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Retain your potential employees with exit surveys

clock October 28, 2010 22:41 by author Administrator
It is true that these days most organizations want employeeS with multiple skills. It is very important to understand the needs and requirements of an employee in order to retain them for longer time. It is a quite challenging task to retain key employees as they take all their skills and expertise with them. The exit surveys are one stop solution to retain potential employee within an organization. Such kind of surveys actually help in determining several aspects of an employee. The ideologies of employees can be used for hiring and retaining new employees. It is an amazing concept through which an organization can easily attract better talent for the company. Therefore, it can be said that it is very essential to understand the requirements of employees. There are different kinds of surveys available and you can opt for any survey depending upon your requirement. There are several survey companies available online and in fact numerous software are also available which give a chance to the HR managers to arrange surveys on their own. The exit surveys can be conducted at the time of employee’s resignation and it is in the form of simple one page questionnaire. There are different kinds of surveys and every organization has their own way to conduct these surveys. The questions are basically related to work atmosphere, work load, safety standards, supervisory control, feedback, mechanism, orientation and availability of resources. With the help of these surveys an employer can understand what is going on in the company. The conditions can be changed according to the feedback of leaving employees. This feedback is very beneficial for the employees as the operations management utilize the results in creating possible changes accordingly. The exit surveys can also be advantageous in encouraging and for motivating the employees. So, it can be said that these surveys help an organization to implement possible changes so that the environment of company can be improved.

How to increase organizational success with exit interviews

clock October 21, 2010 05:05 by author Administrator
If you’re a boss, definitely you always want to increase the efficiency of employees and company. What is the major effectual action that you can take in order to increase efficiency? Yes, you are right, it is exit interviews. It is the only way to acquire a complete understanding about how your employees are perceiving the working conditions, benefits, management and pay related issues. It is kind of interview which is often conducted at the time of exit of employees. Obviously, the main aim of management is to retain employees as much as possible but sometimes it becomes near to impossible, so in this case you must ask some necessary questions from the employee who is going to leave a company. It is also true that employees have lots of excuses but it is your responsibility to prepare an exit survey in such a manner that employee can easily answer all the questions honestly and comfortably. For this, there are so many professional survey companies available in the market and you can approach any one by considering their reputation and their experience in the industry. Be honest and sincere to employee during exit interviews so that they can provide you accurate information about why they are leaving the company. Always bear in mind that the information gathered during exit interview will be used to make necessary changes in the company, so be precise. Apart from surveys, you can also ask the major questions but always ask thoughtful questions. More questions you will ask, more the information you will acquire, so prepare a questionnaire before interview. Be precise and remain neutral and focus only on their role, company or department. The information gathered during exit interviews can act like a catalyst for an organization. So, this is the reason it is always advised to ask the necessary questions and in a very comfortable manner so that employees can tell everything honestly and comfortably.

Boost the productivity levels by measuring employee satisfaction

clock October 18, 2010 06:12 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction really requires use of surveys and there are numerous companies or websites available which provide such kind of services for their clients. Actually, such kind of surveys comprise of questionnaires mainly to measure the employee satisfaction. It is true that there are different kinds of surveys available these days and several organizations or companies make use of such services in order to enhance the performance and productivity of employees. Yes, these are really effective if arranged in the most appropriate and orderly manner. In fact, a business owner can easily create an employee satisfaction survey by getting a simple idea. Very firstly, it is important to design survey by using range of satisfaction degrees. For instance, it is essential that all the answers must be satisfied and all the questions should be précised to workplace as well. The questions can also be related to supervisors, pay, working hours, work environment and co workers etc. It is better to prepare around 25 questions in order to collect significant data amount. There is a great need to create tools in order to compute productivity levels for measuring employee satisfaction. Also, there are numerous websites or companies available which provide survey services to the interested customers. Internet is a huge resource in order to find such kind of services. There is no doubt that endless survey companies are available online but in order to acquire best results, it is necessary to approach reputed and experienced services. Scheduled meetings with managers and supervisors can play crucial role in measuring employee performance and satisfaction. If an employee is satisfied it simply means high productivity and high productivity means great results. Also, make sure to write down all the results that come from surveys as these should be kept as a record in an organization. So, measuring employee satisfaction can provide a clear insight to the business owner about the future productivity levels of employees and thus in this way an employer can measure the level of performance as well.

Figure out what is important by interpreting employee satisfaction survey

clock October 14, 2010 04:44 by author Administrator
The results from employee satisfaction survey must be interpreted in such a way that it becomes easy to determine what is important. The number of negative and positive responses can actually help in identifying a problem. In order to do this, you must have good understanding about the kind of survey and its interface. There are different kinds of survey questionnaires and some have very difficult interfaces while some have easy. In fact, this kind of survey provides a simple result through which an employer can easily figure out what is going on in the organization. For instance, the survey may include questions related to job satisfaction, to know role of manager, job performance, employee benefits, honesty of management and other related questions. Such kind of questions should be sent to the employee in a very secret manner so that they can respond freely and without any hesitation. Also, the result should be kept secret so that employees should respond to all questions in the honest manner. It is your duty to see whether which questions should be scheduled at the top of list and which should be placed at the bottom level. Actually, it also affects the results and you can notice it after doing it in the same manner. In order to make employee satisfaction survey successful, there is a great need to hire professional services that can make it effective. There is no doubt that there are so many services available that conduct surveys for the business owners but you must choose a best and experienced one in order to acquire perfect results. These surveys not only affect the employee productivity but also motivate them to do more effective work. So, in short it can be said that employee satisfaction survey can help in achieving organizational goals and in boosting the efficiency of business.

How can you conduct employee surveys?

clock October 9, 2010 09:46 by author Administrator
One of the many ways to measure the employee satisfaction is through employee surveys. These surveys are not only helpful to measure employee satisfaction buy also helps to highlight different internal issues in the organization. It also builds a bridge between the employee and employer; it also helps the management to enhance the performance of the employees. This is an effective method and is also simple to implement within the organization. It is not only beneficial to the management but also to the employees as they get an opportunity to share their views and opinions. So, here are some steps then can help you to conduct employee surveys: * The first and the foremost necessity is to find what is the need to conduct a survey. For instance, is your main objective to determine employee satisfaction or build better communication channels? * After the objective is set try to design the best questions the can help to achieve the objective. It is recommended that you engage some of the employees and management to design such questions. * Next step is to analyse which is the best way to circulate these questionnaires. For example should they be sent via mail, personally get the forms filled or through internet. * The questioners should be short and precise. The result of the survey has to be analysed by experts and compiled into charts and table for better understanding. * Later the result of the employee surveys has to be designed into a small presentation so that is can be discussed with the concerned employees. You can add positive comments in the presentation so that it will have a positive impact on the employees and also a source of inspiration. So these were some simple steps that can be followed so as to conduct a flawless performance appraisal survey which can help to find the drawbacks in the system and find effective ways to overcome it.