Through hr surveys, your employees would be asked the right questions and in the right manner. These are designed in a way so as to optimize the participation of each and every employee in it. Useful reports can be quickly generated through these surveys and all the findings are analyzed objectively, whilst providing suggestions to obtain significant results. Some of the topics that are included in hr surveys are communications, work environment, quality, procedures, training, senior management effectiveness, change and innovation, teamwork, compensation and benefits, senior management effectiveness etc. After analyzing the findings, actions can be taken depending on the findings, along with the track progress to achieve business performance, increase in employee’s work efficiency and competitiveness. By conducting this assessment on an annual basis, you will be able to determine that how well the amendments are being executed and managed. You can identify the problems that have occurring in the past and avoid them from emerging in future. It is a less cost way of gathering a comprehensive response from your staff on a large level about a number of issues, consequently generating increase in profit, performance and progress of the company.

Areas Covered By HR Surveys

clock March 5, 2013 07:55 by author Administrator
There are many aspects on which the HR Surveys concentrate. The first and the foremost is the employee satisfaction, in order to make the workforce more productive. Conducting HR Surveys helps in identifying the weaker employees, stressed employees, etc. Based on the result from these surveys, companies can introduce policies or bring about the desired changes in the working environment to keep their employees motivated. Exit interview is another form of surveys and these are conducted when the employee is leaving his current organization. Exit interviews can help the current employer determine the feedback of his employee, the reason why he is leaving the company and many other things. Surveys can also help in cross checking and ensuring that their managerial level personnel and supervisors are up to the expectations described in the direct reports. The employees working under them are happy with their leadership and the goals set by the manager for his or her team are being met or not. HR Surveys can also be used for self assessment of employees. This involves asking them, where they stand according to themselves. They are asked about the goals that were defined for them at the beginning of the quarter and whether they have achieved them or not. These surveys can help you structure the training curriculum and methodologies of your organization. For instance, you can ask employees about the current technologies they are working on and then see to it whether or not they need any special attention with them. If you have introduced a new standard or technology, then you must as an employer arrange for their induction about the same. Employee Meeting surveys is an interesting kind of survey involving feedback about the weekly meetings or the ones that are held during the quarter ends or at beginning of a new quarter. Employees can share their views, which can be used for improving the work culture of the company.

Enhance your business prospects with hr surveys

clock February 5, 2013 05:33 by author Administrator
When it comes to running a business, knowledge and right information is extremely important. As an entrepreneur, you need to know about the customers and clients, competitors, products or services offered and a lot more. Most of the business owners successfully meet all these requirements but still there is an area which is usually ignored or neglected. As a business head, you need to know about your employees, how they feel working with your organization. It is quite easy to neglect your employees and take them for granted but making an effort to know them really well can have a significant impact on the company’s success. The best way to do is with the help of hr surveys. These surveys help to gather useful information about the employees which can drive business success. People are likely to perform better in a positive working environment. Thus, keeping the employees happy and satisfied can have an instant positive impact on your business. The human resource surveys also help to reduce employee turnover which is a major issue in most of the organizations today. Every time the employees leave the organization, you have to spend a great deal of money and time for recruitment, as well as training, of the employees. The hr surveys will provide you valuable information about the major cause of dissatisfaction among the employees and with the help of this information you can address the problems and concerns in a better way. Also, you are able to use the skills of existing employees in a better way. Unless, you do not know about your employees you cannot use their skills to the utmost level. The hr surveys will help to reveal the skills and proficiency of the employees which you were not aware of and thus offer great opportunities to use this talent to enhance the efficacy and performance of your business while increasing job satisfaction as well as engagement in the employees.