One of the most popular tools offered in our 360 survey tools is the employee satisfaction survey.

Many people swear by their effectiveness, but some companies remain on the fence. They wonder about the return on investment, or if an employee satisfaction survey can actually help their company’s overall employee satisfaction.

The experts agree that employee satisfaction surveys CAN actually have an impact.

“Without that understanding, it is difficult for companies to define strategies around talent and employee satisfaction.”“As a tool to obtain that insight, the survey is still relevant today in understanding what work-related issues are important to people and what their experiences are within organisations, said Deloitte’s human capital associate director Hein Nienaber, in an article at BDLive.

Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For survey gives employers first-hand insight in to what their employees think about their company.

“Many companies place great value on the feedback they receive from these surveys because they see it as a way of benchmarking themselves as to the nature of their relationships with their employees — and where they can focus on improving those relationships in future,” Nienaber added.

The key is to put the appropriate amount of thought and time into an employee satisfaction survey. Ask specific and relevant questions, instead of asking vague blanket-questions that your employees will skim over.

Your employees are smart. They can tell if you’re actually interested in their feedback, or you’re just trying to give the impression you care.

If you have any questions about employee satisfaction surveys, please don’t hesitate to contact a Grapevine 360 Survey expert any time.