In the business world it is very easy for an organization to hire new employees but very hard to let their employees go out. Every company tries to avoid the resignation of their efficient and experienced employees because it is very difficult to find honest and experienced employees. So to avoid this, it is necessary for all the organizations to conduct hr surveys to get some idea about what the employees are thinking about their job. These surveys could help the organizations to know the reasons for the departure of their employees. By conducting these surveys you will get an idea whether your employees are happy and satisfied with the organization and also with their job or not. Most employees leave the job because they are underpaid for their work; so it is better for an organization to know about this by conducting regular surveys. These hr surveys are very helpful for knowing the satisfaction level of employees regarding the company’s rules and regulations. While conducting these surveys it is necessary that the questions should be apt and clear so that you can get positive and honest feedback. Another importance of this survey is that the employee who is departing or leaving the job will not feel cautious to say anything against the company. So it is necessary to hear every complaint with patience and try to improve it in future so that no more employees will depart. The basic goal of every company is to give best treatment to the employees and to maintain the satisfaction level; if they lack in it then it will affect the company’s growth. The company then has to face more resignations of their employees and sudden downfall will come. So hr surveys are the best option to avoid resignations of employees and maintain them in the company.