Employee surveys are conducted to know the satisfaction level and the feelings of employees towards the company. Especially after the recession the market condition were laid out to be such that every organization needs to keep their employees happy and even employees need to work with more zest to keep up with the organizations expectations. Such surveys are a means to clear out all the confusions and doubt both for the company and the employee. By conducting such surveys both the company and employee get a much clear conversation between them which leads to much better working environment and much healthier relations. Employee surveys need to be designed very carefully and they should include such questions which enable the company to know what are the weak points of an employee and where is he lacking in his performances. The questionnaire that is going to design such survey should not forget to include the comments fields that will be helpful to know the insight of an employee on certain criteria. It can be easily known from comments what an employee feels or what is going through him on those aspects. The survey should be demographic in the sense that the employees should be able to define their ethnic background, should be able to define their identity etc. the main thing that the designer should always keep in mind that the survey’s results should be kept anonymous to the maximum extent. The results should not be revealed to the other fellow employees this may create a rift or disregard between them in case there are any negative results. And even the employees will answer your questions with more honesty when they know that their answers won’t be revealed out to other people. Employee surveys are one of the key methods which are responsible for healthy and wise growth of any organization. If taken up correctly and positively they can be very beneficiary for every company.