Employees are the most important part of an organization who can take the business to another height with their efficient work. They can also become the reason of its downfall if they don’t know about their goals. So it is very necessary to assess the employee’s performance on regular basis. It will help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of employee’s work. This performance assessment can be done by using feedback software. The software can be used for conducting staff surveys, organizational surveys and 360 degree feedback. By using this software, it is possible to get accurate and honest feedback and it also consumes very less time. The old method of conducting survey was too lengthy and it increases the Administrative workload. The usage of this software eliminates the workload and also delivers best results rapidly. To install this software is not a very hard task; it only takes two to three minutes. It is very flexible in customizing projects and surveys and can provide comprehensive and unique reports. Another advantage of using this software for the survey process is that it can give instant reports after conducting feedback survey. Almost all the companies and organizations are very pleased to have this feedback software as it is the best and fastest way to get feedbacks. Time is a very precious element for every organization, for them time is money so this software helps to save time and utilize it for other major purposes. The company can get honest feedback only by assuring the employees about confidentiality. Another major factor of this feedback software is that to provide excellence in employee’s work it can be used regularly. The software is available on various websites and it is very easy to purchase at a very low cost.