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Advantages of conducting human resource survey

clock October 29, 2011 04:06 by author Administrator
The first motive of every organization is to satisfy the employees because they play an important role in the growth of a business. To take care of the needs and satisfaction of the employees is the responsibility of the company and they can get idea about that by conducting human resource survey. These days, the HR department ensures whether the staff is happy and helping in the growth of an organization. It is a very hard task for every organization to keep employees satisfied and to convince them to continue with the current job. To hire a new employee is a very time consuming and costly process. The company should know the exact reasons of their employees’ departure and it is possible only by conducting these surveys. Departing employees never speak out the real reason for leaving the job; there must be some common reasons like dissatisfaction with the salary, work environment or with co-workers. To know about the real reason is very necessary so that the company may improve that in future and can avoid more resignations. The best way to know about what employees are thinking about the organization is by conducting human resource survey. While conducting this human resource survey keep in mind that your survey must be specific and direct and the questions should be apt so that honest feedback can be obtained. Try to ask such important questions from your employees so that they will feel that you really care for them and surely you will take up some necessary steps. By having an insight into your employees mind you would come to know about the real problems and try to improve those problems. It is also possible that at the time of survey the departing employee may say something negative about the company. At that time it is necessary to hear it with patience and work on it in future. So this survey can help you in knowing the problems prevailing in your organization and how they can be improved in future.

Employee surveys helps in boosting company’s competitiveness

clock October 28, 2011 07:25 by author Administrator
The growth and development of any organization greatly depends upon the employees working there. For the sustenance and survival of the company it is necessary to give enough attention to various aspects of employees. This ensures proper understanding of the various factors which helps in recruiting skillful people and also in employee’s retention. So to achieve this purpose most of the companies organize employee surveys. These surveys help in getting fair idea about employee satisfaction and about their chances of continuing services to the organization. Companies undertake some very common surveys such as employee attitude survey, satisfaction survey, benefits survey, retention survey, communication survey, loyalty survey and work environment survey. These surveys help the companies to work smoothly and also in establishing long term strategies and goals. Employee surveys also provide some other important benefits such as assessment of training needs, reducing turnover and also in strengthening supervision and many more. It can detect that to what extent employees of the company are committed and what steps should be taken for enhancing their commitment towards the company. This enhancement can be done by giving benefits, letter of commendation or by giving vote of thanks. Employee surveys contain several questions and the result of the survey depends upon these questions. The questions should be logical and clear so that the employees can express themselves effectively. Generally this survey has been taken by the HR department of the company but now-a-days many agencies are also providing services of conducting survey. A number of employee survey software is also available now on internet which takes very few minutes to start and provide the results right after conducting the survey. It is the better way to get opinions and feedback's from your employees which would be useful for the development of business. Whether your company is highly profitable or it is losing money, employee survey is necessary to increase the performance of the employees and profit too.

Conduct hr surveys to know about employee’s satisfaction level

clock October 20, 2011 02:40 by author Administrator
In the business world it is very easy for an organization to hire new employees but very hard to let their employees go out. Every company tries to avoid the resignation of their efficient and experienced employees because it is very difficult to find honest and experienced employees. So to avoid this, it is necessary for all the organizations to conduct hr surveys to get some idea about what the employees are thinking about their job. These surveys could help the organizations to know the reasons for the departure of their employees. By conducting these surveys you will get an idea whether your employees are happy and satisfied with the organization and also with their job or not. Most employees leave the job because they are underpaid for their work; so it is better for an organization to know about this by conducting regular surveys. These hr surveys are very helpful for knowing the satisfaction level of employees regarding the company’s rules and regulations. While conducting these surveys it is necessary that the questions should be apt and clear so that you can get positive and honest feedback. Another importance of this survey is that the employee who is departing or leaving the job will not feel cautious to say anything against the company. So it is necessary to hear every complaint with patience and try to improve it in future so that no more employees will depart. The basic goal of every company is to give best treatment to the employees and to maintain the satisfaction level; if they lack in it then it will affect the company’s growth. The company then has to face more resignations of their employees and sudden downfall will come. So hr surveys are the best option to avoid resignations of employees and maintain them in the company.

Conduct survey by using feedback software

clock October 18, 2011 03:09 by author Administrator
Employees are the most important part of an organization who can take the business to another height with their efficient work. They can also become the reason of its downfall if they don’t know about their goals. So it is very necessary to assess the employee’s performance on regular basis. It will help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of employee’s work. This performance assessment can be done by using feedback software. The software can be used for conducting staff surveys, organizational surveys and 360 degree feedback. By using this software, it is possible to get accurate and honest feedback and it also consumes very less time. The old method of conducting survey was too lengthy and it increases the Administrative workload. The usage of this software eliminates the workload and also delivers best results rapidly. To install this software is not a very hard task; it only takes two to three minutes. It is very flexible in customizing projects and surveys and can provide comprehensive and unique reports. Another advantage of using this software for the survey process is that it can give instant reports after conducting feedback survey. Almost all the companies and organizations are very pleased to have this feedback software as it is the best and fastest way to get feedbacks. Time is a very precious element for every organization, for them time is money so this software helps to save time and utilize it for other major purposes. The company can get honest feedback only by assuring the employees about confidentiality. Another major factor of this feedback software is that to provide excellence in employee’s work it can be used regularly. The software is available on various websites and it is very easy to purchase at a very low cost.

Appropriate feedback is possible with online survey software

clock October 14, 2011 06:59 by author Administrator
For any sort of business, proper feedback from the customers is very important which essentially helps in increasing its productivity. To get this feedback companies mostly conducts a poll or survey. With the excessive use of internet in companies they have discovered the efficiency of conducting an online survey. Different survey software is available. There are some factors which should be considered before selecting any particular software like who is going to use that software, about his internet ability and other number of questions. Online survey software is mainly a specific software program which assembles data or information on a particular subject from customers in a form of feedback and review. To run a successful business it is necessary to understand your customers’ needs and desires and to discover what they think about your company product. To achieve this purpose, online survey helps a lot because it is user friendly and flexible too. The company can get an honest feedback from customers about their products. To reach maximum people and conducting survey was very time consuming and expensive method earlier. Survey software has reduced these troubles. Online software survey can be launched in a few minutes; there is no need to download anything. Many vendors are providing this software at annual subscription. Some vendors also provide options of professional versions and starter. Other benefit of using this software is that it helps in designing a proper questionnaire. It will always ask right and appropriate questions and those which are important and will collect data through which the company can improve its services. The benefits of conducting online survey software are several and to describe all of them is very difficult. It is very easy to install and it starts working in a few minutes. Once the survey is done, it automatically distributes the outcome through emails. So it would be very beneficial to use this tool so that you can get any idea about the need of a product in the market which you are scheduling to launch.