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clock April 26, 2012 21:36 by author Administrator
Online surveys are the best source of getting feedback by a particular company about its right performances and knowing its shortcomings. It helps the organization to make better their products and produce the best for the buyers. Also people give feedback about their services and any inconvenience they came across with .It’s the perfect way for the company to get secretly know about their own functioning within the safe environment. Online surveys are conducted by those organizations which believe in best customer service related with growth .For conducting these surveys few things should be need to be cleared that whether feedback is required for the product or the service ,this aspect needs to be specific without it no perfect goals can be achieved. Further list of questions needs to be maintained and it should be properly categorized and laid out with easy and understandable language so that it becomes convenient for the people to revert. Inviting people for the participation in the survey can also work well as sending an email to subscribers list, or survey can be posted on face book or any other social networking site which could help the organization to keep up a better survey. Assigning a code is also a great idea with which each person can participate only once and with it lottery system can also be designed which will encourage more participation and promises for sharing the information confidentially can be made. Later results can be analyzed and performance can be checked while keeping it in mind report can be formed which will give the overview of the working of the organization. All these steps will lead to the perfect functioning of the organization which will automatically lead to overall growth of the company.

Importance of conducting exit surveys in your company

clock April 25, 2012 04:07 by author Administrator
Employee surveys help you to evaluate and understand your employees. Employee performance, progress and their concerns regarding their job and work environment are some of the aspects that can be evaluated with the help of these surveys. There are various kinds of surveys which are conducted by companies, such as satisfaction survey, retention survey, work environment survey etc. Other than these, there is one more type of survey which is very important to improve the prospects of your company and that is exit survey. Employee turnover is a prevailing problem in today’s competitive world. When an employee leaves an organization, at that time the company also loses his expertise and skills. It can hamper the growth of the company, in long run. Exit surveys have become a common phenomenon nowadays as every company wants to retain the talent and expertise of its employees. Today companies understand the importance of skilled and hardworking employees. Understanding and solving their problems is the only way to retain their skills and knowledge. The reasons for employee turnover can vary from growth needs of the employees to work culture of your company. Thus conducting exit surveys can help your company to know the exact reason behind this problem. An employee who is leaving a company is the best source for getting feedback about their experience. It can give you a clear picture about how your employees perceive your company. That data that you will collect through such surveys can be very helpful to reduce the problem of employee turnover. Exit surveys should be conducted in a very professional manner. Generally these surveys are conducted by someone from the human resource department. The surveyor and the employee should be polite and respectful towards each other. Ensuring the employee that all the information collected during the survey will be kept confidential, can encourage him to be more honest. It can give you valuable information about how the work environment of your company can be improved.

Measuring employee satisfaction to gauge employee wants and needs

clock April 19, 2012 21:50 by author Administrator
To boost the confidence of the employees would be beneficial for every organization, as contended employees would be committed towards the organization and make their effort to confer their best performance. It can be a smart move for the employers, that they employ different tactics and strategies to keep their workforce satisfied. Thus, measuring employee satisfaction becomes a perquisite to check out whether employees are happy with their job. There are different methods to evaluate employee satisfaction. Every business needs to employ different strategies to evaluate their workforce satisfaction, by conducting personal interviews with their employees to accumulate precise data. It can be most rewarding if done correctly. While conducting such surveys, the interviewers should maintain compete confidentiality   to make it comfortable for the employees to respond honestly, without having fear of criticism. Measuring employee satisfaction through personal interviews would make the staff feel happy that their concerns have been looked into and addressed by the organization. These surveys have proved to be extremely beneficial in collecting all the detailed information relating to employee satisfaction. As a good employer, you should apprehend to the challenges that brings down the confidence of the personnel. In order to boost the confidence of the workforce, employers need to elevate team spirit and make them realize they are part of the organization. It can quite motivating and encourage staff to give their best performance. Arranging parties, short trips, and other events would further help build strong bonding between fellow workers. Nowadays, many organizations have started organizing camps and other social events that help to reinforce employee relationships. It can really prove to be advantageous for team building. Bonuses, increments and incentives are some of the tactics which can help to keep the employees happy, though it may not be a complete solution for assure employee satisfaction. If there is unhealthy working environment, it will de-motivate them eventually affect their performance.  Thus, ideal working environment can be vital aspect when measuring  employee satisfaction

Exit interviews- the best way to retain data of exiting employees

clock April 18, 2012 09:41 by author Administrator
Retaining skilled and intelligent employees is crucial for any organization to accomplish a constant and best performance.   Most of the savvy establishments know that retaining existing employees to maintain productivity and capability levels would best help to boost the financial success of the firm in the long term. Retaining trained staff can also help to save money that would be otherwise spent on enrollment and training of new workforce. When employees decide to leave an organization, it would not only mean losing the skills and expertise of the workforce, but also the ideas, opinions, and years of experience that influenced their desire to depart. It becomes essential for the management team to know about the employee turnover issues in order to create and implement an effective employee retention plan. This will help them to ensure that their organization has all the resources to expand and achieve performance targets. An employee’s decision to leave an organization may be influenced by organizational and personal factors. Exit interviews will enable managers and department heads to capture information to help their organization take opportunities for development and devise effective personnel retention strategies. In many organizations, it can be done through third party exit interviews that will allow exiting staff to honestly and discreetly provide their feedback based on performance dimensions. This can help the management to identify the prime concerns of exiting employees, and find out the key reasons for departing. It is essential to achieve support of exiting employees to participate in such exit interviews to ensure validation of information. Team leaders and managers can even discover the modifications in the employee retention policy thereby providing more flexibility in working environment, allowance, increment and so on. Exit interviews can be the best way to discuss benefit issues and final payments that are due to a departing employee. These interviews would also allow team leaders to show their supervising skills and how good they can retain employees.

Measuring employee satisfaction

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Businesses really struggle hard to retain their employees, specially the top performers. It is critical for every organization to understand that an organization can do nothing without the employees; they are the pillar that strongly holds the business from falling. Whether it is a small business or a global identity, it cannot do without its employees. Employee satisfaction survey helps a lot in finding the frustrations that are in the minds of the employees but equally important is measuring employee satisfaction. The measurement has to be done properly else it will result in the loss to the company in terms of production or the employee would likely prefer to leave the organization. The questions that need to be solved with the help of survey should include company’s environment, policies, work culture etc. Measuring employee satisfaction can help you find solutions as to what motivates your employees, it is equally important to raise the moral of your employees with the help of rewards and by offering them a stress free environment. Most of the times we come across scenarios that people are not satisfied even if they are highly paid and it usually happens where there is no work culture. By measuring employee satisfaction one can only do well to their business, more the satisfied more the growth. Employees also want to be a part of decision making and this makes them feel wanted in the organization. By regular surveys and asking their opinion about the changes that should be brought in the organization fills them with pride. And employees who are a part of this business and spend most of the time of their day here know the place much better and the changes suggested by them would be very valuable too. By listening to their needs one can easily retain them for the betterment of the business.