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Importance of hr surveys

clock March 30, 2012 00:46 by author Administrator
In today’s business world, there is a need for the companies to have a cut throat competition in order to thrive and grow. The management at times completely relies on their own understanding and knowledge in order to make significant decisions about the organization without considering their employee views. Also, the company’s employees have detailed and proper information about the company’s products, services, processes, customers and the profit as well. The employees know what needs to be done in order to make the organization more profitable and competitive. The perfect way to have an insight about the knowledge of your employees is to conduct hr surveys. The idea behind conducting these surveys is to get acquainted with the factors that motivate the employees for an increased productivity. Also, the surveys aim to know about the driving factor which makes them to contribute their suggestions and solutions for the success of the business.  Basically, the hr surveys help to know about the present working environment in your company and the required changes you need to make to achieve success. Make certain that you go through every survey and consider all the suggestions. Once these immediate changes are implemented, you can see the results immediately with respect to higher productivity, motivated and satisfied employees and ultimately higher returns. With the help of hr surveys you can identify the problems and challenges that your company is facing and once they are solved then you can have higher returns and increased productivity.  Motivated employees mean that you have greater client retention. The hr surveys allow you to have a good client base by keeping the old clients and simultaneously gaining the new ones as well. As a business head, you need to keep this in mind that your employees are the representative of your organization which deals with the clients on a regular basis. The employees are the intrinsic force in a company and can contribute to the success of your business significantly.

Benefits of human resource surveys for an increased productivity

clock March 28, 2012 08:08 by author Administrator
The prudent business owners and managers realize the important of satisfied and motivated employees and also, that the employees have proper information about the working of the company and how it can be improved. More and more businesses are using the human resource surveys in order to identify the problems and challenges that the company is facing and also how to eliminate them. The human resource surveys can also give the business owners an idea about how to boost the morale of their employees and motivate them for an increased productivity. The human resource surveys prove to be extremely beneficial and helpful especially at the times when the business is at its peak efficiency with frequently changing job responsibilities. Also, the surveys are quite useful when the business is weighed down by many rumors which probably is a sign of lack of reliability and trust on the part of employees or may be an improper communication from the Administration.  You can make the best out of the human resource surveys but as a business owner you need to ensure that the information from the surveys is available exactly when you require it. In scheduling the time of surveys you need to consider when you need to have the results. Also, you should incorporate a questionnaire which include the common and important employee concerns such as oppurtunities in terms of professional growth, compensation, communication with the Administration and management and of course the right resources in order to perform efficiently. Besides, it is quite essential to keep the human resource surveys anonymous as this will help the employees to respond more confidently and candidly. You can also use online software for conducting surveys as it offers a more efficient and convenient way to have an employee feedback. The fact is that the employees are more willing to participate in a survey if they know that their management is certainly going to take an action on the results. So, it is very essential to let the employees know that their opinions and suggestions will be taken seriously and they have a significant contribution in the process of decision making.

Importance of exit interviews

clock March 22, 2012 07:32 by author Administrator
The problem of employee turnover is very common in the modern world. There could be many reasons why an employee decides to leave a company. Two of the most common reasons are: finding another professional opportunity or having a problem in the current job. Whenever an employee decides to leave, it is important for the company to know the reason. This is the prime motive why exit interviews are conducted. It helps the company to improve and progress by reducing the number of employee turnover in the future. An interaction with an employee, who has decided to leave your company, is known as exit interview. The purpose of exit interviews is to discover the reason for an employee’s decision to quit his job and to get a feedback about his experience in your company. You can assure the employee that the information of that interview will be kept confidential. It will encourage him to give an honest feedback. In the absence of an exit interview you will never come to know about the actual reason for the employee turnover. There are a number of ways to conduct an exit interview. You can have a face to face interaction with the employee or ask him to fill a feedback form. Some companies even carry out this type of interaction on the telephone. An exit interview should be conducted in a relaxed and positive manner. Both the interviewer and the interviewee should be respectable towards each other. Conducting such interviews will help your employees to know that they are valued and their company cares about them. The exit interviews can provide you some valuable insight into their experiences and perceptions about your company. It is very important that the information collected through this interview is used in a constructive way to improve the work atmosphere and employee satisfaction in your company.

Using exit interview survey software

clock March 20, 2012 08:12 by author Administrator
In most of the companies, an exit interview is conducted whenever an employee decides to quit his job. There could be a number of reasons which might have contributed to his decision. An exit interview helps you to know the actual reason why he is leaving the job. It can certainly provide you some valuable information about the way your employees perceive your company. The reason given by the employee will give you a chance to improve and develop your organization in a better way. There are various ways how an exit interview survey is conducted. In some companies the employee is given a form or questionnaire to fill. At other places, the exit interview takes place in a one on one session, where an interview is conducted by an HR representative. These are the conventional methods of surveys. Today many companies use exit interview survey software to collect information. It is a form of online survey. Use of such software helps to keep record of all the information about the employee, such as his name, job profile, name of his manager, reason for leaving etc. Generally in an exit interview, all this information is hand written and can get misplaced easily. By using exit interview survey software the information will get permanently stored into a database, where anybody can search for it later. This process of exit interview survey takes place a few days before the actual leaving date and as soon as the survey is complete, the HR department is notified by an e-mail. The use of exit interview survey software has many advantages over the traditional survey method. The employee can complete the survey according to his own convenience, at his own preferable time. This will allow him to give an honest feedback without feeling any pressure. The information gathered through such surveys can help you to create a better organization.

Significance of employee satisfaction surveys

clock March 15, 2012 22:32 by author Administrator
Today, employee satisfaction is one of the most significant determinants of the productivity of a company. Employees are expecting more in exchange of their services from their organizations. Keeping talented and good employees is the most strenuous job for even the most established companies across the globe today.  Satisfied employees are not only loyal to the company but also help to increase the company’s productivity. Probably they will also recommend the services and products of their company whenever possible and help the company to have great talent for recruitments in the future. Today, majority of the companies conduct employee satisfaction surveys at specific intervals of time to have a feedback of their employees.  The most significant aspects that need to be included in the questionnaire of employee satisfaction survey are- confidence of the employee in the leadership of his company, understanding of the employee about his role in the company, the overall understanding of the employee of the company’s long term strategy and mission as well, the significance of responsibility and authority in employee’s job and to what extent these needs are fulfilled and satisfied, the employees perception about the communication system within the company, professionalism and morale of the company. Besides, other important questions to be covered in the questionnaire of employee satisfaction surveys are- relation of the employees with the supervisors and the management; to what extent the management satisfies the employee’s implicit and explicit needs such as development and training, compensation, recognition, vacation, appreciation and other important benefits. Also, it is very important to include open ended questions in the employee satisfaction survey questionnaire as they are very useful to have an exact understanding of the cause of dissatisfaction or satisfaction. Effective communication begins with the way the managers interact with the employees on a regular basis. This should not be considered as an extra burden and should come naturally. To start with informal conversations between employees and managers are good and prove effective.