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Useful tips for conducting the exit interviews

clock August 30, 2012 01:23 by author Administrator
Exit interview is extremely important for any organization because they offer an excellent opportunity to the employees to talk about the reasons for leaving the job. These kinds of interviews help the organization to assess and improve the employee retention policies. However in order to make the most of the exit interviews you need to consider few important things. The most important thing is to adopt the structured approach. Do not treat this kind of interview as some formality or in a causal way. You must ensure that the interview has a purpose and a definite structure. As a smart employer you should contemplate the fact that it is very important to find the reason why an employee has left as this will enable you to make the necessary changes or improvements to your organization in order to prevent any further resignations. When it comes to the exit interviews, probably the most significant tool is the questionnaire form which includes a series of relevant questions which you probably wish to ask. In order to get valuable and relevant information it is very important that you carefully design the questionnaire. Besides, it is very important to ensure that an appropriate staff member conducts the exit interview. This can be a member from the HR team or may be a senior supervisor or manager. This is mainly because the employee can answer the questionnaire honestly without any kind of pressure or apprehensions if the person conducting the interview is not the one who used to deal with the employee on daily basis. Besides, getting the correct environment is also very essential for an honest and open discussion. You can arrange the exit interview in an office, away from the workplace of the employee. Another important thing which you need to consider is that it is very important to keep the exit interview highly confidential and anonymous so that the employees do not hesitate while discussing their reasons for leaving. The, exit interviews are extremely important as they allow you to comprehend why the employees leave and thus you can take measures or make necessary changes to improve the organizational practices.

Uses and benefits of exit interview survey software

clock August 28, 2012 00:13 by author Administrator
Exit interviews provide you valuable insight and information about your company’s operations and the working environment. In this competitive business world, the organizations are beleaguered by ever increasing employee turnover. It has become extremely important to understand the needs of the employees. The organizations are facing the challenge of retaining talented and sincere employees. It’s a fact that when the employees leave a company, they take with them an entire set of ideas, skills and expertise, probably to a more competitive organization. The exit interview surveys gather valuable information about the employee’s feelings and ideas about the employer, the working environment and the organization as a whole. In the long-run these opinions and ideas can become ideologies or may be a line of thought on which your organization will be able to attract and retain better talent. Also, high employee attrition at times indicates ineffective leaders or managers, insufficient development, training, lack of good career opportunities, uncompetitive benefits and compensation and many other factors. Thus as an employer you will be able to identify the problem areas and correct them immediately in order to prevent any further attrition. One perfect way to achieve this is to use exit interview survey software which can provide you accurate results. This will significantly save your time and effort in designing the questionnaire and conducting the interview. Also, the employee will be able to honestly answer the questionnaire without any apprehensions or fear of backlash. While a manager or supervisor may eventually receive the feedback, it is quite significant that a neutral party take the interview in order to receive unbiased and accurate information. The exit interview survey software helps in identifying the problem areas and how can these be corrected to retain talented employees and ensure smooth and effective functioning of the organization. The best part about the exit interview survey software is that it becomes quite easy to track the data immediately and thus you can take the necessary steps accordingly.

Measuring employee satisfaction- An important tool for business success

clock August 24, 2012 05:04 by author Administrator
For several years, many business organizations have been efficiently measuring employee satisfaction with a belief that happy and contented employees perform better and are more loyal and engaged as compared to the unsatisfied ones. As a smart employer you need to find out effective ways of implementing various ideas and methods in order to keep your employees happy and satisfied. Boosting up the morale of your employees is quite beneficial for an organization as contented employees work with more dedication, stay loyal and thus put in sincere effort. You can use various methods to know about the opinions, ideologies, aspirations and future plans of the employees. One of the most efficient ways of measuring employee satisfaction is to conduct periodic surveys. These surveys help to collect relevant and important information about the employees. However, you need to ensure that the surveys are kept highly confidential so that the employees do not feel hesitant and can answer the questionnaire with complete freedom and honesty without any pressure or fear of repercussion. Another effective way to measuring employee satisfaction is to conduct personal interviews. These help to make the employees feel that their concerns and opinions are being heard as well as addressed by the management or the higher authorities. However these can be quite confining at times as the employee is not able to answer honestly. Thus, surveys as well as personal interviews are very useful when it comes to collecting the required data and information with respect to employee satisfaction. These enable the employer to comprehend the areas which need improvement in order to boost the employee’s morale. As a business owner if you are working to build an engaged and efficient workforce then your focus must be on providing your employees what they actually need. You can have a team of satisfied and engaged employees only when you have right kind of work culture where you actually celebrate success and build a connection with your employees and understand their explicit as well as implicit needs. This can definitely make a huge difference and you can then bring out your organization’s full potential.

Things to consider when conducting Employee satisfaction survey

clock August 22, 2012 03:48 by author Administrator
As an executive or business owner, it is your responsibility to monitor the business and the efficiency and performance of your employees in order to make sure that the operations are running efficiently and smoothly. Today, employee satisfaction is one of the most essential determinants of an organization’s productivity. Thus, it has become extremely important to keep your staff happy and satisfied. One perfect way to know about the performance of your employees is to conduct employee satisfaction survey. When these surveys are conducted in a right and proper way you will be able to improve the work environment, overall performance and productivity of your organization. The most important aspect of conducting an employee satisfaction survey is the questionnaire. You need to include appropriate questions which can derive valuable information and insight. Another important thing which you must consider is that the survey should be kept anonymous and confidential so that the employees can honestly give their feedback without any pressure or apprehensions. Besides, the most significant and relevant aspects which should be included in these kind of surveys are- the relations of the employees with peers, supervisors and the management and the trust of the employees in the organization’s culture. Also the employee’s opinion about the communication system within the organization, the professionalism, morale and team spirit in the organization should also be given importance. To what degree does the organization satisfies the explicit as well as implicit needs of the employees such as development and training, vacation and compensation, can be evaluated from the honest feedback of the employees. Also, the questionnaire should include aspects like empowerment, recognition, appreciation, job security, encouragement, and personal accomplishments. Besides it is extremely important to include open ended questions such as the great thing about being associated or working with this organization, the thing you like the most about the working environment or what is the thing which you dislike? These questions prove to be extremely helpful in comprehending the right cause of dissatisfaction or satisfaction. Thus, you can make the best use of employee satisfaction survey to figure out effective ways to enhance employee performance and the overall productivity.

Importance of employee surveys in today’s competitive business world

clock August 16, 2012 04:39 by author Administrator
In this fiercely competitive world, it is extremely important for the business organizations to find out effective ways to keep their employees contented and happy. One perfect way to achieve this is to conduct employee surveys in order to understand the explicit and implicit relation of the employees with the organization. If conducted in a right and proper way, surveys help to provide important information about the employees. They even help to make the employees realize that their concerns and input are highly valued and are always considered during the decision making process. Employee surveys help to know about the ideologies, aspirations, plans and aspirations of the employees. These aspects when effectively recognized and nourished help the employer to enhance productivity and eventually boost up the sales. Besides, the employee surveys give an opportunity to the employees to do their job in a highly professional way, which can improve their relations with the management. Various other benefits of conducting employee surveys are streamlining communication, strengthening supervision, assessing training and development needs, and reducing employee turnover. However in order to get the optimum results, you need to be clear about the objective of conducting the survey. Probably you wish to know about the morale of the employees, evaluate how the employees perceive the recent changes or simply want an overview to make improvements in the workplace. Basically, the idea behind this is to get relevant feedback to make some improvements, and eventually enhance the productivity. For this, it is extremely essential to keep the surveys anonymous and confidential so that the employees can freely give their valuable feedback without any apprehensions. Also, the questionnaire should be designed carefully and must include some open ended questions so that the employees can give their opinions and ideas. Thus employee surveys prove to be quite a useful tool for the business organizations to boost up the morale of the employees and ultimately enhance the company’s bottom line.