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Can a “Stay Interview” Increase Employee Engagement and Prevent Exit Interviews?

clock January 6, 2014 10:48 by author Administrator

What’s a “stay interview?” How can they help employee engagement, while keeping your best employees out of an exit interview or exit survey

We’ve recently come across this new practice, which is used by some companies to hold onto their superstars. Basically, you’re sitting down for a frank discussion with employees who are at risk of being poached, or leaving for other reasons.

“They are a direct opportunity to prevent flight risks from leaving, but they are also a deep dive into engagement,” said Lenore Lambert, director at The Interview Group, told

“So other than targeted retention, they are a useful follow-up tool for engagement surveys, targeting staff in areas that are less engaged and identifying specifically what needs to be done to get the best from people.”

This pre-emptive strike can help you hold onto your top performers, while gaining insights into what might help you retain the rest of your staff.

This is a relatively new idea, so there is no real data to show the success rate or any other numbers to support the stay interview’s impact on turnover or retention. However, the idea is a good one. And properly executed, it could make sure your best employees remain YOUR best.

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One in Four Companies Ignore Exit Survey/ Interview Feedback

clock December 10, 2013 14:32 by author Administrator

We recently came across some unfortunate findings from a study about the exit survey and interview process. A recent poll suggests that as many as 24 per cent of Australian and New Zealand employers will ignore the feedback from exit surveys or interviews.

These findings come from a recent white paper called “The Exit Process -How To Gain Valuable Insights To Build a Better Workplace,” from the firm Robert Walters.

“While 70% of hiring managers use the feedback to make improvements to the business, almost a quarter, a significant minority, just file the feedback away with the candidate’s resignation letter,” said the report.

To ascertain these numbers, Robert Walters surveyed more than 300 hiring managers and more than 700 professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

Their findings also show that 63 per cent of respondents have been asked to complete a formal interview. In terms of how useful they found it, respondents were split down the middle with 37 per cent saying, “Yes, it was useful to me and the company.” Another 36 per cent said they did not think it was worthwhile. 

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Exit interviews – a short overview

clock May 28, 2013 04:49 by author Administrator
Employees are the valuable asset of every organization and to make them satisfied and contented is the main duty of the organization. When employees and other workers voluntarily decide to leave an organization, at that time a good company schedules an exit survey. Exit interviews are a process that is used to determine the reasons why an employee is leaving an organization. Although companies recognize the benefits of exit interview, still very few companies conduct these interviews in a systematic and structured way. In this interview, the HR department conducts an in-person interview of the employee leaving a company on his/her final day. These interviews help management to understand the reasons why the employee is no longer able to continue with the company, as it helps them to prevent future turnovers. Normally, HR expert starts an exit interview by asking a question ‘Why are you leaving?’ and then the general questions being asked in these interviews are, what made you start looking for another job in the first place? The answer to these questions gives an insight to the management of the main reasons due to which an employee is leaving the job. This insight also helps organizations to take appropriate actions to improve the working environment and the structure of their company and to make it more employee-friendly. The main intention of exit interviews is to get a reasonable feedback from the employees regarding the work environment and the organization. In the interview, an employee has to fill an online form and share his bad and good experiences in the organization. If executed promptly, exit interviews can be a win - win situation for both, the organization and the employee who is leaving the organization. These interviews can be conducted without consuming much time and are inexpensive as well.

Handling exit interviews in an apposite way

clock March 29, 2013 02:01 by author Administrator
No matter whether the economy is low or high, people keep changing their jobs. Generally the main reason for this is to chase better openings. However, it is expected for a salaried professional employee to undergo exit interviews conducted by the representatives of the company. A company has a number of grounds for having such interviews, most important of which is to amass the important information that could potentially influence the company in the future. Many companies deem it as a preeminent way to depart their employee, as this helps the company to achieve insight into managerial dynamics and efficiency, and this gives them prospects to make enhancement in the future. Apart from this, these interviews are also a part of paradigm human resource legal process. To get a graceful exit from any office, it is very important that you should not overlook the exit interviews. Prior to these, prepare yourself. It is quite important to train yourself for this, as it is your very last inkling, and in professional life if you make any mistake just before leaving the premises of your office, it will certainly be difficult to expunge from the minds of the people and the last notion of your last impression is undoubtedly the exit interviews only. During exit interview you might want to drop off and want to dispense your heart by telling how astute your boss was, but try to circumvent all these. Even if you think the representative of your company is sympathetic, never ever take this peril of saying anything bad about your boss. Do not talk too much and try to conclude on a high note with your status and bequest intact. Who knows in future you may have to work for these people again. So form an optimistic experience for yourself and your corporation, before you move out of the door.

Exploring the significance of Exit Interviews

clock March 1, 2013 00:32 by author Administrator
Interviews are an integral and inseparable part of life of working people. Be it any industry or any sector, you need to go through an interview to prove your candidature for the desired post in any organization. Facing interviews while joining is a very common trend, but nowadays there is a new term called exit interview that has been included in the dictionary of an organization. An exit interview is conducted, when an employee is departing from his or her organization. These exit interviews are very significant from the point of view of the employers. An employer gets a chance to determine the reason behind the decision of the employee to exit the company. In many cases, if the employee is extremely good at his or her work and is leaving a job because of reasons like transfer, salary, projects or any other reason that can be controlled by the organisation, then the employer can take some necessary action to retain its valuable employee. Another benefit of conducting exit interviews could be to use the interview for transferring the knowledge and responsibilities to his or her replacement or successor in an organisation. It is a great way to generate an honest and an overall feedback about the organisation that an employee carries in his or her mind. This can be of crucial use to the company or an employer as he can take effective steps to lessen the negativities and improve inter-personnel relationships amongst the existing employees of the organisation. However, a few employers ignore such interviews as they have never happened in their past, but slowly and steadily the trend is changing and each employer is recognizing the importance of exit interviews and they are increasingly being adapted by all organizations, irrespective of them being small or big.