Employee satisfaction surveys are now being accepted by all the small and big companies in a very active manner. They are considered to play an important role in the success of any organization. The organizations today without such concerns are now thought of as to be soulless and faceless. The organization which does not cares what the employees expect and how well are they treating them is often rejected by the people to work. Everyone desires a healthy working environment and a place where your seniors and management takes care of you and your expectations. All such things motivate the employees to work much harder and value the companies for caring for them. Employee satisfaction surveys are also a media through which the working culture and the relations between employees and the management can be improved. Through such surveys companies can find out what are they lacking in treating their workers and also know what feelings and regards dot the employees have for the company. They act as a common medium which allows the working team of an organization to become more friendly and clear to each other. Top employees are often seen to isolate themselves from the junior employees and through these kind of surveys all the doubts and confusion can be cleared out thus enhancing the working environment. Every company should think about organizing such employee satisfaction surveys. They can be easily designed by the concerned department and should include such topics and questions which stress on the problems and troubles that come in the way of employees for successful working. These surveys can be conducted annually or as depending upon company to company.  It should include the senior employees and the people having ling time experience in the company should be made to analyze the results. They can do it better with the help of their long time experience.