Employee satisfaction is among the key issues which are responsible for the success of any company or organization. If the employees are not satisfied with the working conditions or whatever issues they won’t work with their full strength and focus. The company needs to take some measures to calculate whether their employees are satisfied or not and if not then what should be done to overcome the problems. It’s very obvious that employee satisfaction cannot be ensured without measuring it and this work is done through measuring employee satisfaction through various employee surveys. By focusing on employee satisfaction the company can ensure positive working environment, good customer responses, achieving all the desired goals etc. Measuring Employee satisfaction is not a tough job these days. All the big and small companies’ employees the use of such surveys very commonly these days and they are effective too. These surveys are designed by some senior members of the company only and include some sets of questions which every employee has to go through. They include some general questions concerning the problems or any other difficulties the employees are facing and the answers are also kept anonymous. They are conducted on regular basis in all the organizations which helps them measuring employee satisfaction. The employees also found such surveys as a perfect medium to convey their feelings and regards including all their problems to the company. It is a positive approach towards improving the working conditions and the culture. To aid the process of employee satisfaction some software’s are also developed these days which help the companies to perform better surveys and that too in consuming lesser time as compared to the conventional methods. The organization can easily decide what ways they want to follow and incorporate to get the desired results for the betterment of their employees.