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A guide to conduct an employee opinion survey

clock September 28, 2010 09:00 by author Administrator
Employee opinion survey is necessary to find out how satisfied are the employees working in the organization. It not only provides the organization with essential information but also helps to improve the working condition so that the employee can perform better. There are many vital aspects that an organization has to consider so that the attempt to find the likes and dislikes of the employees is successful. Firstly, the information collected by conducting this survey has to be private and confidential. In the employee opinion survey questions should be framed by those who are already a part of the organization. The questionnaire can be framed by a group of employees as they know the kind of challenges they face and so can ask the right questions. Some of the organizations have also use web based software to conduct such employee surveys. It is very important to collect the data and to store it properly so that the information collected is not lost. Sometimes the organization works with other consultants to conduct the surveys, in that case the HR manager or other authority should have access to the data collected. This makes the process of analysis of data quite simple and reach to the right conclusion. The employer should keep in mind that the employees should not opt for themselves to participate in the survey. If a group has to be chosen then pick those employees who are comfortable and confident to express the views of the whole workforce. Employee opinion survey is most successful in those where the information collected is kept confidential and the employees see that their suggestions are considered in the organizations decision making process. This not only makes them feel a part of the organization but also gives them a confidence that the organization is working round the clock for the employees benefit. So, use such employee opinion surveys to gather valuable information about the factors that affect performance of employees.

What to look for in online surveys tools?

clock September 25, 2010 06:02 by author Administrator
Surveys are very helpful and also simplify the job. However, the kind of tools used in the survey can also make a difference and can be of great help. Online surveys tools are every effective for collecting, analyzing and compiling the result. The surveys conducted online are useful if you wish to gather informal information. There are a lot of different tools available online and some of them are very effective. However, the some wonder that how can these tools make work easy. It depends on the features of these tools. Almost all of the online tools are efficient and they facilitate to frame the questions properly and also gather information. So what to look for in online surveys tools to simplify the job? The tool should be flexible so as to update it with newer font styles, colors, graphics and attractive headers. Such tools help to create a similar survey that suits the website of the company. If the survey contains a set of questions that only apply to a specific group of people then the survey tool has to provide an option to skip that part of the questionnaire. Some tools have features that help you to include the answers of one survey into the other survey. Response of the survey as well as the quality of the answers can be affected if the survey contains a similar set of questions. Some tools have certain features that randomize the questions to avoid this problem. How good it may seem if online survey is attached to company’s website. Well, there are certain online surveys tools that help to implant survey questions in the current website. Survey tools also help to analyze the data collected and generate results. So such survey tools will not only simplify complex work but also help to gather productive results.

What can employee performance evaluation software do?

clock September 25, 2010 05:55 by author Administrator
A timely interaction among the employees and their superiors, where the performance of the employee is discussed is called performance evaluation. This is done to improve the flaws of the employees and to work upon their strengths in order to enhance their skills. If done manually whole process can seem to be very tedious and time consuming. So, this process has been taken to the next level and experts have developed employee performance evaluation software. The software is easy to use and can complete the evaluation of process in an orderly manner so that it can yield productive results. With the help of this software the manager can align the objectives of the employees to the objectives of the business. The software provides a complete analysis of the performance of the employees. Some software provides modules which are flexible to use and give effective results. This provides options where both the employee and employer can use it at the same time. Such software’s reduce lots of work load. With this available on the internet the employee can fill in reviews and forms. Employee performance evaluation software is a time-saver as all the calculations and aggregation of the organization that was earlier done by hand can be now done by this software alone. The evaluation process is very important for the organization and this process has to be done in a very confidential manner. This software provides systematic and efficient review process and it also provides a feedback that is structured. Employee performance evaluation software also helps to improve communication between the employee and the employer. It is possible that all the employees of the organization are not aware or do not understand the process of evaluation. In order to avoid this, the software is built to educate the employee about the evaluation process. So, implementing such evaluation software can save a lot of time and efforts and at the same time can prove to be very beneficial to the employees.

Ways to use online survey software

clock September 24, 2010 07:48 by author Administrator
Online survey software is beneficial as it can create an opportunity to learn more about the needs and preferences of the employees in the organization or the online clientele. With the help of these surveys the business can find the likes and dislikes of the users of the products. It can also help to mold the business according to the needs of its customers so that it can make profits out of it. This software is easy to use and helps the business to concentrate so that right questions can be asked to gather valuable information. So there are different ways to use the benefits of the online survey software. Firstly one has to register online, and most of the times the software is available free of cost. After registering the choice of the features can be as per your need. It is recommended to register with a free account on trial basis as it is difficult to know if the software actually works or not. The next step is to decide the main purpose of the survey so that the right kind of questions can be asked to get the desired result. The software provides step by step ways to format the survey. Online survey software also enables the user to add certain questions so that you get expected results. Some online applications also provide a facility so that the people do not complete the survey in haste. Conduct a test to check if the survey works by sending it to friends and employees. Gather feedback about the options where they find that there was limited choice or way to improve the survey. Use this feedback to make changes and then live test it. The software provides sending options. It can be sent via e-mail or as pop ups on different websites. The software also helps in interpreting the result in the form of graphs or charts. So, make use of this software to improve the business profits.

Everything one can know about exit surveys

clock September 19, 2010 08:50 by author Administrator
Steps taken by an organization to understand the needs of its employees is a vital job. It is also essential to maintain a workforce that is loyal, effective and steady. For an organization it is a task to make sure that its best employees are valued and they have the best resources in hand to perform the best. If evaluation is not done regularly there is a risk of losing potential employees. Exit surveys are the best ways to gather information that is helpful to the organization. They are primarily conducted with those employees who are departing with the company. For any employer the biggest expense is the cost involved to train the employee. By the time the employee is ready to generate profits for the business, the employees chooses to leave the organization. This is a great loss for the company in terms of both time and money. So in order to avoid this companies conduct exit surveys. These interviews help to remove the flaws in the system and help to retain its potential employees. It makes no scene if one takes actions after the problem has incurred. Exit surveys provide information that helps company to take effective steps to reduce employee turnover. There are also many benefits apart from this like it helps to recognize what factors are of utmost importance to the employees. Another benefit is that is helps the company to identify the departments that are not working as per standards and make changes to improve its productivity. It also helps to estimate who require training and helps provide professional help to those employees who need the most. Therefore, the exit surveys are a great way to not only retain highly efficient employees but also to improve the present working conditions. So, one can conduct the exit interview not only at the time when the employee is leaving but also before hand to retain potential employees.