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Exit Interview Survey Software - An Effective Tool to Boost Organizational Performance

clock May 31, 2013 04:39 by author Administrator
Employees often leave an organization for diverse reasons, but if this is happening frequently, then this is a major cause of concern. Excessive employee turnover could be a serious indicator of employee’s dissatisfaction, unhealthy organizational culture and could cost you more than you could ever imagine. There could be various reasons for an employee to leave a company, some of which may include ineffective managers, improper or not sufficient training, and too low compensation. With exit interview survey software you can develop your organization in the right direction. The need for documentation is minimized with automation. With this software, you can develop a strong bond with your employees in a healthy manner. The informative data received through the exit interviews can be used by the employer to train and develop their present and future staff. The employee competencies can be significantly enhanced with employee exit survey software. With this survey software, employers can effectively, efficiently and systematically organize the competencies of their work force and organization. This will give them a roadmap to make the necessary changes in the organizational culture and various other aspects related to employees. If the root cause of the exit lies in the management, then the necessary changes can be executed in the organization’s policies. This will prevent any more employees from leaving the company. The chances of bias on part of the interviewer are minimized and so is the misinterpretation of data. There is saving of time and resources, which can be more judiciously utilized. The data gathered in this way can be stored centrally and can easily be accessed by authorized personnel to make necessary changes and improve the work standards. So, if you want to boost your organizational performance, then investing in exit interview survey software will give you high returns.

Exit interviews – a short overview

clock May 28, 2013 04:49 by author Administrator
Employees are the valuable asset of every organization and to make them satisfied and contented is the main duty of the organization. When employees and other workers voluntarily decide to leave an organization, at that time a good company schedules an exit survey. Exit interviews are a process that is used to determine the reasons why an employee is leaving an organization. Although companies recognize the benefits of exit interview, still very few companies conduct these interviews in a systematic and structured way. In this interview, the HR department conducts an in-person interview of the employee leaving a company on his/her final day. These interviews help management to understand the reasons why the employee is no longer able to continue with the company, as it helps them to prevent future turnovers. Normally, HR expert starts an exit interview by asking a question ‘Why are you leaving?’ and then the general questions being asked in these interviews are, what made you start looking for another job in the first place? The answer to these questions gives an insight to the management of the main reasons due to which an employee is leaving the job. This insight also helps organizations to take appropriate actions to improve the working environment and the structure of their company and to make it more employee-friendly. The main intention of exit interviews is to get a reasonable feedback from the employees regarding the work environment and the organization. In the interview, an employee has to fill an online form and share his bad and good experiences in the organization. If executed promptly, exit interviews can be a win - win situation for both, the organization and the employee who is leaving the organization. These interviews can be conducted without consuming much time and are inexpensive as well.

Measuring Employee Satisfaction – Effective tool for enhancing business productivity

clock May 24, 2013 05:59 by author Administrator
Employees’ satisfaction and contentment plays a vital role in the success of any business or organization. If employees are satisfied and happy with their employer and work environment, then definitely they will put their best efforts to make a business successful. Measuring employee satisfaction is very imperative for employers, if they want to get quality work from their employees. This will not only build the trust of employees on their employer, but protect and build up their confidence as well. There are ample surveys that are designed especially to measure the satisfaction level of employees. These are the essential tools used by smart organizations to keep their employees or other workforce happy and motivated. Measuring employee satisfaction is also very beneficial because it makes employees feel that they are an important part of the organization. Also, by executing the surveys, employers can rest assured that their employers will stay loyal to the company and work more efficiently for the benefit of organization. By carrying out the employee satisfaction survey, the employers get to know their flaws and positive aspects, according to the employee’s perceptive. Based on the results of these surveys, employers can improve their flaws and work more effectively on their positive aspects. Personal interviews are also a basic tool that is used to measure the satisfaction level of employees. However, it is important to keep conducting these surveys time to time, in order to know the concerns of employees. Well designed surveys not only help in measuring employee satisfaction level, but also give a chance to an organization to improve its work culture and also avoid the issues that are related to employee turnover. It is one of the most efficient strategies that will certainly keep the employees satisfied and also in the long run enhance the productivity of a business.

Importance of Employee satisfaction survey

clock May 22, 2013 07:13 by author Administrator
Many companies use employee satisfaction survey to determine how employees feel about their company's leadership, general work environment, training, and co-workers. It is basically designed to analyze the satisfaction level of employees within their work environment. The survey offers a ranking system to employees to specify how firmly they agree or disagree with the answer they give during the survey. It is used especially when an organization reviews the opinions of the employees. The Employee satisfaction survey can help in
  • Analyzing issues and overall environment of an organization
  • Anticipating potential problems
  • Evaluating management and teamwork related issues
  • Measuring the effects of change in organizational set-up
  Employee satisfaction survey is a very effective tool that measures and maintains a positive culture within the organization. The satisfaction of employees is directly associated with the efficiency of an organization and that is why it is important for them to ensure if their employees are happy with their work or not. Well-conducted surveys play a major role in the development of any organization or business. Employee surveys offer a deep understanding on how an organization can maintain, attract, and develop skilled employees. It gives the employees an opportunity for both, personal and professional development that contributes to the performance of a business or an organization. These are the most effective Human Resource surveys that make employees feel that they are being listened and their queries have been noticed by the higher authorities. Conducting Employee satisfaction surveys is one of the best ways to gather information about the satisfaction level of employees and workers. Having a positive satisfaction percentage among the employees will certainly reflect positively on the organization. As contented and satisfied employees offer excellent service and become a major part of company's  success.

Employee Survey software - An easy way to comprehend employee's concerns

clock May 16, 2013 02:00 by author Administrator
Employee surveys play a vital role in every organization. It helps employers to know the competencies of their employees and their concerns as well. There are many types of surveys available for employees. It is an effective tool that allows organizations to get an insight directly from their employees. It highlights the effectiveness of an organization to carry out business strategies and also looks into employee engagements. Basically, employment survey consists of a questionnaire that helps an organization to understand its employees, as a whole. The employees are free to illustrate their views about the negative and positive aspects they are experiencing in the organization. To make this task easier, employee survey software are designed. The software is installed in system and it helps in executing the survey in an easy way. A well designed survey focuses on the sentiments of employees. It helps an organization to target the areas that are needed to be addressed from the employee’s perspective. However, before executing employee surveys, it is vital for an organization to act promptly in a direction that is beneficial for both employees and employers. It is the first step towards organizational change. It helps an organization to know its strong and weak points, so that they work on their weak points and move ahead for the benefits of employees. Employee survey software is the best medium for many organizations to analyze the proficiencies of their employees. By conducting online survey, an organization is able to comprehend the concerns of their employees and thus work on it accordingly. The survey results are confidential that remain within the organization and are not revealed. For long term ability to execute a strategy, a motivated workforce is crucial. By installing employee survey software, you will come to know the precise aspects, which are lacking in your business and also you will come to know what changes you need to make in order to achieve success. It also makes a positive impact on employees regarding their employer. As the employees feel that the employer listens to their apprehensions, this keeps them motivated and they work harder for the success of the organization.