For any sort of business, proper feedback from the customers is very important which essentially helps in increasing its productivity. To get this feedback companies mostly conducts a poll or survey. With the excessive use of internet in companies they have discovered the efficiency of conducting an online survey. Different survey software is available. There are some factors which should be considered before selecting any particular software like who is going to use that software, about his internet ability and other number of questions. Online survey software is mainly a specific software program which assembles data or information on a particular subject from customers in a form of feedback and review. To run a successful business it is necessary to understand your customers’ needs and desires and to discover what they think about your company product. To achieve this purpose, online survey helps a lot because it is user friendly and flexible too. The company can get an honest feedback from customers about their products. To reach maximum people and conducting survey was very time consuming and expensive method earlier. Survey software has reduced these troubles. Online software survey can be launched in a few minutes; there is no need to download anything. Many vendors are providing this software at annual subscription. Some vendors also provide options of professional versions and starter. Other benefit of using this software is that it helps in designing a proper questionnaire. It will always ask right and appropriate questions and those which are important and will collect data through which the company can improve its services. The benefits of conducting online survey software are several and to describe all of them is very difficult. It is very easy to install and it starts working in a few minutes. Once the survey is done, it automatically distributes the outcome through emails. So it would be very beneficial to use this tool so that you can get any idea about the need of a product in the market which you are scheduling to launch.