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Hr surveys – Look into your workers mind

clock May 25, 2010 08:45 by author Administrator
It is easier to hire new workers than keeping them contented in office and making them stay on current occupations. A worker who leaves an organization often does not voice-out his exact grounds for leaving. Though common reasons are displeasure with work environment, salary or coworkers, there may be ‘real’ reasons behind made-up reasons why workers leave their occupations. Most organizations fail to address the issues of their workers when it comes to work related problems. The plunge of all these facts is that if it is difficult to hire new workers, then why not keep existing workforce pleased and not give any reason to leave jobs. Hr surveys are one of the most effectual ways to know what your workers are thinking. You would get an idea about the satisfaction level of your employees with hr surveys. Most workers may feel that they are underpaid or overlooked, so isn’t it a better idea to know earlier what actually they have in their minds, before they give resignation letter. Apart from compensation or salary related concerns, you can get feedback regarding work related problems also. Be as specific and direct as possible when conducting human resource surveys. Ask questions like are their requests about employee-benefits processed on time? Are they earning enough money? Or, you can also ask them to comment on their superior’s behavior. By asking important questions, the employees will certainly feel that you value their opinions and care enough to inquire them regarding what they feel. Moreover, with results and feedback of hr surveys, you can make out potential problems regarding general operation of the company. Above all, HR surveys would help you determine what to do regarding complaints and decide on quality measures to make things better in the company that they discover lacking.

Benefits of using Feedback software

clock May 21, 2010 07:50 by author Administrator
Are you looking for an ultimate feedback solution for your company’s precise needs? If the answer to this question is yes, then, it is just the time to explore the wide world of internet and find out some really helpful and cheap feedback software programs. Feedback is actually a kind of input on the work and may come from co-workers, supervisors or other persons you communicate with at workplace. In certain contexts, it may be formal, but in fact it can take several forms, and can be as plain as a brief verbal comment. The feedback received from feedback software will give an individual an idea about how well he is doing his duties and also how he might improve. In fact, the feedback makes the entire communication process meaningful. While the feedback can be instantaneous as in internet instant messages, or telephone conversation or verbal communication between two persons standing, it can also be delayed before the reply is given, in order to permit receiver to take time to understand what he is actually given. Instant feedback is common to informal interaction while the delayed type goes with the formal communication through memo or letters. Feedback software helps to sustain communication and forms a basis for determining the effectiveness of communication. It is all because of the amazing benefits of such software that today more and more organizations are opting for them. It helps employers to be updated with different aspects of the organization and decide if there is something that should be done to improve the overall performance of employees. The entrepreneurs can know about poorly performing departments and introduce innovative training programs to get things back on the track. Moreover, the employers should also motivate their staff to give feedbacks and consider the smooth functioning and growth of the company.

Employee opinion survey helps business get stable

clock May 18, 2010 07:58 by author Administrator
It is true that employees are considered as internal customers and it is very important to understand their behavior, attitude, feelings and motivations. Understanding these issues is very important for an organization. Employee opinion survey is essential to shape an organization and to enhance a company’s productivity. It is the perfect way to understand the employee’s mind which is essential for the company’s success. These types of surveys provide clear insight of a company’s complicated issues and help in correcting the useless practices that are followed in an organization. In this way, the business owner can not only increase the company’s productivity but also improve the relationships between employees and employer. Using employee opinion survey tool, business owners can produce many favorable results. Some of these results include improving and accessing employee satisfaction. With the help of this tool, one can examine the workforce engagement level, reinforce or gauge the current organizational climate and culture, improve retention levels, and understand employee’s expectations and issues. It also enhances customer satisfaction and thus improves business in the most effective way. It is very important to ensure confidentiality of participants in feedback results. Every organization should act upon the feedback given by the participants to ensure the activity level. Recent surveys have revealed that most companies do not act upon the surveys conducted by them. Acting upon the feedback can help organizations solve various problems. This also helps an organization to achieve employee satisfaction. Proper feedback can also result in the identification of high attrition rates and thus develop proper communication among employees. Satisfied employees simply mean satisfied customers and thus great productivity and success for an organization. The identity of participants should be kept confidential in order to achieve honest and accurate feedback. So, above points can help in making the employee opinion survey successful.

Make money with online surveys

clock May 17, 2010 06:58 by author Administrator
An online survey is one of the latest features in the market. They are seen as a fast money making process.  These surveys are of great help to the general public who tend to find some beneficial ventures.  There are many ways through which you can make money with these online surveys. There are a couple of few tried and tested methods in this field. The first step for making money with these surveys is to get registered with a top ranking and reputed survey website. There are a few big companies which value public opinion a lot and willingly pay huge amounts for them. Second thing to be kept in mind is that you should conduct these surveys on a regular basis. There are companies that will pay from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars for this service. Online surveys generally require you to fill a questionnaire and give some useful information and feedback regarding a particular product or service. This feedback helps a company to improvise their product as per customer’s needs. Phone surveys that are conducted are also very beneficial. You can earn around a hundred dollars for spending just one hour on the phone. Reviewing movie trailers is also another quick and easy way to make money. There are some surveys that would require you to travel around. This helps to make a lot of money because you will get paid not only for travelling but also for participating in the survey. Another very interesting way to make money is to do mystery shopping. Companies will hire you to go shopping, taking services of certain shops and also to put up some complaints. Through this the companies will come to know about the quality of service these retail shops are providing. This has become a very popular concept and you are paid nicely for conducting surveys.

Smart Tips for Buying Online Survey Software

clock May 11, 2010 07:23 by author Administrator
Using online survey software has become a common practice in modern-day business. Receiving proper feedbacks from employees and customers is critical for a company to evaluate its weaknesses and strengths as well as to take corrective actions in the concerned field. Survey software programs enable you to gather opinions and information from employees, clients and stakeholders. Huge expenses and shortage of time often discourage employers to take on such surveys. However, with modern technology, web based survey software programs have provided an ultimate solution to employers. In order to make the most out of this modern technology, you have to be aware when assessing any web survey software program for your survey jobs. With the availability of so many options, it is very important that you give a thought to what each option has to offer in way intercepting internet surfers to your website who are asked to take part in your poll or survey. You need to ensure that software programs do not make use of any pop-ups as a route to invite surfers to participate. This is because blockers may avert them from showing-up. So, make certain that messages appear on your site directly. The web-based survey software should offer a simple way to integrate message by just adding simple script to webpage from where you wish to show the message. You should be able to state which poll you wish the visitors to complete. It is also important to ensure that visitors stay on the website instead of being redirected to some other site. The feature of sending out multilingual invitations should also be there in online survey software so that you can reach the customers from all corners of the world. These are a few things that you should always look for when buying online survey software.