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Online surveys: The foremost choice of business owners

clock May 5, 2013 23:58 by author Administrator
Online surveys are an essential tool for business owners who would like to know what their targeted audiences feel about their services or products. It enables business owners to create valuable surveys in order to attain accurate data from customers. Today, internet business is booming at a very rapid pace and that is why it becomes vital for business owners to comprehend what their customers want. In order to understand the need of their customers, many business owners use internet survey, which is a set of questionnaires regarding the products and services offered. It helps the businessmen to understand that what improvement they should execute to enhance their business in the global market and to get lucrative returns. Online surveys have become one of the foremost choices of many business owners, as it has many benefits linked to it, such as: - Speed In today's high speed era, online survey has become a major choice of many business owners. The reason is it can collect data in very short time. As compared to paper survey, internet survey is simple and can be easily carried out through email, and social media networks. -Cost-effective Internet surveys are very cost-effective it is, because the online questionnaire can reduce the cost of your research. You need not to spend on postage and to allocate your staff to enter the information in a database. - Accurate Internet surveys are accurate because the users enter their responses straightly into the system. There are no more issues like, misplaced papers or respondents feeling doubtful to hand-in results. - Quick to analyze You can easily scrutinize internet surveys at any time. It is because the data can be presented in tables or graphs, which are easy to analyze at any time. With the advancement in technology, today there are many types of software available that can help in making the surveys more efficient. To sum up, the online surveys are easy to use, save your time, money and are accurate, to increase the productivity of a business.

Benefits of online surveys

clock January 30, 2013 23:02 by author Administrator
Lack of informal conversations, team meetings, human resource surveys and other ways of communication are a major concern in majority of the organizations, particularly the large ones. Top managers and supervisors usually isolate themselves from the employees, endangering efficient employee communication. Also, business owners at times rely solely on their knowledge and experience for making significant decisions, without knowing the opinions and perceptions of their employees. As a business owner, you must remember that your employees have valuable insight and information about the company’s processes, services and products, customers and clients and other important drivers of enhanced performance, profit and competitiveness. The best and most effective way to gather this important information is to conduct online surveys on a regular basis. Nowadays, lots of businesses are utilizing these surveys to identify problems, as well as opportunities. Such kinds of surveys give business owners useful ideas on how to improve job satisfaction and boost morale of the employees. These types of online surveys can prove extremely useful, particularly when- • The business is rapidly growing and responsibilities are changing frequently. • A company is experiencing high staff attrition rate as this can be a probable sign of the employee dissatisfaction. • Your business is going to plan an important reorganization or major change which can create apprehensions among the employees. • The business is beleaguered by lots of rumors which show poor communication from the management side with the employees. Thus, web based or online surveys can help businesses in more ways than one when conducted in a right and proper way. A comprehensive HR survey should typically include topics, like work environment, empowerment or decision making, change and innovation, work performance and quality, compensation and benefits, reward and recognition, training and development needs, opportunities, communications, employee engagement and a lot more. Conducting such assessments will help to find out how well changes have been executed and managed and also, identify new opportunities and problems which have surfaced in the last year.

How to Conduct Online Surveys?

clock November 4, 2012 01:00 by author Administrator
The internet provides an anonymous and safe environment to carry out online surveys. It is a medium where people can freely share and express their views about a product, service or a business. First of all the goal of the survey should be crystal clear so that exact and required outcomes can be produced. For instance, determining the scope of audience, on whom survey should be conducted, can be either general public or a small select of people. Also it is important to consider the type of information that you are seeking, as it can be regarding a product, service or your own business. After setting up a target for the online surveys, it is crucial to make a simple list of questions. They need to be in a non-ambiguous language and preferably in a multiple choice format so as to reduce the effort of the participants. There are many different types of questioning formats that can be used depending upon the aim of the survey, like multi response queries, questions in open/closed format, matrix table, etc. There are different ways to attract an audience to participate in the survey, without which survey cannot be conducted. One can send an email to the subscriber, post the survey on the popular social networking sites or design a banner on a website. There are many strategies that can ensure greater response rate, like by giving incentives to every participant and providing them a unique identity to ensure that people take part only once. It is possible to view the preliminary result while the survey is still in process. The online tools produce statistical data which can be used in representation of the data either in the form of spreadsheets or tables and graphs, to ensure analysis of the data. Online surveys provide a platform where businesses connect with the people to ensure preparation of the final report, focusing on the views and needs of the people and help the businesses to grow and flourish.

Online surveys- An important tool for measuring the employee satisfaction

clock August 2, 2012 01:43 by author Administrator
Measuring employee satisfaction is one of the most important steps in order to know if the workers and employees are happy and satisfied with the working atmosphere of your organization and with their present job. As a business owner, you need to implement different ideas and methods to keep your employees satisfied. Boosting up the morale of your employees and workers is quite beneficial as happy and contented employees work with more dedication and also stay sincere and loyal for their company. As an employer you need to figure out different ways and the ideas to implement them in order to measure employee satisfaction. One good way to know the views and ideas of your employees is to conduct personal interviews or online surveys. These surveys are very helpful to gather appropriate and valuable information if conducted in a right and proper way. However you need to make sure that the surveys are anonymous in order to make the employees feel relaxed so that they get complete freedom to answer the questionnaire honestly. Another way to measure employee satisfaction is to conduct personal interviews however these can be confining at times but makes the employees feel that their concerns and problems are heard and valued by the management. Thus, online surveys help to gather the required data with respect to employee satisfaction and this makes the employer understand the actual problem area which lowers the productivity and morale of employees. Also, in this competitive era, it is quite essential for the business organizations to make certain that their talented and skilled employees don’t leave the company. Attrition in a business organization results in revenue loss that is incurred in recruiting and training of employees. Online surveys help the organizations to get a clear idea about satisfaction level of the employees and what is their probability of providing persistent service to an organization. You can include various questions in these surveys regarding the infrastructure, management policies, salary structure and entire working conditions.


clock April 26, 2012 21:36 by author Administrator
Online surveys are the best source of getting feedback by a particular company about its right performances and knowing its shortcomings. It helps the organization to make better their products and produce the best for the buyers. Also people give feedback about their services and any inconvenience they came across with .It’s the perfect way for the company to get secretly know about their own functioning within the safe environment. Online surveys are conducted by those organizations which believe in best customer service related with growth .For conducting these surveys few things should be need to be cleared that whether feedback is required for the product or the service ,this aspect needs to be specific without it no perfect goals can be achieved. Further list of questions needs to be maintained and it should be properly categorized and laid out with easy and understandable language so that it becomes convenient for the people to revert. Inviting people for the participation in the survey can also work well as sending an email to subscribers list, or survey can be posted on face book or any other social networking site which could help the organization to keep up a better survey. Assigning a code is also a great idea with which each person can participate only once and with it lottery system can also be designed which will encourage more participation and promises for sharing the information confidentially can be made. Later results can be analyzed and performance can be checked while keeping it in mind report can be formed which will give the overview of the working of the organization. All these steps will lead to the perfect functioning of the organization which will automatically lead to overall growth of the company.