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Exit interview survey software- a comfy and time saving technique

clock August 26, 2011 01:11 by author Administrator
Today, all organizations whether big or small, are aware of the significance of an exit interview. They are extensively carried out in almost all companies. Exit interviews are conducted for those employees who want to exit from their current organization and not for those who want to get an entry. The trend of such interviews has been followed by everyone as it has proven to be highly advantageous. With the help of such interviews, an organization gets to know its flaws and thus further tries to overcome that. Exit interviews are generally conducted by an HR representative. In these interviews, the employee is given a survey to do comprising of questions regarding the reasons for his wish to exit the organization and many other such questions. Most of the time, a former employee of any organization is reluctant to go for such interviews. This is because of hesitation due to face to face nature of the interview and then answering a bundle of questions related to various reasons for his desire to resign. This has given rise to Exit interview survey software. This is a kind of software which helps to conduct exit interviews in an easier and comfortable way. Exit interview survey software is kind of software which lets the employee give these interviews without face to face answering to the interviewer. Basically, a live person takes this interview by listening to the voice of the employee and entering his answers directly into the software. Another way is through an e-mail. The employee can do the electronic survey and send it back to the HR representative but within a particular span of time.This is a well-liked technique to conduct interviews. It is not time consuming. In addition it allows the employee to do the survey in a stress free way as he may likely to be more comfortable answering a compute rather than a person. Thus, Exit interview survey software has gained tremendous popularity amongst all big and small organizations.

Exit interviews -a self evaluation tool for an organization

clock August 24, 2011 04:53 by author Administrator
A job is a need for all. But many reasons lead an employee to resign from an organization and move to some other. Recent research shows that there has been an increase in the number of people who are unsatisfied with their current job and want to shift to some other organization. This can be an issue of concern for any organization. So, to overcome this growth of employees wanting to resign, many organizations are following the trend of exit interviews. An exit interview is just like any other interview. The only difference is that in any other normal interview you want an entry into the organization while exit interviews are for those employees who want to exit from the organization. These interviews are generally conducted by the HR department in the form of a questionnaire. The trend of such interviews is on a rise as it provides them the opportunity for self evaluation. Generally, the interview involves questions such as the reason for the resignation. This helps the organization in knowing the faults in their management. Thereby, they can try to overcome the flaws in them. However, many questions have been raised against the effectiveness of exit interviews. This is because in an exit interview, the employee may not express his actual views about the organization openly. He would certainly not give negative comments about the organization he was working for. This is because as a future job reference, he may need to depend on his previous employer. So, mostly the employees who want to depart from their current organization do not blame them for their resignation. Rather they give some other reasons for their departure. A personal reason or a family problem tops the list when it comes to giving a reason along with a resignation. Thus, there are mixed opinions regarding such interviews. However, there is no denial to the fact that these interviews are becoming popular among the small as well as big organizations.

Measuring employee satisfaction is no more a tough task with the help of abundant employee surveys

clock August 19, 2011 02:40 by author Administrator
Employee satisfaction is among the key issues which are responsible for the success of any company or organization. If the employees are not satisfied with the working conditions or whatever issues they won’t work with their full strength and focus. The company needs to take some measures to calculate whether their employees are satisfied or not and if not then what should be done to overcome the problems. It’s very obvious that employee satisfaction cannot be ensured without measuring it and this work is done through measuring employee satisfaction through various employee surveys. By focusing on employee satisfaction the company can ensure positive working environment, good customer responses, achieving all the desired goals etc. Measuring Employee satisfaction is not a tough job these days. All the big and small companies’ employees the use of such surveys very commonly these days and they are effective too. These surveys are designed by some senior members of the company only and include some sets of questions which every employee has to go through. They include some general questions concerning the problems or any other difficulties the employees are facing and the answers are also kept anonymous. They are conducted on regular basis in all the organizations which helps them measuring employee satisfaction. The employees also found such surveys as a perfect medium to convey their feelings and regards including all their problems to the company. It is a positive approach towards improving the working conditions and the culture. To aid the process of employee satisfaction some software’s are also developed these days which help the companies to perform better surveys and that too in consuming lesser time as compared to the conventional methods. The organization can easily decide what ways they want to follow and incorporate to get the desired results for the betterment of their employees.

Do employee satisfaction surveys actually help?

clock August 17, 2011 07:07 by author Administrator
Employee satisfaction surveys are now being accepted by all the small and big companies in a very active manner. They are considered to play an important role in the success of any organization. The organizations today without such concerns are now thought of as to be soulless and faceless. The organization which does not cares what the employees expect and how well are they treating them is often rejected by the people to work. Everyone desires a healthy working environment and a place where your seniors and management takes care of you and your expectations. All such things motivate the employees to work much harder and value the companies for caring for them. Employee satisfaction surveys are also a media through which the working culture and the relations between employees and the management can be improved. Through such surveys companies can find out what are they lacking in treating their workers and also know what feelings and regards dot the employees have for the company. They act as a common medium which allows the working team of an organization to become more friendly and clear to each other. Top employees are often seen to isolate themselves from the junior employees and through these kind of surveys all the doubts and confusion can be cleared out thus enhancing the working environment. Every company should think about organizing such employee satisfaction surveys. They can be easily designed by the concerned department and should include such topics and questions which stress on the problems and troubles that come in the way of employees for successful working. These surveys can be conducted annually or as depending upon company to company.  It should include the senior employees and the people having ling time experience in the company should be made to analyze the results. They can do it better with the help of their long time experience.

Take off the load of employee surveys using the employee survey software

clock August 12, 2011 07:24 by author Administrator
Employee surveys are becoming an integral part of every organization these days. Every company designs such surveys for their employees and makes in mandatory to have them monthly or annually as according to their requirements. But it is seen many times that these surveys are not conducted with the same enthusiasm and positivity as with which they are started. The reason being although they are very beneficial to every organization but they do take a lot of time to design and organize which sometimes makes it quite tough for the organization and many of the designers take it very lazily. For these reasons there is now employee survey software which is widely accepted by these organizations. This software’s can be very helpful in assisting your designers and surveyor to streamline the survey process. They can be used to identify the weaker and stronger area for the employees and even help you to train them further. You can survey them according to various surveys options and criteria available and they are much beneficial to the organization in every way. They can take up your workload of conducting these surveys and are reliable too. These days you can easily avail these software’s from market and even design and modify them according to your own needs. Also the online survey software’s are becoming very common things in the busy business world. These software’s allow the employees to get surveyed online and then the company can view them and pass them the feedback. These employee survey software surveys just require the employee to answer few of the questions online and on the basis of them they are analyzed. The way the person responds is also observed and that forms the basis for his feedback. This is a very easy task and won’t even bother anyone much. They can be easily filled out by any employee without getting into much conversation like those in conventional employee surveys.