Employee surveys play a vital role in every organization. It helps employers to know the competencies of their employees and their concerns as well. There are many types of surveys available for employees. It is an effective tool that allows organizations to get an insight directly from their employees. It highlights the effectiveness of an organization to carry out business strategies and also looks into employee engagements. Basically, employment survey consists of a questionnaire that helps an organization to understand its employees, as a whole. The employees are free to illustrate their views about the negative and positive aspects they are experiencing in the organization. To make this task easier, employee survey software are designed. The software is installed in system and it helps in executing the survey in an easy way. A well designed survey focuses on the sentiments of employees. It helps an organization to target the areas that are needed to be addressed from the employee’s perspective. However, before executing employee surveys, it is vital for an organization to act promptly in a direction that is beneficial for both employees and employers. It is the first step towards organizational change. It helps an organization to know its strong and weak points, so that they work on their weak points and move ahead for the benefits of employees. Employee survey software is the best medium for many organizations to analyze the proficiencies of their employees. By conducting online survey, an organization is able to comprehend the concerns of their employees and thus work on it accordingly. The survey results are confidential that remain within the organization and are not revealed. For long term ability to execute a strategy, a motivated workforce is crucial. By installing employee survey software, you will come to know the precise aspects, which are lacking in your business and also you will come to know what changes you need to make in order to achieve success. It also makes a positive impact on employees regarding their employer. As the employees feel that the employer listens to their apprehensions, this keeps them motivated and they work harder for the success of the organization.