Every business owner understands this fact that company grows more only if employees are contented and loyal to the company. Thus, they always engage themselves in determining whether employees are loyal to the company. For this employee surveys are conducted that reveal the complaints that employees have with the company and also aid in finding out solutions to these problems. Most of the organizations use satisfaction as a determinant to judge how happy employees are with the company. Instead, workers engagement is much better factor that correlates it to the business performance very well. Further you must keep in mind some factors that would be crucial while developing engagement survey for employees. The style of employee surveys should be decided after taking into account the working atmosphere and objective of the survey. Take help of a research company that is much experienced so as to create an effective survey. Moreover, considering the approaches like focus groups will help to design the survey in a manner that it includes issues that are critical as per employee’s perspective. Next it is also essential that workforce should take this survey seriously and provide true information. Employees will take interest in the surveys only when they know the real objective behind conducting them. Implementation is most important part of employee surveys. Win their confidence that company will surely implement the changes and recommendations made by them. Make them believe that they are being heard and surveys are not mere time wastage. Employers should communicate all the positive changes that are going to be implemented as a result of these surveys. Keep all the responses confidential so that everyone can give their views frankly. Only then they will start taking interest in these surveys. Include some open ended questions in the surveys due to which some hidden issues will come into light. Implementing them can be profitable for the business. Employees will also feel as an important constituent of company.