Today every company is engaged in conducting employee survey. The logic behind conducting these surveys is that it helps in diagnosis of sensitive issues of the organizations and avoids any problem in the future. Employee survey software serves to be an important tool at this time. The satisfaction of the customers is based on the employee’s satisfaction to large extent. To find out how satisfied employees are, they need to be measured for their dedication level towards a company. An employee satisfaction survey must be framed keeping in mind the main objectives of the company. There are conducted online surveys that are easy to design through employee survey software. These online surveys give an idea about relationship of an individual with his colleagues and mentor and the satisfactions level with the work and authority provided. Along with it, several other issues such as payroll, holidays, medical and other retirement benefits are also addressed with the help of survey designed due to this software. Several questions that can be included under this survey are open ended, multiple choice questions and rating scale. In case of open ended type questions it is always recommended to include both positive and negative questions. Such types of questions give a detail insight about the causes behind failure and dissatisfaction of employees. The survey also recommends some useful suggestions for the improvement of employee’s efficiency and productivity. Another important factor to consider during designing survey through employee survey software is that they should not last for more than thirty minutes. The software helps to design a sophisticated online survey that does not take much time. Another benefit of using the software for designing online survey is that these are faster, inexpensive and have also been viewed to offer potential results. These days it is also possible to customize a survey as per specific needs of a business. This way the survey software makes an employee more engaged and motivated to give hundred percent to the job.