With the hike in the markets today, business firms are trying every best way out to motivate their employee to survive the increasing competition. To survive in today’s growing competitive business world, the organizations are striving hard to make their position in the market and also to know each and every fact concerning their employee. Employee surveys are the best way to know your employees better and to know their feelings and expectations from the management also. The growth and achievements of the company are to a much extent dependent on the employees and their work. To give them the best working environment and get the best result from them also depends on the company itself. These surveys are a method of knowing the aspects related to employees and their performance. The employee surveys are a key in the hand of company to get reviews from the employees about the working environment and other factors. These surveys provide a good communication medium for the employees and employers. The facts that are revealed after these surveys greatly determine the truth that the workers are facing and can be important for the firm to know for further improvement or development. It is a kind of questionnaire prepared by some senior officials in the firm and is conducted for every employee. The employee answers these questions and if any of issues arise regarding any fact which is not satisfactory for the firm they are resolved to get better performance by the employees. There are various kinds of employee surveys like retention surveys, exit surveys, appraisal surveys, hr surveys etc. All the surveys have different criteria for evaluation and are conducted by the employers to know the facts and feelings of employees on every such criterion. They are a good technique for the improvement of every business firm and are conducted regularly everywhere.