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Exit interviews- Useful tips and strategies

clock December 27, 2012 23:06 by author Administrator

Exit interviews and surveys are important for any business organization because they provide a perfect opportunity to the employees to discuss the reasons of leaving the job and allow the company to evaluate and improve the staff retention plans and policies. These interviews help to provide you valuable information and insight about the company operations and ongoing processes. In this highly competitive world, business organizations are looking for effective ways to recruit and maintain the most talented and sincere employees. While some staff attrition can be good and healthy for the organization, high employee turnover shows dissatisfaction with different aspects related to the working of your organization. This can include ineffective managers or leaders, insufficient or improper training, lack of career and development opportunities and uncompetitive benefits and compensation. Exit surveys and interviews help to gather important information from the employees about how it feels working with your company and what all things are required to improve different areas. Thus, the exit interviews are an efficient way to identify why the employees are engaged or satisfied with the organization or why the employees are planning to leave or want to leave your company. However, in order to make the most out of these interviews and surveys, it is quite important to follow few necessary guidelines to conduct the interviews. When planning to organize the interview, it is always advisable to use an independent third party, probably a senior manager or person from the HR department. This has to be a person who is not connected with the everyday working of the employee such as his direct supervisor as this will definitely not provide you with a candid feedback about the working or functioning of any particular department. Having a perfect environment is also very important for an honest and open feedback thus you should aim to conduct the interview in any neutral office which is away from the regular workplace of the employee. Thus, there are various things which you need to consider when conducting the exit interviews.

Benefits of exit interview survey software for conducting effective interviews and surveys

clock December 24, 2012 23:40 by author Administrator
The exit interviews help to gather useful information from the departing employees for corporate growth and improvement. The exit interviews provide a perfect opportunity to the company to improve the working conditions, identify different problem areas and retain the existing employees. The best part about these interviews is that the departing employees can provide you the most candid feedback without any apprehensions. Thus, you can have detailed information and insight regarding the operations and work culture of your company. Also, you can design the exit interviews in an effective way with the help of exit interview survey software. By web enabling the exit interviews, you will be able to save a great deal of Administrative work and time. The feedback obtained from such interviews will help you to retain the most sincere and talented employees in your organization. These also offer a brilliant way to improve relations of the employees with managers and supervisors by implementing the results and feedback to the career development and training initiates. Thus, review the interviewing process to make the necessary changes with the help of exit interview survey software. You can also apply this valuable information for developing the competencies of new employees to enhance their performance at workplace and overall contribution to your organization. As a business head, it is quite important for you to know why an employee has left your company, you need to know what all could be done to help employees work in an efficient way. You also must know the type of competency building tasks and projects the organization can offer for the professional as well as personal growth and the career progression for the employees at various levels. However, for most of the organizations, conducting exit interviews is quite a time consuming task but with the help of exit interview survey software, you can conduct the interviews in an efficient way and make the most out of it.  

Measuring employee satisfaction- How it can benefit your business

clock December 21, 2012 00:16 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction is one of the most efficient ways to know if the employees are happy and contended with the work culture and their present job. Boosting up employees morale is always useful for a business organization as happy and satisfied employees stay loyal and sincere, work with more dedication and put more effort towards achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. As a prudent employer, you must implement different ideas and methods to keep your employees happy and satisfied. Surveys for measuring employee satisfaction is one of the most efficient ways to understand the ideas, opinions and concerns of the employees and also the factors which drive your employees the most. Due to this particular reason, many large and mid size organizations nowadays are implementing employee satisfaction surveys for business improvement. However, it is extremely important to keep these surveys anonymous and confidential so that the employees can give an open and honest feedback without any fear of backlash. This allows the executives and management to identify the problem areas which were earlier hidden from the senior management. By conducting the employee satisfaction surveys, the management can even measure the employees’ morale as it significantly affects the overall performance and growth of the organization. By allowing the employees to express freely without any apprehensions, management can take necessary steps to boost employee morale. If the employees will find that their opinions do matter, they would be more productive and happier with their job. By conducting these surveys, employees can give their feedback about the current procedures being followed and how these can be efficiently evolved to increase productivity. For measuring employee satisfaction, you can even conduct personal interviews. These can be confining at times but these help to make the employees feel that their concerns and problems are being addressed and heard by higher authorities. Thus, interviews and surveys help to collect the required data with respect to measuring the employee satisfaction and the management also comprehends the problem areas which lower the employees’ morale.

Enhance business success by conducting employee satisfaction survey

clock December 18, 2012 07:29 by author Administrator
The employees are the most important assets of your business organization. If your employees and workers are unhappy, not satisfied and are not able to perform in an efficient way, your business success suffers. And as a business head or CEO, you definitely do not want that. Thus, it is very important to make every effort to keep your employees contended and happy as neglecting them means neglecting your business. Employee satisfaction survey is probably the best way to feel the pulse of your employees and understand their ideas, opinions, perceptions and concerns. In the present competitive environment, every organization is faced with this challenge of comprehending that what drives the employees and workers most. Lack of employee surveys, team meetings and informal conversations is the major concern in majority of the companies today. To begin with, informal conversations with the employees is a brilliant way to know more about your employees and also to find out that how they feel working with your organization. This will help you to comprehend your management style, areas of dissatisfaction and satisfaction and also the communication concerns. These are the things which are often overlooked and at times avoided by most of the companies. Conducting the employee satisfaction survey and addressing the communication concerns apart from supporting reorganizations and cost cutting efforts also help to bring about a positive and conducive change if you wish to have a new and healthy culture of integrity and open communication. This also involves reviewing of the policies, identifying the areas for improvement and also recognizing the training and development needs of certain employees. As an employer, you must promote effective communication with the staff and employees and this should not be considered as an extra burden but should come naturally. As a business head, it helps, you to mange or reduce employee attrition apart from managing performance and productivity. Thus, employee satisfaction survey is one of the best ways to boost employee morale and their overall performance and productivity.

Boost competitiveness and profit with employee survey software

clock December 14, 2012 01:33 by author Administrator
Employee satisfaction is one of the most significant determinants of an organization’s productivity and success. Employees are the most important assets for any company and as a business head, neglecting your employees means neglecting your business which you certainly cannot afford to do. Thus, it is very important to conduct employee surveys which will help you to get valuable insight and information about your employees, their ideas, opinions and perceptions. In today’s competitive world, every organization faces the challenge of comprehending what drives the employees most. Satisfied and happy employees are not only more productive but they also remain loyal with your company and also recommend the organization’s services and products whenever possible. Employee surveys have become increasingly popular nowadays. These tools either help to improve your company’s productivity or can be a complete waste of time. Their efficacy and success depends on the way you implement these and how you use the results obtained from the surveys. The best way to conduct employee surveys is to make the use of employee survey software. These surveys if conducted in a right and proper way help to provide useful information about the employees and also how they perceive your company. These also help to make the employees feel that their concerns, ideas and inputs are valued and considered during the decision making process in the organization. This helps to create a sense of loyalty and morale and helps to improve the overall performance and productivity of an organization. The employee survey software helps you to develop a well designed questionnaire which includes all relevant and important questions that you want to include. Such surveys when conducted with the help of employee survey software help to unveil the areas of concern or improvement which otherwise could be missed. If problems and challenges exist, you must know about these and take necessary steps and make important changes to improve the work environment within the organization.