Employee surveys, due to their usefulness and effectiveness, have become an integral part of every business set up. Conducting these surveys regularly can prove rewarding for any company. These surveys not only help to improve the performance of the employees, but also ensure that they are happy and content with the company policies and work environment. Generally, the employee surveys are conducted manually and require a lot of time and efforts. It is the prime reason that most of the companies avoid conducting these surveys. However, with the advent of technology, it has become easier today to conduct the employee surveys in a fraction of time. A number of employee survey software is available in the market, which can make this task extremely easy and less time consuming. These software have inbuilt features and questionnaires. Companies can also edit and modify these questionnaires according to their specific needs. Thus it saves time that is usually required for formulating the questions. Distributing the questionnaires and collecting the information is another task which dreads many companies. With the help of employee survey software this process can also become easier. The questionnaires can be distributed online and the information can also be stored in the systems online. As all the information that is collected through the surveys is stored online, it becomes easier for the HR department to access this information anytime they need and from anywhere. Apart from being less time consuming, the employee survey software is highly cost effective as well. You can save yourself from the expenses of printing the questionnaires and then recording the information manually. The data can be further used by the HR department to segregate the employees according to their performance. It can become easier to find the employees which are delivering desired work performance and the ones which need more training and guidance to improve their performance.