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Why Exit Interview Survey Software is Essential

clock July 30, 2010 07:34 by author Administrator
The biggest question in front of most employees is how to retain the existing employees. Yes, this problem is not of a single organization but it is a great threat to almost all the organizations. It is very essential for every business owner or organization to know the exact reason of their resigning. With the help of these tools, the organizations can become more productive and thus can provide great results in terms of employees’ retention. The exit interview survey software is one of the considered tools to create an impressive form to acquire perfect feedback. Accurate feedback from the employees is very important for any organization. It is true that most employees often do not reveal the exact cause of resigning in front of HR executives. They usually make different kinds of excuses but with the help of this survey, the HR department can acquire perfect and accurate feedback from the employees. In this way, business owners can strengthen the weak areas in the organization and thus can move to the path of success easily. There are numerous websites available which provide the facility to create these types of surveys for the organization. The main advantage of exit interview survey software is that it is very easy to use and can work in all conditions. Creating a survey with this tool is very easy but make sure to ask for the sample survey from the company in order to make it in perfect manner. These surveys are specialized in providing accurate and authentic feedback from the employees and it is very important for every organization. You can also purchase this software online but make sure to do deep research about the reputation and credentials of website before making any final decision. So, make the most from exit interview survey software and create surveys for the organization.

Major benefits of Exit interviews

clock July 27, 2010 09:06 by author Administrator
An ‘exit interview’ is a simple communication between leaving employee and representative from company. These interviews may follow a planned format or can be conducted on informal basis. Written questionnaires may be put into use instead of face to face interviews; whichever technique is utilized, ‘exit interviews’ are usually documented. Workers who leave the firm either involuntarily or voluntarily are the sources of helpful detail. These interviews present a tremendous way for workers to express their opinions, voice complaints if any, and offer helpful criticism. Exit interviews present a fleeting prospect to find details that otherwise may be impossible or not easy to get. It is also an imperative learning tool, and if conducted in proper manner can provide companies with a prospect to clarify incentives and salary related issues. The companies can also figure out reasons behind employee retention and discuss the grounds for termination. Some employers conduct exit interviews to make the leaving employee acquainted with firm’s rules regarding departing, such as restrictive covenants, trade-secret confidentially, unemployment insurance and others. It also helps employees to make sure return of company property, security cards and keys. Besides, you, being an employer, can also find out how well the particular department is operating. Sometimes, this interview can also be held to defuse or resolve any remaining issues with existing workers. While preparing for exit interviews, employers should assess the employees file that include performance appraisals and job description. In many cases, HR department with adequate preparation and training should do this interview. More often than not, immediate seniors are very close to circumstances to be precise in asking queries and documenting responses. The immediate seniors of employees should be there at the time of interview so that worker can feel more relaxed and answer all questions honestly.

Improve the Overall Business Productivity by Measuring Employee Satisfaction

clock July 23, 2010 22:15 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction requires the usage of employee survey and a measurement of different performance indicators. Firms may put into use surveys and questionnaires to determine the satisfaction level of an employee. Some instances of performance signals are quantity, quality, timeliness and regular performance appraisals. Despite of how things are determined, employee productivity and satisfaction can be major components of a successful company. First of all, you need to design a survey for employee satisfaction. The questions may be about work itself, pay, co-workers, benefits, environment, hours and supervisor. It is a good idea to prepare minimum of twenty five questions to collect substantial amount of data. Now, you need to build up tools to gauge productivity by examining job description as well as desired output. If the job profile requires employees to produce many widgets in an hour, it will be easy for you to count number of ‘widgets’ on hourly basis. In case job profile requires not more than 3 errors in productivity of a day, it will be easy to check out for possible errors at end of day. In your efforts for measuring employee satisfaction, you can schedule gatherings with managers and supervisors. Have a dialogue on earlier performance evaluations that disclose behavioral or attitude problems. Review the written documentation for productivity concerns which may require quick consideration. There may be certain problems that are out of control of workers, which leaves an impact on overall performance. Now, examine the productivity and satisfaction measurement to find some ideas for advancement. Workers may expect the firm to act in response to survey detail with a comprehensive action plan for improvement. Keep in mind for measuring employee satisfaction, but not using the detail collected for possible enhancements could lead to distrust and low morale among employees.

The Need for Employee Satisfaction Survey

clock July 20, 2010 08:22 by author Administrator
If you are looking for improving the communication between management and employees, and figure out internal concerns, then certainly you need to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. Such surveys are simpler to manage and with appropriate incentives, the workers will keenly share their feelings and thoughts. Before all that, you have to determine requirement of employee surveys. Are there employee retention issues? Do you wish to ensure employee satisfaction? Think about the questions and prefer to include management with employee questionnaire to contribute. Look for best ways to supervise questionnaires. The survey can either be directly mailed to employees with stamped envelops to return, or the employees can fill it during lunch hours and give it as group. Online surveys have become quite popular these days. Different methods can have an immense effect on the eventual response rate, with varying costs included. Now, manage the employee satisfaction survey by asking workforce to participate. E-mail, hand out or just mail the questionnaire to every worker, and do not forget to attach cover letter to explain the reasons why survey is going to be conducted. You can also tabulate survey by adding the answers. Place all results in line or pie chart to come up with responses. Identify the ‘response rate’ and see what proportion of workers responded negatively or positively to every query. Next, summarize all results in short demonstration and share it with both management and employees. You can offer instances of positive comments and good response. Address the issues with possible resolution and appreciation that company has given a thought to their issues. Sometimes, employees do not feel safe in revealing their true feelings, so in such conditions you have to keep your employee satisfaction survey confidential. As workers complete survey questionnaire, give them small gift, or simply add a simple token to envelope when ‘mailing’ the survey.

How to Improve Employee Satisfaction Survey?

clock July 19, 2010 07:28 by author Administrator
The managers have realized that the employees are pillars of organizations and they are the only source to know what is doing well and what is needed for the improvement. There are several organizations which are using employee satisfaction survey in order to identify both opportunities and problems in an organization. These types of surveys are also beneficial in improving the employee’s job satisfaction and it also boosts employee morale. It is very important for every business owner to incorporate surveys into planning cycle. It is better to allocate all the resources before making decisions. You can also use existing templates in order to develop different types of survey questions. Developing set of questions is not much time consuming or a difficult task. You can implement on simple employee concerns in which different types of issues are covered, the issues like compensation, retirement benefits, adequate resources, communications with management and professional growth. It is very easy to customize all these questions if you really want to meet the specific situation. The surveys should be kept anonymous and the same should be felt by the employees. In case, if the employees have any type of fear that their surveys are not anonymous, they will not give accurate and authentic feedback. It is better to avoid asking several demographic questions. It is always advised that business or company owners should use online survey software in order to boost the efficiency and value. These types of software provide user friendly and convenient way to carry these types of surveys. Also, you can easily create graphs and charts with the help of these types of software programs. Response is very important to make the surveys successful. Employees will take part in employee satisfaction survey interestingly, if they can get the response from the Administration. So, make all the employees believe that their opinions are valuable and their contribution should be considered.