The growth and development of any organization greatly depends upon the employees working there. For the sustenance and survival of the company it is necessary to give enough attention to various aspects of employees. This ensures proper understanding of the various factors which helps in recruiting skillful people and also in employee’s retention. So to achieve this purpose most of the companies organize employee surveys. These surveys help in getting fair idea about employee satisfaction and about their chances of continuing services to the organization. Companies undertake some very common surveys such as employee attitude survey, satisfaction survey, benefits survey, retention survey, communication survey, loyalty survey and work environment survey. These surveys help the companies to work smoothly and also in establishing long term strategies and goals. Employee surveys also provide some other important benefits such as assessment of training needs, reducing turnover and also in strengthening supervision and many more. It can detect that to what extent employees of the company are committed and what steps should be taken for enhancing their commitment towards the company. This enhancement can be done by giving benefits, letter of commendation or by giving vote of thanks. Employee surveys contain several questions and the result of the survey depends upon these questions. The questions should be logical and clear so that the employees can express themselves effectively. Generally this survey has been taken by the HR department of the company but now-a-days many agencies are also providing services of conducting survey. A number of employee survey software is also available now on internet which takes very few minutes to start and provide the results right after conducting the survey. It is the better way to get opinions and feedback's from your employees which would be useful for the development of business. Whether your company is highly profitable or it is losing money, employee survey is necessary to increase the performance of the employees and profit too.