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Tips to conduct exit interviews

clock November 30, 2012 02:13 by author Administrator
Exit interviews and surveys are important for the business organizations as these offer an excellent opportunity to the employees to discuss the reasons and issues for leaving. This allows the organizations to review as well as improve the staff retention programs and policies. However, in order to make the most out of these interviews, it is very important to adopt a very structured approach. Do not treat the exit interview as a formality or in a casual way rather make sure that these have a purpose and well defined structure. The exit interviews give you a perfect opportunity to make necessary improvements and changes within the organization to improve the work culture and prevent any further resignations. Probably the most beneficial tool is the exit interview’s form which includes a series of important and relevant questions that you need to ask. Thus, take some time out to make sure that you have a well designed questionnaire which includes all significant questions. Besides, it is extremely important to guarantee confidentiality and keep the interview anonymous as to encourage the employees to give an open and honest feedback without any apprehensions. Apart from this, getting the correct environment is also very important to ensure an honest and open discussion. Try to conduct the interview in some neutral place which is away from the regular workplace of the employee. Also, make sure that place is not very confrontational or imposing. You can do this if you arrange seating in the circle instead of having the employees facing the panel of supervisors and managers. Remember if your employee has always been hardworking and sincere, it is a great idea to say goodbye with the positive picture of your organization and also to leave your company’s door open for them if things do not turn well at their new workplace. Besides, timing is very significant when it comes to planning the exit interviews. This should be properly planned to make the most out of it.

Benefits of exit interview survey software

clock November 28, 2012 23:55 by author Administrator
The exit interview survey helps to provide useful insight and information about your company’s operations and working environment within the organization. Usually, the exit interviews are conducted when the employee has decided to quit. Exit interview is the most perfect way to comprehend the reason behind the employee’s departure. Some of the employers limit the exit interviews and surveys to departing supervisory, management, technical employees and sales. However, the exit interviews must be conducted for each and every employee regardless of their position and level in an organization. Generally conducted after the employee has decided to quit, exit interviews when conducted with the help of exit interview survey software are the key to improvement and growth of the organization since these provide an open and honest feedback from the departing employee which otherwise is very difficult to get. This shows your professionalism and willingness to act on the suggestions and feedback of the employees and want to make every effort to improve the work culture within the company. When conducted in a right and proper way, the exit interview is a great source of valuable information for the development of an organization. As an employer you can conduct the interview in a more efficient way with the use of exit interview survey software. This kind of software helps to design an efficient interview and also saves a great deal of time as well as Administrative work. Web enabling the exit interview is a great way to make the most of this important development tool. The exit interview survey software allows you to apply the results obtained to the career development and training initiates. It allows you to design a perfect questionnaire which includes all relevant and important questions that you want to include for the growth and development of your organization. You can apply the results and feedback obtained to develop competencies of the newer employees and improve their performance and productivity and overall contribution to the organization.

Benefits of measuring employee satisfaction

clock November 23, 2012 01:38 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction is a significant step to know if your workers and employees are happy and satisfied with the working atmosphere and with their present job. Protecting the morale of employees and building their trust in your organization’s system is quite beneficial, as contented employees stay loyal, put in more effort and work with more dedication and sincerity. As a smart and prudent employer, you must implement different ideas and methods to keep the employees happy and motivated. Also, as the owner or executive of the business, it is quite essential to monitor the business processes and efficacy of your employees to make sure that the operations are running efficiently and smoothly. While the productivity statistics would reflect how business operations and procedures are going on, to obtain valuable feedback from the employees, there has to be a proper evaluation method. Thus, more and more organizations are making the use of surveys for measuring employee satisfaction and how they perceive your company’s operations. These kinds of surveys help the organizations to improve work environment, overall performance and productivity within the organization and also employee retention. The surveys prove quite useful, if planned and handled carefully. However, it is very important to keep the surveys anonymous, so that the employees can give open and honest feedback without any fear of backlash. Another way of measuring employee satisfaction is to conduct personal interviews. These can be confining at times but these will make the employee feel that their ideas and concerns are being addressed and heard by the management and higher authorities. This helps the executives and management to identify the problem areas, which were previously hidden from the senior management. By allowing the employees and workers to openly express themselves and their opinions, without any apprehensions, the higher authorities can successfully take necessary steps to boost employee morale and enhance their performance and productivity. If your employees will find out that their opinions and ideas do matter, they would be more than happy and more dedicated and productive at work.  

Benefits of conducting employee satisfaction survey

clock November 20, 2012 05:41 by author Administrator
Lack of informal conversations, team meetings, employee satisfaction surveys and other opportunities of communication, is the big concern in most of the business organizations and particularly the large ones. The top managers and supervisors usually isolate themselves, which endangers efficient employee communication. In this competitive world, where businesses need to be more productive and streamlined, companies often find themselves with workers and employees working under a lot of pressure, resulting in high employee turnover. Thus, ideally the employers need to take some time out to understand the needs, requirements, ideologies and aspirations of the employees. In the existing business world, employee satisfaction has become one of the most important determinants of the productivity and growth of a company. Employee attrition is quite high and retaining talented and good employees is quite a grueling task even for the best organizations around the world. Every organization faces the challenge of determining what drives the employees most, as satisfied and happy employees not only stay loyal with the organization but are also more productive. Thus, the savvy managers today realize the importance of conducting employee satisfaction survey, in order to know about the ideas and opinions of the employees. This involves designing a questionnaire, which covers all important and relevant aspects. Also, the employee satisfaction survey needs to include all important aspects, such as understanding of his role in the business organization, employees’ opinion about the communication system within the organization, and also to what extent the organization satisfies the implicit and explicit needs of the employees. Also, it is quite important to keep the surveys confidential and anonymous, so that the employees can give their valuable feedback without any apprehensions. Employees are the most important assets of any business organization and if they are under trained, unhappy, dissatisfied and are not able to do their job in an efficient way, the success of your company will probably suffer. Thus a good employee satisfaction survey will help you to know about your employees and also about their training and development needs.

Importance of employee surveys

clock November 16, 2012 00:17 by author Administrator
As a business owner, if you wish to enhance your organization’s profit and competitiveness, the first thing you need to begin with is to conduct employee surveys. These surveys when conducted in right and proper way offer valuable information and insight which business organizations need to succeed and compete. These surveys help to recognize opportunities to enhance employee as well as customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty and these even help to identify various ways for increasing revenue and reducing costs. These kinds of surveys also help to identify problems which are actually constraining the performance of the employees and which are driving clients and customers away. At times when organizations need to enhance competitiveness and performance, employee surveys are one of the most cost effective and easy ways to know from the employees about what all they can do in order to improve enhance employee engagement and boost organizational effectiveness. These even help to drive productivity, customer service and quality, all of these are important drivers of competitiveness and profit. These surveys help to identify what all is on employees mind and this also includes psychological aspects which influence employee decisions, actions and behavior. Thus, if conducted in a proper way and with necessary forethought, employee surveys can give a very significant message to the current employees that their concerns and input are valued and is given utmost priority during the decision making process by the management. This message will create high sense of loyalty and boost up the morale of employees which will eventually result in enhanced performance and overall productivity. The ultimate aim of the employee surveys is to receive relevant feedback from the employees about various aspects which are important and contribute to the overall performance of an organization. As significant business decisions and policies are based on perceptions of the company leaders, these surveys help to provide valuable insight and information to make more informed and better business decisions.