A job is a need for all. But many reasons lead an employee to resign from an organization and move to some other. Recent research shows that there has been an increase in the number of people who are unsatisfied with their current job and want to shift to some other organization. This can be an issue of concern for any organization. So, to overcome this growth of employees wanting to resign, many organizations are following the trend of exit interviews. An exit interview is just like any other interview. The only difference is that in any other normal interview you want an entry into the organization while exit interviews are for those employees who want to exit from the organization. These interviews are generally conducted by the HR department in the form of a questionnaire. The trend of such interviews is on a rise as it provides them the opportunity for self evaluation. Generally, the interview involves questions such as the reason for the resignation. This helps the organization in knowing the faults in their management. Thereby, they can try to overcome the flaws in them. However, many questions have been raised against the effectiveness of exit interviews. This is because in an exit interview, the employee may not express his actual views about the organization openly. He would certainly not give negative comments about the organization he was working for. This is because as a future job reference, he may need to depend on his previous employer. So, mostly the employees who want to depart from their current organization do not blame them for their resignation. Rather they give some other reasons for their departure. A personal reason or a family problem tops the list when it comes to giving a reason along with a resignation. Thus, there are mixed opinions regarding such interviews. However, there is no denial to the fact that these interviews are becoming popular among the small as well as big organizations.