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Benefits of online surveys

clock January 30, 2013 23:02 by author Administrator
Lack of informal conversations, team meetings, human resource surveys and other ways of communication are a major concern in majority of the organizations, particularly the large ones. Top managers and supervisors usually isolate themselves from the employees, endangering efficient employee communication. Also, business owners at times rely solely on their knowledge and experience for making significant decisions, without knowing the opinions and perceptions of their employees. As a business owner, you must remember that your employees have valuable insight and information about the company’s processes, services and products, customers and clients and other important drivers of enhanced performance, profit and competitiveness. The best and most effective way to gather this important information is to conduct online surveys on a regular basis. Nowadays, lots of businesses are utilizing these surveys to identify problems, as well as opportunities. Such kinds of surveys give business owners useful ideas on how to improve job satisfaction and boost morale of the employees. These types of online surveys can prove extremely useful, particularly when- • The business is rapidly growing and responsibilities are changing frequently. • A company is experiencing high staff attrition rate as this can be a probable sign of the employee dissatisfaction. • Your business is going to plan an important reorganization or major change which can create apprehensions among the employees. • The business is beleaguered by lots of rumors which show poor communication from the management side with the employees. Thus, web based or online surveys can help businesses in more ways than one when conducted in a right and proper way. A comprehensive HR survey should typically include topics, like work environment, empowerment or decision making, change and innovation, work performance and quality, compensation and benefits, reward and recognition, training and development needs, opportunities, communications, employee engagement and a lot more. Conducting such assessments will help to find out how well changes have been executed and managed and also, identify new opportunities and problems which have surfaced in the last year.

Exit surveys- Are they worth the effort and time?

clock January 29, 2013 23:02 by author Administrator
Exit interviews are the most perfect way to get valuable insight and information about the company’s operations and ongoing processes. Generally these are conducted when an employee has decided to leave, instead of being fired or laid off. This is the best way to know the reasons behind the employee departure. Some of the business organizations limit the exit surveys to departing supervisory, management, sales or technical employees, but exit interviews must be conducted for each and every departing employee, irrespective of their post or level within the company. Employers today realize the fact that when the employees leave the organization, they take with them a set of great skills, expertise and ideas, most probably to a new competitor company. Exit surveys help to know about the opinions and ideas of the employees about the employer and the organization, which in the future can become ideologies which would help the organization to recruit better talent. These interviews are extremely useful for organization improvement, as you are likely to get honest and candid feedback from the employees. This displays that you are actually willing to act upon suggestions and really care why anyone decides to leave. It also offers a perfect way to prevent high employee turnover and improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Besides, exit interviews help to evaluate training and development needs, reducing absenteeism and turnover, strengthening supervision, streamlining communication and much more. However, conducting the exit surveys in an efficient way is very important in order to get honest and valuable feedback from the employees. It is quite essential to include all relevant and significant questions, like work culture, availability of the resources, orientation, safety standards, benefits and pay, supervisory control. Besides, you can include aspects like feedback mechanisms, treatment of employees, communications, efficacy of management, effectiveness of practices and policies, achievement recognition, opportunities for growth, development and career progression. Also, these questions must be open ended, for encouraging additional suggestions or comments.

How can you benefit from exit interview survey software?

clock January 23, 2013 00:11 by author Administrator
Exit interviews and surveys are extremely important for any organization, as these offer an opportunity to the employees to discuss the reasons for leaving and allow the company to evaluate and improve their employee retention policies. Usually the exit interviews are conducted when the employees quit, instead of being fired or laid off. Typically the HR department representative conducts the interview to get valuable information from the departing employee to help the organization improve its working environment, identify the problem areas and also to retain the present employees. Few employers tend to limit the exit interviews to management, sales, technical and supervisory employees. But, exit interviews and surveys must be conducted for all exiting employees, irrespective of their position and level within the organization. Do not treat the exit interviews in a casual way or as a formality, make sure that these have a purpose and structure to it. Questionnaire is the most important part of an exit interview which can help you gather useful information about the work culture and climate within the organization. This can be done with the help of exit interview survey software which can help to design a perfect questionnaire including the most important and relevant questions. Also, it is important that the interview is conducted by a third independent party, probably a senior supervisor, manager or a member from the HR department so as to encourage the employees to be open and honest. With the help of exit interview survey software, you are able to create more efficient exit interviews and surveys for the overall growth and development of the organization. This will allow you to save a great deal of Administrative work and time. The feedback which you would gather with the help of exit interview survey software can help you to retain the employees you need and want. This is also an excellent way to improve relations with the employees by applying these results to the career development and training initiates.

How employee satisfaction survey can benefit your business?

clock January 15, 2013 22:33 by author Administrator
The employees are the most important assets of a business and if the employees and workers are undertrained, unhappy and are not able to do the job in a right way, then the company’s success can suffer. Hence, the employee satisfaction survey can allow the employers to remain on track with the employees and their business. Almost every business organization is making the use of employee satisfaction surveys to comprehend what all can be done to keep the staff motivated and happy. Understanding what an employee needs and expects from the management would result in job satisfaction and it will eventually lead to greater productivity. The employee surveys have become quite an important tool to know about the employees, their opinions and perceptions to improve productivity and reduce employee turnover. Your employees have significant knowledge of what all should be done to improve the productivity of the company, customer service, quality, customer loyalty and satisfaction, profit and growth. In an effort to expand the business, entrepreneurs often tend to neglect the ways which can make a significant difference to the customers, employees and to company’s bottom line. This is where an employee satisfaction survey plays its role to uncover the hidden information, insight, suggestions to improve your company’s productivity and performance. Lack of team meetings, informal conversations and employee surveys is the major concern in most of the companies today, particularly the large ones. Most of the companies appear as soulless and faceless organizations, because of this major issue. Efficient communication with the employees begins with the way managers interact with the employees every day. This must come naturally and should not be considered as some extra burden, apart from the daily tasks. Informal conversation between employees and managers and conducting employee satisfaction survey frequently helps the employers understand more about the management style, areas of employee dissatisfaction and satisfaction and various communication concerns. Effective communication with the employees also helps to bring an optimistic change if you are working to have a positive culture of integrity and open communication within your organization.

Employee surveys - A secret to business success

clock January 9, 2013 23:04 by author Administrator
In this fiercely competitive professional world, business organizations are realizing the significance of having right workforce to drive growth and success. As a business head, it is very important for you to hire and maintain the most talented employees. You must create an environment which drives the employees to provide their best possible effort and persistently perform in an efficient way. For this, it is very important to know and understand the opinions and perceptions of the employees. This is probably a bit difficult to achieve when you are busy bringing in new business, running and monitoring the operations. However, for creating a perfect work environment which stimulates best efforts of the employees, you must ask them what all is working and what not. Employee surveys are one of the best ways to get valuable feedback from the employees. These surveys help to know about the implicit, as well as explicit, needs of the employees, their aspirations, opinions and perceptions about how it feels working in your company. As a business head, when you are busy operating your business, you are probably not dealing with the employees on a regular basis. You are probably unaware about what all is happening, which can make the employees feel that you are being indifferent to their concerns and opinions. So, you need to get input from the employees and with the help of employee surveys, you can do this in the best way possible. The most perfect thing that you can do with this flexible tool is to separate the feedback of managers and employees to find out if there is any difference in the perspectives. Thus, with the help of these surveys, you will get to know what all changes you need to make, to improve the working environment and enhance morale and productivity. You will also have a lucid idea of what your employees feel about working with your organization and what all do they need more of. Thus, conducting employee surveys is one of the best things that you can do to drive business success.